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Tube Tech SMC2B Compressor (Used)

Stereo Multiband Opto Tube Compressor The TUBE-TECH SMC 2B Stereo Multiband Compressor features three independent optical stereo compressors. Combining the effect of wide 3 band level control with individual compression of the three bands creates pure magic, especially on the main mix bus, but also on submixes like drum buss, instrument groups and single tracks.

Price: $3,800.00



Waves L2 Ultramaximizer (Used)

Digital Mastering Limiter The L2 is basically a stand-alone, 2U-rack, hardware version of the plug-in, which not only mimics the software functions, but which also has some extra refinements and comes with a host of professional interfacing for use in mastering systems. Stereo digital audio can be supported at any of the common bit depths and sample rates up to 24-bit/96kHz, and can be received and passed on through either AES-EBU or S/PDIF input and output sockets. A word clock input is provided, for synchronizing the unit to a master clock, and there is also a nine-pin serial port on the rear panel, allowing for remote function control. Should you wish to feed analogue signals into the unit, both balanced and unbalanced I/O (on quarter-inch jacks and XLRs) are catered for, operating at +4dBu and incorporating high-quality 24-bit converters.

Price: $895.00



Meyer Sound HD1 Studio Monitors - Pair (Used)

Active High Definition Audio Monitors The Meyer Sound HD-1 high definition audio monitor is a self-powered loudspeaker designed for ultra-precise near-field monitoring. Optimized to approximate a point-source radiator, the HD-1 yields exceptionally broad directivity with a generous ''sweet spot.'' Its patented circuitry minimizes time delays and deviations from linear phase. (Also Available Individually)

Price: $1,500.00



Manley Vari Mu Compressor/Limiter (Used)

Industry Standard Stereo Compressor/Limiter One of the very few compressors that has become a real standard in Mastering studios and contributed to most hit records over the last decade and probably the next. "Mu" is tube-speak for gain, and Variable Mu is Manley’s registered trademark for this limiter compressor. It works by using the "remote cut-off" or re-biasing of a vacuum tube to achieve compression. The precious vintage Fairchild 670 also uses this technique and is one of few all-tube compressor to do so, that we know of. Even the side-chain has glowing rectifier bottles. How’s it work? The unique 5670 dual triode is at the center of the peak-reducing and compression action constantly being re-biased by the vacuum tube rectified side-chain control voltages which cause this tube to smoothly change its gain. Just like that.

Price: $2,800.00



Bryston 7B Monoblock Power Amplifier (Used)

Pro Series Black 19” Rackmount
  • The Bryston PRO models have individual gain (input level) controls, located on the front panel as 1/8” screwdriver-adjustable potentiometers. 
  • Series/parallel switch 
  • Over 6,400 cm2 of heatsinking, over 9,600 cm2 with chassis 
  • Regulated power supplies to all voltage gain stages 
  • Gold plated input and output connectors 
  • Switchable balanced XLR-1/4 inch and RCA unbalanced inputs 
  • Silver Faceplate Available 

Price: $1,500.00



Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ (Used)

Two-Channel Four-Band Parametric EQ The NSEQ-2 (tm) is a two channel, four band parametric equalizer offering fully Class-A operation via discrete J-FET transistors or all triode vacuum tubes selectable with the touch of a button.

Price: $3,450.00



BAE 1032 Mic Preamp Module

4-Band Mic/Line Pre The new 1032 4-band Mic/Line preamp by BAE was inspired by the frequencies of the classic 1081. It uses the same high quality components and manufacturing techniques used in other BAE modules featuring the same Class A transformer-coupled circuits and same modular cards for long-term serviceability.

Price: $3,350.00



API 500VPR 10-Slot Rack Loaded (Used)

8 x Relios A9031 Mic Pre and 2 x Anamod AM660 Compressors Loaded API 500VPR Rack with eight Relios A9031 Mic Pre Modules and two Anamod AM660 Compressor Modules. 

Price: $8,400.00



TC Electronic M5000 Processor (Used)

Reverb and Multi-Fx Processor TC Electronic's flagship reverb and multi-fx processor, the predecessor to the System 6000. 

Configured with:
2 x ADA 2 4 Analog in/out
2 x DSP 1 4 Digital in/out

2 Units available with one ATAC Remote system sold separately. Call for System pricing. 

Price: $2,850.00



TL Audio C1 Classic Preamp/Compressor (Used)

Dual Valve Preamp/Compressor TL Audio's Original Classic Series C-1 is a dual channel preamplifier and compressor. The C-1 is valve tube based and it has 1/4" direct inputs in the front for each of the two channels, as well as XLR inputs and outputs in the back of it. It also has auxiliary connections. The components are all analog, and the C-1 is rack mountable, taking up two spaces in a traditional rack casing.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Eventide DSP4000B Ultraharmonizer (Used)

Sampling Multi Effects Processor, Big Brother to the DSP4000 Eventide wrote the book on digital pitch shifting.  Pitch shifting is a sound recording technique in which the original pitch of a sound is raised or lowered by a pre-designated musical interval Since the early H910 was used by Jimmy Page and the harmonizer effect took flight. Used by Bowie, Zappa, Yes, and many more. 

