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» Used / Vintage Recorders

Used / Vintage Recorders

Sure, weʼve visited studios where the analog tape machine is gathering dust or
holding a plant, but here at Sonic Circus we think thereʼs a much better use for
your trusty Studer or Otari vintage audio 24 track machine. Put that multitrack
back in service. Consider purchasing a used machine and using it to repair and
extend the working life of your analog audio recorder. Youʼll be able to offer your
clients digital and analog recording and grow your client base. Really. You
probably have some clients who have never recorded on tape!

3M 79 Professional 2 TRACK 1/4 Inch Tape Recorder -- Stereo Mix Machine (RePair/Parts)

Price: Call or E-mail


3M 79 Classic/vintage 15 and 30 ips 1/4" Stereo (Used)

Stereo master deck. Half-track and w/ full-size NAB reel capability. These machines were once industry standard.

Price: $1,500.00



3M 79 Professional 4 TRACK 1/2 Inch Tape Recorder

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


MCI JH24 2” Analog Recorder (Used)

24-Track 2" Tape Machine MCI’s JH 2” recorders were renowned in the pre-Pro Tools era for their fat smooth sound.  Equally sonically versed for Rock, Jazz or Country they punch well and will add dimension and depth to your recordings.  If you’re not getting the result you need and your DAW basics are sounding lifeless why not consider a 2” machine.   This deck is in nice clean condition and we will have the heads lapped and restore the transport and electronics on request prior to shipping the machine.  You may also purchase it in its current good working condition. We will build a shock mounted shipping crate to insure safe transport right to your door.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


AMPEX 440 1/2 Inch 4 Track Vintage

Ampex Corporation introduced the AG-440 reel to reel studio mastering deck in 1967. The model AG-440 was in production into the mid 1970's. The machine is an all-discrete transistor design, with class A electronics. Mechanically, it was an upgrade from the long-lived 350-type transport. The AG-440 transport featured a rigid die-cast assembly that achieved tape stability equal to the larger "brute force" 300-type transport but kept the approximate form-factor and user interface of the popular 350-type. The tape path featured a scrape-flutter idler between the record and play heads, with facilities for a second idler on the other side of the record head. This Item has not been tested, will need cleaning and repair. For parts or project only.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Studer 1.328.220 Serial Controller (Used)

Serial Controller for Studer A820 Tape Machine Used Studer 1.328.220 Serial Controller. In good condition and ready to be put back into use. From our massive collection of Studer parts and spares, this unit is pretty important if you are without it.

Price: $1,200.00



Studer Autolocator Module 1.328.230.83 NOS

New In Box Autolocator Module for Select Studer Tape Machines NOS Studer 1.328.230.83 Autolocator Module for Studer Tape Machines. Studer lists the compatible machines as the A827, A812, A820, and the A816. This module is in MINT condition and is still in its original box. 

Price: $3,999.00



Studer A827 2" 24-Track (Used)

24 Track 2" Tape Machine No tape emulation needed - get your hands on the real thing! The Studer machines are recognized as the apex of analog tape technology. The transport controls are swift and responsive and handle your tape gently and accurately. With digitally controlled calibration, video sync capabilities, and outstanding electronics, this is the multi-track machine to own.

Price: $12,500.00



iZ Radar V Adrenaline Plus 48 Tracks AESEBU Control (Used)

Includes Zsys Detangle and Sony SIU-100 This is a  48 track  iZ Radar V system. These are Adrenaline Plus units with AES/EBU interfaces. Ships with the Sync Pro controller with 48 channel meters for easy, hands-on control of the Radar transport, track arming, file management and editing.
Also included is a Zsys z-64. digital detangler pro, AES/EBU router, and a Sony SIU-100 interface with all Mogami wiring and snakes to interface with a Sony Console.
A great opportunity to get what many engineers feel is the best sounding digital audio recording system in the world.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Tascam DA-45HR DAT Machine (Used)

24-bit Hi Res DAT Recorder The Tascam DA-45HR 24-bit Hi Res DAT Recorder has comprehensive digital clocking options, AES-EBU and S/PDIF digital I/Os, balanced and unbalanced analogue I/Os

Price: $350.00



MCI JH10 Analog Tape Machine (Used)

Discrete 2" 16-Track Analog Tape Machine This is an early JH10 (the discrete 16 track 2" precursor to the JH16).This one was originally built for Atlantic records in New York. The machine was sold to The Workshoppe Recording Studios in Douglaston NY. It still has their studio paper tags on every preamp housing. Believed to have been sold to them in the early 80s. It likely Tracked an Edgar winter record there! The original wood/laminate from the huge upper deck was used to make a scaled down can for only 1/2 the electronics and tracks 9-16 were moved to the lower deck.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Ampex ATR 102

Used Analog 2 Track Recorder Ampex ATR 102 1/2" 2 track analog recorder.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info

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