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ADL 670 Tube Compressor (Used)

Pre owned ADL 670 Fairchild repro tube compressor in excellent condition.  Recently re-tubed and serviced by ADL.  Anthony DeMaria Labs has matched part for part the specs and sound of the original unit. Every detail has been scrutinized to corners were cut. Yes...believe it or not, ADL has painstakingly sourced all the parts of this puzzle to offer a very limited run on these uncompromised, untouchable sonic giants!!! Many in the past have attempted to reproduce the sound of the classic Fairchild 670 but no one until now has taken it to the level ADL has with the ADL 670 compressor. With it's beautiful "military strength" chassis, stand alone PSU, 20 vacuum tubes and 14 doesn't get fatter than this. 

Price: $11,500.00



PYE AUDIO 4060 04 Racked Stereo Matched Pair (Vintage)

Vintage Compressors Restored and Custom Racked Considered one of the finest Compressor Limiters ever made here are two all original PYE 4060/04's in excellent condition externally mount in a 5RU chassis with a Power switch, IEC power cable with Fuse, and a 15db make up gain circuit custom made by SVT Audio. As a result of Pye Audio's pulse-width compressional circuitry there is gain loss when increasing compression. This allow for the gain make-up to be selectable from 1-15 db. The circuit uses excellent components with Carnhill transformers and discreet high quality components and switches. It is selectable in or out with LED representing in. When out, the original PYE's are the all original unmodified PYE 4060/04 sound heard on countless classics and loved by Eddie Krammer. Both units are stereo matched to within +/- 1db. Also included is a 4060 manual with specs, alignment procedures and schematics. The overall unit in excellent condition and a one of a kind beautiful pair of the best era of PYE Audio compressors.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


GML 8900 Discrete Dynamics Processor (Used)

Dual Channel All-Discrete Dynamics Processor with Unique Crest Factor, Timing and Release Hysteresis Controls with PSU Is there such a thing as invisible compression? Inaudible but effective dynamic control? If it exists on this planet or any other, the GML 8900 Stereo Dynamic Controller is the device that accomplishes it. The all-discrete 8900 was developed to react to loudness like our ears do. Its psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to signal energy, not just level. The result is the world's smartest, fastest and most transparent compressor limiter.

Price: $4,250.00



Alan Smart C2 (Used)

Dual Stereo Compressor w/ Crush Function Dual Stereo Compressor w/ Crush Function.  A rarely seen used mint condition Alan Smart C2.  Based on thee SSL Quad Bus compressor the Smart basically takes the classic SSL to a new level.

Price: $2,400.00



Chandler LTD-1 with PSU1 (Used)

Vintage Style Mic Preamp and Instrument DI with Class-A Amps and Transformers, and Double EQ Section Own this pre owned Chandler LTD1 with PSU1.  Loved and cared for in perfect condition.  American built to the highest standards. You wont be disappointed.

Want the classic Neve 1073 channel-amp sound but don't want to spenda fortune for an un-powered, 30-year-old module? Built new and enhanced with extra frequencies, Chandler's LTD-1 mono-preamp and 3-band EQ will get transport you to that classic British tone-zone where presence and punch rule the day!

Price: $2,125.00



TC ELECTRONIC Reverb 40000 (Used)

Stereo or Dual Mono Reverb Processor This is a used Reverb 4000 in excellent condition. It is a single-engine stereo version of Reverb 6000, featuring the best reverbs and presets from Reverb 6000 and M5000 as well as emulations of numerous immortal classics (Ala EMT etc…). Stand alone reverb processors still have their place in professional studios. Create ambient spaces without using your DAW DSP processing. Hang it on an Aux send and enjoy! Throw it on a return. Really useful piece.

Price: $1,800.00



Neumann U47 FET Collector's Edition

Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic The U 47 fet was first manufactured from 1972 to 1986, and since then has been firmly established in the range of microphones used by many well-known studios. In addition to serving as a soloist microphone, it has become legendary especially for the recording of bass-heavy instruments and for the direct miking of loud amps.

Price: $3,999.95



Chandler Limited REDD.47 microphone pre-amplifier

Chandler Limited’s REDD.47 microphone pre-amplifier is a recreation of the original valve line amplifiers used in Abbey Road Studios’ heralded and rare EMI REDD.51 recording consoles circa 1959-1968.

Designed as a central component to the EMI REDD.51 recording console, the original REDD.47 line amplifier was used to amplify virtually every stage of the audio path (mic inputs, line inputs, echo sends and monitors).

The REDD.47 lent its unmistakably punchy, aggressive character to music recorded at Abbey Road Studios between 1964 and 1968, including many tracks by The Beatles.

The Chandler Limited REDD.47 preamp offers many additional benefits to the original design including increased gain, allowing a range of tonal options from pristine clean sound to classic rich, saturated tone with up to 2% harmonic distortion before clipping. The Chandler Limited REDD.47 preamp easily reproduces the distortions heard on The Beatles’ ‘Revolution.’

Chandler Limited’s REDD.47 tube microphone pre-amplifier delivers the legendary sound of Abbey Road Studios’ ‘Holy Grail’ preamp, with extra features to meet today’s recording studio standards.

Price: $2,295.00



Elysia Xfilter Rack Stereo Equalizer (Used)

True Linked Stereo Equalizer from Elysia Lightly used Elysia Xfilter stereo 4 Band Class-A EQ with stepped potentiometers.  Selectable Q. German engineering quality. 19" rackmount.  This is and excellent and affordable option for stereo buss, home style mastering etc...   A real sleeper.

Price: $1,250.00



Elysia Xpressor (Used)

Stereo Compressor w/ Side Chain Send and Return Used Elysia Xpressor stereo compressor.  19" rackmount in excellent original condition.  Discrete Class-A.  Elysia compression is variable from tight and focused to saturated.  Extremely flexible.  Well built, great metering and stepped potentiometers not generally found on compressors in this price class.

Price: $1,250.00



Telefunken R-F-T M16 MKii Multipattern Condenser Mic USED

customer trade in Telefunken R-F-T M16 MKii Multipattern Tube Condenser Mic. Excellent condition includes the original wooden box. Sale includes Mic in box, power supply, power cable, and shock mount. 

Price: $1,325.00



Crowley and Tripp El Diablo Mic (Used)

Crowley and Tripp El Diablo ribbon microphone used in excellent condition. This is a rare, pre Shure era original Crowley and Tripp. It comes with its original wooden case with documentation. The revolutionary, innovative, and super strong ribbon mic by Crowley and Tripp. Preserves all of the great ribbon tone and volume, yet can take wind blast, extreme SPLs and plosives like no other ribbon microphone, ever. Designed for the studio and for the road! Made in USA of USA components, including Roswellite tm advanced nanomaterial.

Price: $1,100.00



Focusrite Rack with 2 ISA110 Vintage Mic Preamp/EQ

This rare Focusrite/Neve ISA Rack with PS (Used) Loaded 2 ISA 110 Vintage Mic Preamp/EQ comes with the original flight case and power supply and can power up to 4 modules.  Own a piece of history.

Price: $5,500.00



Neve 33609C (Used)

Classic Stereo Compressor Neve 33609C Compressor.  The Neve 33609 evolved from the 32264.  This will be your go to for mixing and tracking for years to come.  The Neve sound is musical and sweet.  Elevate your digital recordings to the next level.  Its easy.

Price: $3,500.00