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Teletronix LA1 Leveling Amplifier Compressor (Vintage)

Very Rare Teletronix Compressor Designed by Teletronix founder Jim Lawrence, the LA-1 is the predecessor to the storied LA-2. There were only about a hundred of these units ever built, so they are extremely rare. The LA-1 gained popularity after legendary singing cowboy Gene Autry used it on his studio recordings and in his radio show. Front panel control knobs for gain and peak reduction. Meter selector switch for gain, reduction, and output on single meter. All-tube design, xlr and barrier strip connections.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Manley Massive Passive (Used)

2-Channel 4-Band EQ The MASSIVE PASSIVE is a two channel, four band passive tube equalizer, with additional high pass and low pass filters. Precision USA built like a tank at the Manley factory.  Only metal film resistors, film capacitors and hand-wound inductors sculpt the sound.  

Price: $3,950.00



Crane Song STC-8 (Used)

2-Channel Standard Edition Discrete Class-A Compressor / Peak Limiter with Enhancement Circuit and Transformerless, Balanced I/O Looking for a two-channel compressor that's about as transparent as transparent can be? The STC-8 might just be the ticket! Versatile enough for almost any kind of tracking and mixing, the STC-8 is also simply one of the best stereo buss compressors of all time.

Price: $3,650.00



Neumann U47 Longbody Microphone SN#1499 (Vintage)

Circa mid 1950’s. Cardioid/Omni Hailed as the worlds premier recording microphone and debuted in 1947.  The U47 is “the” defacto standard for professional studios.  The U47 long body was produced through 1955.  From 1956-1960 the short body was produced.  This example came to us from Nola Recording in NY and has been featured on an illustrious string of jazz recordings.

Price: $11,500.00



Prism Dream AD124 A-D Converter (Used)

Mastering Grade AD Converter [44.1/48kHz 24bit] Mastering-grade analog to digital converter that still holds up to the competition sound-wise. Analog I/O (XLR), AES/EBU I/O, Toslink I/O, Wordclock I/O. The analog inputs can be trimmed up to +28dBu. Classic Prism quality with smooth but still punchy analogue sound.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


GML 8900 Discrete Dynamics Processor (Used)

Dual Channel All-Discrete Dynamics Processor with Unique Crest Factor, Timing and Release Hysteresis Controls with PSU Is there such a thing as invisible compression? Inaudible but effective dynamic control? If it exists on this planet or any other, the GML 8900 Stereo Dynamic Controller is the device that accomplishes it. The all-discrete 8900 was developed to react to loudness like our ears do. Its psycho-acoustic approach uses multiple true-RMS and fast peak detectors to respond intelligently to signal energy, not just level. The result is the world's smartest, fastest and most transparent compressor limiter.

Price: $4,250.00



ARP Axxe Analog Synthesizer (Vintage)

Vintage ARP Analog Synth The Axxe is basically a budget-proof version of the popular ARP Odyssey. With just one oscillator (compared with two in the Odyssey), the Axxe certainly has a thinner sound but it is still that uniquely angular and powerful analog ARP sound. It's not too exciting, but it is simple and straight forward. A perfect first vintage analog for any musician that will still find plenty of use among more seasoned synth players for quick analog bass lines, lead sounds and synth FX. It has no form of memory storage and external control comes via CV/Gate only.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 33615 Limiter Compressor (Vintage)

Mono Limiter/Compressor in a 33609 Style Neve 33615 compressor/limiter de-esser - mono Geoff Tanner designed 33609 style compressor.

Price: Call or E-mail


Neumann U48 Longbody Microphone (Vintage)

Circa mid 1950’s. Cardioid/Figure Eight It is common knowledge that the U48 was the favorite Vocal mic of Lennon and McCartney at Abbey Road.  The mic has 2 directional patterns cardioid and figure eight giving it better off axis rejection than a U47 and therefore a slightly different tambour. This example came to us from Nola Recording in NY and has been featured on an illustrious string of jazz recordings.  

Price: $11,500.00



Lucid SSG192 Master Clock (Used)

Low Jitter Master Clock from Lucid The ultimate low jitter master clock. Simultaneously outputs Word Clock, 256x Superclock, 1024x Lucid Ultraclock, and AES-11 sync formats at frequencies up to 192kHz. Generates or syncs to house video blackburst.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Trident 80B 32x24x24 Turnkey Studio Package

An Entire Studio Package Based Around Trident 80B Recording Console Turnkey Trident 80B 32x24x24 recording studio package complete with console, preamps, eqs, effects, converters, mics, headphone system, and more. See the full list below.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Pultec EQH-2 Program Equalizer #2195 (Vintage)

