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» Used / Vintage Mic Pres

Used / Vintage Mic Pres

A vintage audio preamp can be the perfect partner for your vintage mic, or you
can use it to impart just the right amount of warmth to your most contemporary
microphone. A mic pre has the unique ability to transform and extend the sonic
possibilities of your mic collection. Beyond the Sonic Circus selection of true
vintage preamps, you will also find some excellent re-issues of classic electronics
from Neve, as well as a beautifully maintained collection of previously owned
microphone preamps and studio electronics.

Universal Audio 2100 Vintage Channel Strips (Racked Pair)

Vintage Bill Putnam Input Channel Strips with Mic Pre/ EQ and Compressor (Racked Pair)

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Magnecord PT63-J Tube Mic-Pre (Vintage)

This Vintage tube micpre, which contains NOS RCA tubes, is in mint condition and the sound is, in a word, awesome! For the collector and engineer looking for that certain sound with character , then this is the unit for you. Get it while it lasts.

Price: $1,350.00



API 3124+ (Used)

4 Channel Mic pre + DI The API 3124+ four-channel mic-pre has always been the best deal in pro audio. The 312 mic-pres with DI sound so good that you very rarely see used ones on the market. Studios hold on to them forever! This is a super-rare opportunity to get an excellent condition genuine API 3124+ for a used price.

Price: $2,599.00



Calrec PQ1161 3-Band Discrete Mic Pre/EQ (Vintage)

Class A/B Inductor Based 70’s module Originally designed for BBC Broadcast applications on the Calrec GP desks, these class A/B discrete modules date back to the mid 1970s

Price: $1,550.00



Altec 1599B 6 Channel Mono Mic Pre/Mixer (Vintage)

 Vintage Altec 1599B 6 Channel Mono Mic Preamp /Mixer.  This unit has been modified for Ampex plug in mic transformers.  

Price: $850.00



BAE 1073 Mic Pre/EQ Module (Used)

Single channel discrete microphone pre amp, DI and EQ, 1 rack space, based on the classic 1073 design Face it finding an original Neve 1073 that is in good working order is going to be tough. This BAE 1073 is right up there with the original. The build quality and sound is truly remarkable. There were no corners cut in keeping it true to the original. Fatten up any sound that you put into it, and add the amazing on board EQ to your tracks.

Price: $2,375.00



Thermionic Culture Nightingale Used

Dual Channel Pre-Amp & Single Channel Compressor This is the second of Thermionic Culture half rack 4U units. These are of course all valve. Continuing with the 3-part principle (3 being the most powerful number in the universe) it consists of 3 parts: 2 x Mic amps with useful valve eq. Both have their own outputs (XLR unbalanced), which can give 20+dBu. These can be combined or taken individually into...1 x vari-mu compressor-based on The Phoenix but with a little more "attitude". The compressor section has its own input ("balanced" XLR) which can be selected instead of a feed from the mic amps, also an XLR "balanced" output capable of +25 dBu.

Price: $2,850.00



SSL SL615E Mic Pres Vintage

24 SSL Racked Mic Pres Rack of 12 SSL Dual Vintage E series SL615e mic pres (24 total mic pres) power cable, DL connector breakout mounted for input/output, front panel includes phase switch, -20db pad, gain control w/pull for phantom power. These have been tested and are in full working order. Power supply not included.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Focusrite ISA828 (Used)

Eight classic microphone preamplifiers and class-leading A-D conversion Eight classic ISA transformer-based microphone pre-amplifiers! Optional ADC 8 Channel 192kHz A/D conversion card.

Price: $1,850.00



Focusrite ISA 110 Pair (Used)

Pair of Mic Pre/EQ Channel Strips This is a pair of  rack mount Focusrite ISA110s. Rupert Neve first designed the ISA110  as mic pre/EQ modules to augment George Martin's Neve consoles at AIR Montserrat. This design features a transformer-coupled mic preamp, a four band EQ, and high and low pass filters that produce the uniquely musical Neve sound.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve Mic Pres - 30 Channels (Vintage)

30 Racked Channels of Vintage Neve Mic Pre This unit holds 30 vintage preamps in a remarkably small space. 6 Melbourne style modules, each with 5 mic preamps, for a total of 30 mic inputs. These are vintage Neve class A/B transformer balanced preamps, in a shock mounted road rack with an included power supply. The top two rows of pre amps (24 channels) have  48v phantom power, and all 30 XLR ins and outs are accessible on the rear mic panel.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 1274 Mic Preamps Racked - 12 (Vintage)

Circa 1969 with Gardner Transformers These twelve Neve 1274s' have been modded to function as mic preamps with the addition of an internal balanced input transformer, a repurposed interstage trim used as an input fader, and a rotary switch to boost the gain to 60db. The starting gain with the fader fully CW and gain switch fully CCW is 40dB. Turn down the input fader for less gain. Turn up the gain switch for more gain.

Price: Call or Email for Info


Telefunken V672 Mic Pre - Racked Pair (Vintage)

Solid State Racked Pair Vintage Mic Preamps This racked pair of Telefunken V672s includes pad, phase and phantom switches and a gain control. They also have a 1/4" input for guitar or bass direct injection. The 672s were the solid state followup to the V72 and have a reputation for being great for electric guitar recording.

Price: $1,500.00


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