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» Used / Vintage Dynamics

Used / Vintage Dynamics

When you are in the market for sonic color, the used/vintage dynamics page
should be your first stop at Sonic Circus. There, you will find a revolving selection
of some of the most desirable pro audio compressors, limiters, and gates. Some
are truly vintage, and some are pre-owned units that are looking forward to a new
life in your studio. Some of our engineering heroes suggest that new sonic
coloration can be had by just passing a signal through a compressor - nothing
more! Hereʼs your chance to give it a try.

API 2500 Compressor (Used)

Stereo Buss Compressor This used stereo/dual mono API 2500 lets you choose between 'old' and 'new' -style compression characteristics. It also employs API's proprietary 'thrust' function for enhanced low end and features the extremely handy auto-makeup gain, which maintains a constant output level, regardless of threshold and ratio settings. All this in addition to standard comp/limiter features and the sought-after 'API sound.'

Price: $2,675.00



Alan Smart C1 Compressor (Used)

Classic Dual Mono / Stereo Buss Compressor The Alan Smart C1 Compressor is identical to the C2, but with original black front panel, and lacks the sidechain inputs and ''crush'' setting.
Pretty much the definitive mix compressor, the Alan Smart C1 is based on the much-missed SSL bus compressor (Mr. Smart used to work for SSL...) Ridiculously wide bandwidth along with ridiculously quick attack times make the C1 the beautiful, singular device that it is.

Price: $2,175.00



Teletronix LA2A Tube Opto Compressor/Limiter (Vintage)

Rev 2 Silverface 1968 This vintage LA2A’s combination of electro-optical compression, transformers and tube amplification make it one of ''THE'' all time classic compressors. It can be used subtlety for smoothness and warmth or you can drive the tube amps output stage to add harmonic artifacts and Mojo.

It is a discrete point to point wired compressor. Teletronix invented and patented the electro-optical attenuator. The HA-100X input transformer feeds the T4 Attenuator before the first amplifier gain stage. (The tube gain remains constant)  Inside the metal T4 can is a photo conductive cell that is optically coupled to a electro luminescent light source to provide gain reduction. The light intensity varies based on the audio voltage and frequency it is being fed from the HA100X input transformer.

It has a reasonable slow attack time of 10 milliseconds and the release time is program dependent. about 60 ms for 50% release and 0.5 to 5 seconds for full release.

The LA-2A has simple controls: a Peak-Reduction knob controls the gain of the side-chain circuit, and therefore, the gain reduction; a Gain Control for make-up gain; and a Limit/Compress switch which alter the compression ratio. The VU meter may also be switched to show gain reduction or output level.

Jim Scott
“LA-2As warm things up. ...they EQ all the warmth and low mids and bass. When you put bass and drums in them they get fatter and bigger. And unless you hit them way hard and make the tubes sizzle they don't really distort.”

''The LA2A works really well [on vocals],'' says Joe Barresi. “If you’re looking for more dirt you can turn a tube compressor up a little more.

Joe Chiccarelli when producing the White Stripes explained: ''Jack [White] always wanted more distortion on the vocals... When it came to the mix, Jack wanted still more edge, so I overloaded an LA2A compressor... This meant that I was getting the distortion from the last tube stage of the compressor, which creates a really beautiful distortion.''

Price: SOLD


Pendulum OCL-2 (Used)

Electro-Optical Compressor As with everything Pendulum makes, the OCL-2 Stereo Electro-Optical Compressor is in a class by itself. Fast and clean with a transformerless all-tube signal-path, the OCL-2 provides ultra smooth and transparent dynamic control. Like the ES-8, it has three attack/release modes; fast, presets and manual. Use the two channels independently or link 'em up for flawless stereo performance.

Price: $2,500.00



Neve 2254E Racked Pair Compressor/Limiters

Vintage Circa early 1970's with fast release mod Neve 2254e (Vintage) Compressor/Limiter racked pair with stereo link button & psu. Discrete Class A. Variable Threshold and Fast Release mod to 100/200/400/Auto Rare Circa Early 1970’s, round and thick sounding vintage Neve Comps, expertly racked by our friends at BAE.  These beauties are becoming increasingly sought after. The 2254 uses diode bridge that acts as the level control element as well as a BA183/283 amplifier (as fitted to the 1272) and this raises the level back up but then, at the gain make up, the 20dB gain is achieved by bypassing a 20dB pad, sequentially, until the attenuation is removed.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Calrec CL1170 Limiter/Compressor Modules - Pair (Vintage)

