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» Used Live Sound

Used Live Sound


Midas H3000 (Used)

Live Performance Mixing Console with PSU's and Case Used/toured Midas H3000 Live Performance Mixing Console. It is in good working condition. The sale includes the 48-Inout Analog Mixing Console, Case, and two PSU's.

Price: $25,000.00



Meyer Milo

Pre Owned Meyers! 16 Milo 90's available and 4 Milo 120's.  We have dollies and covers for these, give us a call for a package deal. The MILO high-power curvilinear array is remarkably compact and lightweight for a self-contained, four-way system — particularly considering that it delivers 140 dB SPL peak output with exceptionally flat phase and frequency response. MILO contains three dedicated very-high frequency transducers that extend its operating range to 18 kHz, increase available high frequency headroom, and result in extraordinary resolution of delicate transients, even in very long throw applications.

Price: Call or email for price


JBL Vertec 4888 Passive Loudspeaker (Used)

Midsize Tri-Amplified 3-Way High Directivity Line Array Element Sonic Circus currently has a number of barely used JBL Vertec 4888 Passive Loudspeakers. They were used for a short time for a convention style tour and have been well cared for and maintained. These loudspeakers can be easily flown or stacked for optimal space and sound and make a great addition to any tour or space! These loudspeakers can be purchased separately or in groups with up to 20 available. Price is per loudspeaker. 

Price: $5,275.00



Meyer Sound MJF-212A Self-Powered Stage Monitor (Used)

Active Monitor Loudspeaker We have 22 used units available. The Meyer Sound MJF-212A is a self-powered stage monitor loudspeaker designed to meet critical requirements in professional applications. Exhibiting flat amplitude and phase responses, full-range bandwidth, and exceptional impulse response, the MJF-212A far exceeds the capabilities of conventional stage monitors while offering the simplicity of setup and operation provided by self-powered systems.
The MJF-212A monitor’s phase-corrected frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz enables accurate reproduction of both vocals and instruments with high gain before feedback, and provides excellent intelligibility at high output levels with low distortion and no coloration added to the signal. The MJF-212A is also engineered to have exceptional low-frequency headroom, which can be helpful in some applications such as the extreme lowfrequency demands of high-level drum monitoring. The face of the low-profile cabinet slopes at 40 degrees from the stage to permit optimal placement relative to the talent, while its medium-Q horn provides even coverage in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Price: Call For Price


JBL VT4889 (Used)

Fullsize 3-Way Line Array Element, Composite Box There are a large number of used/toured JBL VT4889 Fullsize 3-Way Line Array Element, Composite Box loudspeakers for sale. These speakers are in good shape and are fully functional. Additional accessories make it easy to fly these in sets. There approximately 60 available. The speakers are being sold individually at this price.

Price: $3,950.00



JBL EON305 PAIR (Used)

15" 2-WAY PASSIVE PORTABLE SPEAKER These speakers were used for number of small events and were extremely well cared for. They ship in their original boxes with documentation. These speakers are great for small to medium sized venues and can be used in variety of ways. 

Price: $758.00



Allen & Heath iLive-T112 (Used)

T Series 28 Fader Control Surface with 16 Inputs 12 Outputs Allen & Heat iLive T112 with IDR-48 Stage Rack. 48 input/24 output + MADI card for recording/virtual soundcheck. Gentle use in an installation. Includes factory case, factory 10RU case for IDR48, and factory 150' Ethercon reel.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Meyer 700-HP powered subwoofer (Used)

Used Meyer 700-HP's.   We have 14 units available with dollies and covers  as well as 4 flybars.  Give us a call if you are interested in a pre-owned Meyer Line Array system.

UltraHigh-Power Subwoofer The Meyer Sound 700-HP ultrahigh-power subwoofer sets a new standard for the power-to-size equation. The 700-HP's power and bandwidth handle high continuous operating levels and extreme transient information with minimal distortion in its operating frequency range.

Meyer Sound’s rigorous design approach has been applied to extract the greatest efficiency from every part of the system, resulting in the 700-HP’s effortless reproduction of low frequency transient information. As a self-powered system, the transducers, amplification and control electronics of the 700-HP are created as a symbiotic system that optimizes performance and maximizes its tremendous power.

The operating frequency range of 28 Hz to 150 Hz complements other Meyer Sound loudspeakers and line and curvilinear arrays in sound reinforcement applications requiring maximum headroom at the low end of the frequency spectrum.

These efficiently tuned cabinet houses two Meyer Sound-designed and -manufactured back-vented, long-excursion, 18-inch cone drivers. Each driver features a 4-inch voice coil and is rated to handle 1200 AES watts. The drivers have also been engineered for extreme efficiency, using high-gauss neodymium magnets for the most powerful magnetic field strength. High magnetic field strength increases the driver’s sensitivity, which yields greater output, while keeping heat dissipation requirements within operational tolerances.

Price: Call For Price


RCF Loudspeaker System (Used)

Complete Loudspeaker System Includes:
(8) RCF HDL10a
(2) RCF SUB 8006-AS
(2) RCF dollies for HDL10 .. 4 on each
Plus all
powercon & XLR Cables 

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Used Flight Cases

Previously Toured Flight Cases Sonic Circus is currently in possession of many toured flight cases. There are a large variety of cases from rack cases, to speaker cases, to keyboard and amp head cases, to empty box cases. Many styles and sizes to choose from. Give us a call and see what we can get you for your touring gear today. 

Price: Call for Info and Available Styles


Meyer Sound MINA Line Array System (Used)

12 x MINA Loudspeakers and 2x MG-MINA Rigging Frames Set of 12 flyable Meyer Sound MINA loudspeakers. Currently flown as two sets of six with Meyer Sound MG-MINA rigging hangers. This a great sounding line array. It is loud enough to handle medium sized venues, but is compact enough to fit into smaller ones. These loudspeakers have been flown once and have been extremely well maintained. With additional rigging, the MINA's can be stacked from the ground as well.

Price: Call For Price


Meyer Sound MINA Line Array System Package (Used)

Pristine condition with only corporate use. 32 MINA speaker cabinets 
4 MG MINA flybar grids 
7 MCF caster plates
4 x 5-high covers 
3 x 4-high covers

Price: Call or email for price

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