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» Used / Vintage EQs

Used / Vintage EQs

If youʼre in search of unique sounds, vintage equalizers are a good starting point.
Before the days of unlimited audio channels, vintage tube EQs and graphic
equalizers were used to shape the final mix and bring out individual instruments
within a mono track. Some of these techniques are lost today, but the gear lives
on in the Sonic Circus vintage EQ department, where you might find a racked
pair of EQs from a classic console, or a sophisticated parametric mastering unit.
Keep your ear on this space if youʼre a fan of unique sounds.

A-Designs HAMMER HM2EQ (Used)

Dual Mono three band Tube EQ Rare opportunity! Get this used A-Designs Hammer.  This unit has been tested in our shop and is in perfect working order.  

Price: $2,200.00



Pultec EQH-2 (Vintage)

Passive Tube Program Equalizer This original mint condition "BlueFace" Pulse Techniques Inc, EQH2 is a 2 band passive program EQ that uses a 12AX7/6AQ5 tube gain stage driving a Triad HS50 output transformer in class A mode

The 2 Bands have selectable frequencies with continuously variable boost and attenuate (cut). Unlike the EQP1A the boost and cut can be used simultaneously giving the EQH2 its own unique character. This gives you the ability to sculpt the EQ while retaining that warm smooth Pultec sheen. The massive vintage transformers provide the depth and imaging.  Add vintage American Mojo to your outboard collection and give much needed life and personality to your digital tracks.  Simply put vintage Pultec EQ's are magical!

Bass Tracking Tip:
Try a Neve style DI boost 60Hz on the Pultec EQH2 and Compress (1176, DBX165).  Fat and Funky

Low frequencies: 20-30-60-100 Hz

Boost: 13.5 dB, attenuate: 17dB

High frequencies: 3-5-8-10-12 KHz tube

Boost: 16 dB, attenuate: 16dB (10kHz shelf only)

Price: $3,500.00



Chandler Germanium Tone Control (Used)

Vintage Style EQ (No PSU) The phrase that jumps to mind here is, "The Beast of Both Worlds!" Engineers love the puffy roundness of the bass on the Pultec passive EQ. They also desire the presence-character of the famous Neve EQs for sculpting mids and highs. With the "GTC", Chandler gives us a mono EQ combining a passive "thick" circuit for bass and an active one for high-mid and high. Add to that the toney goodness of germanium-based electronics, and you've got a box that covers a lot of ground. Or should I say "colors"! (A perfect companion to the Germanium Mic Pre).

Price: $1,550.00



Pultec EQP-1R (Vintage)

Program Equalizer The Pultec EQP-1R is a classic passive program EQ, with three low boost/cut frequencies, three high cut frequencies and six selected HF boost frequencies. The unique quality of the EQP is its ability to boost and attenuate bass frequencies simultaneously, which allows you to shape the low  frequencies of anything from a bass guitar to a whole mix with tremendous control.

Price: $5,500.00



EAR 825 EQ (Used)

5-Band 2-Channel Vintage EQ The EAR825 is a stereo equalizer for studio use where sound quality is the top priority. Housed in a single 3U 19-inch rack mount unit, it gives the user flexible and intuitive control over a wide range of response shaping options On each channel there are five bands of EQ. Shelf filters boost or cut the bass and treble. In addition there are three tuned boost/cut filters with centre frequency adjustable over a total range of 60Hz to 16kHz. These give a maximum boost or cut of 12dB, allowing quite large response variation but without sacrificing sensitivity. Controls are laid out for maximum ease of use and can be bypassed for quick reference to the original signal.

Price: $9,500.00



EMI RSA AM22 EQ Module (Vintage)

Vintage Stereo EMI EQ Module A Stereo EMI RSA AM22 Module originally from a BBC broadcast desk. Signals were routed to the R.S.A (Response Selection Amplifier) for EQ. The AM22 features a Hi (10k) and Lo (60hz) frequency boost/cut and a fixed Mid presence boost only at 1.4k, 2.8k, 4.0k, and 5.6k.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


EAR 822Q EQ (Used)

Single Channel Passive Pultec Type Valve Equalizer (Single) The EAR 822Q Pultec-type EQ has been designed to be highly flexible in a wide range of applications. Passive EQ networks combined with tube input and output buffers are used in order to minimize disturbing side effects such as phase shift and ringing.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Focusrite ISA 110 Pair (Used)

Pair of Mic Pre/EQ Channel Strips This is a pair of  rack mount Focusrite ISA110s. Rupert Neve first designed the ISA110  as mic pre/EQ modules to augment George Martin's Neve consoles at AIR Montserrat. This design features a transformer-coupled mic preamp, a four band EQ, and high and low pass filters that produce the uniquely musical Neve sound.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SPL Passeq Passive EQ

Powerful Passive Studio EQ The SPL Passeq Passive EQ js the most powerful passive EQ ever made. The Passeq is a neo-classic design with separate passive hi, mid and low boost & cut filters with 120V rail gain make-up stages and Lundahl I/O transformers. The musical character and rich sound of passive filters built with selected components fulfill the highest sound expectations in recording, mixing and mastering.

Price: Call or E-mail


Fairchild Model 673 Dynalizer (Vintage)

Vintage Dynamic Equalizer This is a Fairchild 673 ‘’Dynalizer’’ Dynamic Equalizer. According to John Klett, it uses the same slow optical system as the Fairchild 661 and 663 and operates as an automatic loudness control, applying a Fletcher-Munson Loudness curve which boosts the highs and lows as the level drops. The 673 was a staple in Joe Meek’s studio in the early ‘60s along with the Fairchild 660 and 661 limiters.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info

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