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» Used Summing Mixers

Used Summing Mixers


Manley 16x2 Mic/Line Mixer (Used)

For years a small studio has had two choices. But not really. Does one spend big bucks for a big console or petty cash for a mini mixer with a mini sound? One is overkill and the other killed the music. These days, studios based around workstations need a simple but superb mixer, and many had hoped for it to have that Manley sound. They asked. We responded.

Price: $7,500.00



Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite 16x2+2 (Used)

16x2+2 Summing Mixer Built around many of the topologies and custom transformers made famous with the 5088 mixer and Portico II Series, the 5059 is designed to deliver the ultimate “out of the box” sonics and ergonomics in a 2U, rack-mountable chassis.

Price: $3,200.00



Roll Music RMS216 FOLCROM

Analog Passive Summing Bus, 16 Channel Into 2 Channel Used mint condition RMS216 FOLCROM.  Passive summing mixer allows you to utilize your existing preamplifiers to make up the gain for summing.  Kind of a cool concept for an affordable high quality analog summing system.   

Tired of the flat, narrow sound of your Digital Audio Workstation? Do individual tracks sound full and deep while whole mixes sound lifeless and thin? Can you go analog without sacrificing the recall ability of the DAW or parting with the space and money required for a large automated console? Break out of the box and let your mixes breathe again.

Price: $550.00



Manley 16 x 2 Tube Line Mixer (Used)

Mint Condition Save big money on this mint condition Manley 16 x 2 Tube Line Mixer (Used) with remote Power Supply.  The unit comes with all of the original packaging and was taken in on a console trade in here at Sonic Circus.  It has only had a few hours of use and it in mint condition

Price: $5,750.00


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