Racked Pair of Vintage Calrec Compressors This is a racked pair of 70s era Calrec CL1170 limiter/compressor modules. These units were built by Calrec from parts supplied by the BBC. The same parts were assembled by Audix (AM6/17) and Neve  to fit in consoles they supplied to the BBC. Some compare the sound to an 1176 or a  Neve 33609.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 33314A Compressor/Limiter Modules - Racked Pair (Used)

Desert Island Comp/Limiter Modules Custom Racked This is a Neve 33314A racked pair all original very nicely racked with separate power supply. Rack and PSU originally designed by SVT audio. The Neve 33314A is a broadcast size module (same size as the 33114 / 33115 Pre/EQ). The circuit is similar to the Neve 32264a and/or Neve 33609 and is considered one of the nicest solid state compressor/limiters ever built. The compressor section features a fast attack and also allows for an adjustable release. This module has a low-distortion limiter that sounds close to invisible. Sounds great on guitar, drum, and vocals but can be used on a wide variety of tracking applications.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Universal Audio 1008 Mic Pres with 508A EQ's (Vintage)

Vintage Universal Audio Tube Mic Pre with Companion 508A EQ Modules This is a pair of Vintage Universal Audio 1008A Mic pres with the companion Universal Audio 508A Equalizers. The 1008A is considered by many as being one of the greatest sounding microphone preamps ever built. They were built in the mid 1960’s by Bill Putnam Sr.’s at his world famous Universal Audio in Hollywood, Ca. Bill Putnam Sr. is widely regarded as the father of modern recording and his designs have mapped the future for how we record music today. His recording achievements and studios have been the cornerstone for modern recording. Putnam’s UA 1008A’s are extremely rare and it’s safe to say there were only a small number of them ever made, maybe up to 100 units in all. We are selling two 1008A in excellent condition physically and electronically. They have been completely refurbished and serviced back to factory spec by Steve at SVT Audio.  All new caps, resistors and completely tested. Full documentation of the 1008A and the 508A is included with the purchase. This includes user manual, specs and schematics.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Teletronix LA1 Leveling Amplifier Compressor (Vintage)

Very Rare Teletronix Compressor Designed by Teletronix founder Jim Lawrence, the LA-1 is the predecessor to the storied LA-2. There were only about a hundred of these units ever built, so they are extremely rare. The LA-1 gained popularity after legendary singing cowboy Gene Autry used it on his studio recordings and in his radio show. Front panel control knobs for gain and peak reduction. Meter selector switch for gain, reduction, and output on single meter. All-tube design, xlr and barrier strip connections.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


GML 8900 Discrete Dynamics Processor (Used)

Dual Channel All-Discrete Dynamics Processor with Unique Crest Factor, Timing and Release Hysteresis Controls with PSU Is there such a thing as invisible compression? Inaudible but effective dynamic control? If it exists on this planet or any other, the GML 8900 Stereo Dynamic Controller is the device that accomplishes it. The all-discrete 8900 was developed to react to loudness like our ears do. Its psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to signal energy, not just level. The result is the world's smartest, fastest and most transparent compressor limiter.

Price: $4,250.00



Junger D01 Digital Dynamics Processor (Used)

Compressor, Limiter, Expander - Fully digital processing device  
audio data word length: 24 bit
- Compressor, expander, limiter
- 4 presets (universal, pop music, speech, live)  
for stereo or 2-channel-mode 
complex, signal dependent control algorithms 
- Linear gain   - 6 dB ... +15 dB, in 1 dB steps 
- Digital deemphasis filter
- Multicoloured LED display shows either input level, output level or gain change with peak hold and digital full scale display 
- Digital audio interfaces
Yamaha Y2 
Sony SDIF-2 
input and output may be different 
- Analog output 24 bit oversampling DAC, adjustable level, balanced  
- Redithering for 16 or 20 Bit digital output format 

Price: $2,500.00



Tube Tech SMC2B Compressor (Used)

Stereo Multiband Opto Tube Compressor The TUBE-TECH SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor features three independent optical stereo compressors. Combining the effect of wide 3 band level control with individual compression of the three bands creates pure magic, especially on the main mix bus, but also on submixes like drum buss, instrument groups and single tracks.

Price: $3,800.00


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