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Recording Tips
Sonic Circus isn't just your source for equipment. We bring you valuable news and information... like our recording tips!

Getting Pro Bass Sounds

Story ThumbnailIn many recording sessions, the bass guitar sound can be commonly overlooked. It's usually not until the mix that engineers may find themselves struggling to get the bass sit properly. Sure, it's got plenty of low end—but does it serve its rightful place in the overall mix?
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Compression Session

Story ThumbnailWhat are the different types of compressors, and what do they sound like? Simply put, compression turns down the loudest parts of a given signal, thus reducing its dynamic range. Once you’ve squashed the loud peaks, you’re able to increase the volume of the entire signal...
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Buying a Used Console - The Sonic Circus Difference

Story ThumbnailIf you are considering purchasing a recording console from an equipment broker or private individual there are several factors that you should be aware of...
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