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Studio Essentials

Pieces that no world class studio should be without!

Yamaha C7B

Used Piano Excellent sounding Yamaha C7B studio instrument.  70’s vintage, made in Japan. Absolutely sweet sounding, rich with a nice bright but not harsh sounding top end.  If you're looking for a great recording instrument.  This is the one!

Price: $20,000.00



Neve 1073 Racked Pair (Vintage)

Mic Pre-EQ Modules Vintage racked pair Neve 1073 modules mic preamp,  three-band EQ section with hi-pass filter. Original 1970's, serviced and guaranteed.

Price: $13,500.00



Neve 2254 Racked Pair (Vintage)

1970's compressor/limiters Racked Pair of vintage 2254 Compressor Limiters.  All original Class A discrete 1970's.   Built solid these Neves transcend time.  Fatten up any track.  These properly serviced Neves only getter better with age.

Price: $11,500.00



Neve 1081 Classic Reissue Rack of 8 (Used)

Used Classic Reissue Mic Pre/EQ Modules

Price: $28,950.00



Alan Smart C2

Dual Mono / Stereo Buss Compressor with Crush Mode FET ''overcompression'' & Tailored Frequency Response Pretty much the definitive mix compressor, the Alan Smart C2 is based on the much-missed SSL bus compressor (Mr. Smart used to work for SSL...) Ridiculously wide bandwidth along with ridiculously quick attack times make the C2 the beautiful, singular device that it is. With the flick of a switch you can go from easy-to-use true stereo operation to two independent mono channels.
And hey, these are tough times we're living in... so live a little and use the ''crush'' button.

Price: $2,845.00



VOX AC30 Top Boost (Vintage)

2 x 12 Combo We have 2 Vox AC30's coming in including an original Vox AC30/6TB 1964 Top Boost.  Nothing quite like these amps for getting that glassy EL84 British tone Ala Edge, Brian May.  An essential amp for anyone wanting to expand their sonic palle.

Price: $5,000.00



Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processor (Used)

High Resolution Digital Reverb with All New Algorithms, Balanced DC-coupled Circuitry, and 100 Presets Perhaps the nicest outboard processor on the planet.  We have 2 used Bricasti M7's here.  If you are interested in truly lifelike ambient reverb spaces Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers and Ambient Spaces look no further.  A must have for any serious studio.

Price: $3,000.00



AMS DMX 15-80S Broadcast Delay (Vintage)

Dual Channel Neve Processor Some may argue that plug-ins have replaced outboard processers. But there is a reason we are seeing a resurgence in outboard processing. There is no substitute for the warmth and power of the AMS 1580S Produced by Neve the unit became a go to for all of the major mix studios in the world. 
It has 2 independently delayed channels and can create extraordinary long delay times seconds when split between 2 channels. The in/outs can be selected as discrete mono or stereo with independent input controls. You can also chain the first channel into the second independently with 2 different algorithms and create some amazing spatial images. You can adjust the variable pitch shift up to one octave on each channel for rock steady harmonizer effects. The massive internal Torroidal transformer provides balanced output. The 1580 sounds warm buy will always maintain its 18Khz top bandwidth no matter how much gas you give it. 

It can also be used for sampling. You dub loops, which may also be driven in ‘single shot’ mode by the keypad, audio triggered by their respective inputs and the keyboard interface allows ‘playing’ of loop A in real time. You can edit the loops conveniently with the nudge key. 

The Neve 1580S is a great choice whether you are just looking for a great warm broadcast quality stereo outboard delay, or want to get deeper into pitch shifting and sampling.

Price: $3,000.00



Studer A827 2" 24-Track (Used)

24 Track 2" Tape Machine No tape emulation needed - get your hands on the real thing! The Studer machines are recognized as the apex of analog tape technology. The transport controls are swift and responsive and handle your tape gently and accurately. With digitally controlled calibration, video sync capabilities, and outstanding electronics, this is the multi-track machine to own.

Price: $12,500.00



Neumann U87 (Vintage)

4 left! Early West German U87's available with original swivel mounts.  Handwired transformers.  These are the real deal!

Price: $3,000.00


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