Original Pulse Technologies Pultec Program EQ This original mint condition "BlueFace" Pulse Techniques Inc, EQH2 is a 2 band passive program EQ that uses a 12AX7/6AQ5 tube gain stage driving a Triad HS50 output transformer in class A mode. The 2 Bands have selectable frequencies with continuously variable boost and attenuate (cut). Unlike the EQP1A the boost and cut can be used simultaneously giving the EQH2 its own unique character. This gives you the ability to sculpt the EQ while retaining that warm smooth Pultec sheen. The massive vintage transformers provide the depth and imaging.  Add vintage American Mojo to your outboard collection and give much needed life and personality to your digital tracks.  Simply put vintage Pultec EQ's are magical! Bass Tracking Tip: Try a Neve style DI boost 60Hz on the Pultec EQH2 and Compress (1176, DBX165).  Fat and Funky

Low frequencies: 20-30-60-100 Hz

Boost: 13.5 dB, attenuate: 17dB

High frequencies: 3-5-8-10-12 KHz tube

Boost: 16 dB, attenuate: 16dB (10kHz shelf only)

Price: $3,800.00



MCI JH24 2” Analog Recorder (Used)

24-Track 2" Tape Machine MCI’s JH 2” recorders were renowned in the pre-Pro Tools era for their fat smooth sound.  Equally sonically versed for Rock, Jazz or Country they punch well and will add dimension and depth to your recordings.  If you’re not getting the result you need and your DAW basics are sounding lifeless why not consider a 2” machine.   This deck is in nice clean condition and we will have the heads lapped and restore the transport and electronics on request prior to shipping the machine.  You may also purchase it in its current good working condition. We will build a shock mounted shipping crate to insure safe transport right to your door.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


RCF Loudspeaker System (Used)

Complete Loudspeaker System Includes:
6 - RCF HDL10-A Loudspeakers
2 - RCF Sub 8006
Transport Dollies

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Augspurger Studio Main Monitor System (Used)

Pair of Custom Built Main Studio Monitors with Bryston Power Amps Augspurger Dual 15" Main Monitors Biamped  (Pair) :
  • Custom Engineered Maple Hardwood Plywood Cabinets
  • Loaded : TAD TD-4002 4' Pure Beryllium Diaphragm, Neodymium (2 Inch Throat)
  • Perception RV-1ª wood horns w/ turned mouth.
  • Dual TAD TL-1601b 15" LF Alnico, 28Hz-1kHz, 97.5dB/W/1m
  • White 4700 Digital 1/3 Octave EQ (Pair)
Bryston Powered System Includes:
  • 3 x Bryston 4B SST - 300 watts stereo at 8 ohms; 500 at 4 ohms, 1000 bridged at 8ohms
  • 1 x Bryston 10B - XLR Balanced version of Sub w/12 selectable frequencies and selectable 6, 12, 18 dB slopes (Balanced)

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Tree Audio The Stem 8x2 Mixer

8x2 Mixer for Use with The Roots Console or Standalone The Stem is an 8 x 2 stand alone submixer that can be used with our Roots console as well as our new Roots Jr. sidecar and standalone applications.The Stem uses SP690 all discrete class A op amps for increased headroom. Each channel has a level control, pan pot, as well as mute / on / solo switch.The master section has a big knob level control as well as an insert switch that can be bypassed.

Price: $4,995.00



SSL Mini Console 8-Module Loaded Frame

SSL Bucket Section Loaded with 8 SL611G Console Modules - DIY! The ultimate SSL DIY project is now available from Sonic Circus. We are proud to offer you a loaded rack of SSL bucket section with 8 SL611G channel strips. They include the desirable E242 Black EQ with the Bell switch.  This section of bucket comes straight out of an 1996 SSL 4000G+.  Excellent for a DIY console build or work these channel strips into your recording rig.

Price: $10,500.00



Empirical Labs FATSO EL7X

Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer with Classic Knee Compression No longer the ''Jr'', the new FATSO introduces a new compressor ratio, as well as enhanced interface and display functions and overall reliability.

Price: $2,199.00



Antelope Zen Studio Audio Interface (Pre-Order)

Portable Audio Interface A professional, compact, all-in-one audio interface that smashes the mobile connectivity barrier. Antelope Zen Studio is the first studio-quality portable solution with 20 analog inputs, 12 mic preamps and DSP effects, featuring 38 simultaneous input and 32 output channels.

(This item is currently in the pre-order stage and will be shipping late spring/early summer 2014.)

Price: $2,495.00



PMC Two.Two Sub1 Active Subwoofer

Ultra-Low Distortion, Active Studio Subwoofer The PMC twotwo sub1 is an ultra-low distortion, active subwoofer which can be used in a 2.1 configuration with twotwo series monitors to gain extra bass extension and headroom. Alternatively, it can be used to reproduce a low frequency effects (LFE) channel in a surround monitoring system.

Price: $4,900.00