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Scott Stapp Gear


ProAc Studio 100 (PAIR) (Used)

Passive Studio Monitors This is a pair ProAC Studio 100 Passive Studio Monitors. These monitors are in great shape and are 100% functional. A resounding success with audiophiles internationally since its launch in 1990, the Studio 100 is also consistently selected by top recording engineers for near-field monitoring in major studios -ample testimony to its overall sound quality and neutrality at monitor reference levels.

Price: $1,650.00



Budda 2x10 (Used)

Hand-Wired Closed Back Straight Cabinet This Budda 2x10 Closed Back Straight Cabinet came from the personal stack of Scott Stapp, the lead singer of CREED! It was used for touring and shows some signs of use but is guaranteed to be fully functional. Great piece of rock history. Budda loudspeaker enclosures are hand wired with the highest quality components to ensure that nothing in your tone gets lost in translation. The Budda 2x10 extension cab will fit nicely underneath your combo or in a stereo rig.

Price: $599.00



Helios 32 x 16 x 24 Studio Console Vintage 1975!

Originally commissioned for Talent Studios Oslo Norway.

The console has been professionally re-screened and painted.

All new faders and refurbishment.

Patchbays have been updated to Bantam TT with Mogami wiring Elco Backplane.  

The 3102 EQ was designed by Swettenham on the last Townhouse Studios Helios and the Talent desk, = Type 78 Active. In comparison to the early type 69's fixed bands this was the most versatile discrete Helios EQ produced.

A brief history of Dick Swettenham and Helios:
Founder Dick Swettenham was technical service/design engineer at Abbey Road Studios in the early 60's.

Started Development of the first Helios desk while at Olympic Sound Studios in London where the original Hendrix masters were recorded by Eddie Kramer. The goal was to custom design the most "Musical" sounding desk and become an attraction for the top recording acts of the day. The original studio one was desk built at Olympic in 1965 and Helios was born. Olympic studios, went on to host Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Traffic and many key recording artists.

Price: Under Agreement


Audio Technica AT4033 SE (Used)

Cardioid Capacitor Recording Microphone This Audio Technica AT4033 SEcoms from the massive gear collection of Scott Stapp of the band CREED! It was used in Scott's studio and came into our shop with his gear collection. This mic does not include the original shock mount. It ships in its original wooden box. The mic is in good working condition, but the metal ring that holds the capsule in place is broken, causing the capsule to come loose inside the mic. Looks to be an easy fix. The Audio Technica AT4033 SE is a great little mic that can be seen in studios around the world. It is small, versatile, and produces some pretty amazing sound.

Price: $319.99



Budda Custom 4x10 Closed Back Straight Cab (Used)

4-10" Budda Phat 10's in a Closed Back Speaker Cabinet A piece of music history here. This Budda Custom 4x10 Closed Back Straight Cab is staright out of the massive collection of the lead singer of CREED, Scott Stapp. This cab was used on tour with Scott and does show some signs of use, but is guaranteed to be fully functional. Nothing hurts worse than investing in a hand-wired amp, only to run it through a traditional speaker cab with a PCB input. No worries. Budda loudspeaker enclosures are hand wired with the higest quality components to ensure that nothing in your tone gets lost in translation.

Price: $749.99



Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recitifier Standard (Used)

4x12'' Straight Design Speaker Extension Cabinet This amp is straight out of the massive gear collection of Scott Stapp of Creed. It was used in his studio and does show some signs of use, but it has been tested and is fully functional. Cabinetry plays a major role in achieving the sound you are searching for. That’s why it’s so important to choose a cabinet that will not only suit your playing style, but actually enhance it. Rectifier 4x12 Cabinets are larger than most other 4x12 cabinets producing a thundering low end response and a tailored midrange character. This is our most popular cabinet, at this point an icon in heavy music and is the one used on more hit recordings than we could list here. HUGE Sounding!

Price: $899.00



Sabian HH Hand Hammered Classic Ride 20'' (Used)

20'' Warm Ride Very expressive, with wonderfully warm tone, rich stick response, and a strong bell.

Price: $299.99



Used Flight Cases

Previously Toured Flight Cases Sonic Circus is currently in possession of many toured flight cases. There are a large variety of cases from rack cases, to speaker cases, to keyboard and amp head cases, to empty box cases. Many styles and sizes to choose from. Give us a call and see what we can get you for your touring gear today. 

Price: Call for Info and Available Styles

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