Price: $1,275.00



Lisson Grove RS124 Compressor (Pair) - (Used)

Sequential pair of Lisson Grove RS124 Compressors. Hand built by Lisson Grove creator Hugo Nicolson. Special custom link Panel that connects and enables the two units to work together from the front panel switches. Sequential serial numbers, 51 and 52. These are the recreation of the famed EMI RS-124 used on all of the Beatles albums with some added modern features.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Teletronix LA1 Leveling Amplifier Compressor (Vintage)

Very Rare Teletronix Compressor Designed by Teletronix founder Jim Lawrence, the LA-1 is the predecessor to the storied LA-2. There were only about a hundred of these units ever built, so they are extremely rare. The LA-1 gained popularity after legendary singing cowboy Gene Autry used it on his studio recordings and in his radio show. Front panel control knobs for gain and peak reduction. Meter selector switch for gain, reduction, and output on single meter. All-tube design, xlr and barrier strip connections.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neumann U47 Longbody Microphone SN#1499 (Vintage)

Circa mid 1950’s. Cardioid/Omni Hailed as the worlds premier recording microphone and debuted in 1947.  The U47 is “the” defacto standard for professional studios.  The U47 long body was produced through 1955.  From 1956-1960 the short body was produced.  This example came to us from Nola Recording in NY and has been featured on an illustrious string of jazz recordings.

Price: $11,500.00



ARP Axxe Analog Synthesizer (Vintage)

Vintage ARP Analog Synth The Axxe is basically a budget-proof version of the popular ARP Odyssey. With just one oscillator (compared with two in the Odyssey), the Axxe certainly has a thinner sound but it is still that uniquely angular and powerful analog ARP sound. It's not too exciting, but it is simple and straight forward. A perfect first vintage analog for any musician that will still find plenty of use among more seasoned synth players for quick analog bass lines, lead sounds and synth FX. It has no form of memory storage and external control comes via CV/Gate only.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 33615 Limiter Compressor (Vintage)

Mono Limiter/Compressor in a 33609 Style Neve 33615 compressor/limiter de-esser - mono Geoff Tanner designed 33609 style compressor.

Price: Call or E-mail


Neumann U48 Longbody Microphone (Vintage)

Circa mid 1950’s. Cardioid/Figure Eight It is common knowledge that the U48 was the favorite Vocal mic of Lennon and McCartney at Abbey Road.  The mic has 2 directional patterns cardioid and figure eight giving it better off axis rejection than a U47 and therefore a slightly different tambour. This example came to us from Nola Recording in NY and has been featured on an illustrious string of jazz recordings.  

Price: $11,500.00



Trident 80B 32x24x24 Turnkey Studio Package

An Entire Studio Package Based Around Trident 80B Recording Console Turnkey Trident 80B 32x24x24 recording studio package complete with console, preamps, eqs, effects, converters, mics, headphone system, and more. See the full list below.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Pultec EQH-2 Program Equalizer #2195 (Vintage)

Original Pulse Technologies Pultec Program EQ This original mint condition "BlueFace" Pulse Techniques Inc, EQH2 is a 2 band passive program EQ that uses a 12AX7/6AQ5 tube gain stage driving a Triad HS50 output transformer in class A mode. The 2 Bands have selectable frequencies with continuously variable boost and attenuate (cut). Unlike the EQP1A the boost and cut can be used simultaneously giving the EQH2 its own unique character. This gives you the ability to sculpt the EQ while retaining that warm smooth Pultec sheen. The massive vintage transformers provide the depth and imaging.  Add vintage American Mojo to your outboard collection and give much needed life and personality to your digital tracks.  Simply put vintage Pultec EQ's are magical! Bass Tracking Tip: Try a Neve style DI boost 60Hz on the Pultec EQH2 and Compress (1176, DBX165).  Fat and Funky

Low frequencies: 20-30-60-100 Hz

Boost: 13.5 dB, attenuate: 17dB

High frequencies: 3-5-8-10-12 KHz tube

Boost: 16 dB, attenuate: 16dB (10kHz shelf only)

Price: $3,800.00



Augspurger Studio Main Monitor System (Used)

Pair of Custom Built Main Studio Monitors with Bryston Power Amps Augspurger Dual 15" Main Monitors Biamped  (Pair) :
  • Custom Engineered Maple Hardwood Plywood Cabinets
  • Loaded : TAD TD-4002 4' Pure Beryllium Diaphragm, Neodymium (2 Inch Throat)
  • Perception RV-1ª wood horns w/ turned mouth.
  • Dual TAD TL-1601b 15" LF Alnico, 28Hz-1kHz, 97.5dB/W/1m
  • White 4700 Digital 1/3 Octave EQ (Pair)
Bryston Powered System Includes:
  • 3 x Bryston 4B SST - 300 watts stereo at 8 ohms; 500 at 4 ohms, 1000 bridged at 8ohms
  • 1 x Bryston 10B - XLR Balanced version of Sub w/12 selectable frequencies and selectable 6, 12, 18 dB slopes (Balanced)

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info