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Featured Vintage Gear

We are well known for having a great selection of vintage gear on hand. Check out what we’re currently featuring!

Moog MemoryMoog Plus (used)

The Memorymoog Plus is like having six Minimoogs stacked in one ! Features include VCO syncing , sample and hold, and separate filters for each voice! It also has a Unison mode for a fat 18 oscillator monophonic bass and lead sound. And as it's name would suggest, it has memory storage - 100 PATCHES !

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neumann Custom Rack with Mastering Signal Chain (Vintage)

Custom Neumann Mastering Chain Neumann custom outboard rack featuring two Neumann U437SP, three Neumann OE Duo, and two Neumann HT-75. The U437SP is a classic mastering compressor used heavily in the 1970's. The OE Duo is known as one of the best sounding Neumann EQ's with a punchy, in your face sound while still remaining neutral. The setup is complemented with a pair of HT-75 High Pass/Low Pass Filters.

Price: $6,000.00




1938-46 The RCA model 77A resembles the velocity mic in appearance and construction but it combines the principles of velocity and pressure operation. This mic is known as the 'grandaddy mic'.

Price: $5,500.00



Calrec PQ1161 3-Band Discrete Mic Pre/EQ (Vintage)

Class A/B Inductor Based 70’s module Originally designed for BBC Broadcast applications on the Calrec GP desks, these class A/B discrete modules date back to the mid 1970s

Price: $1,550.00



Quad 8 EQ Module Model 610LSEQ (Vintage)

The 610LSEQ is a classic Quad 8 EQ module. This parametric EQ is a 4 band EQ (Hi, Mid 2, Mid 1, Low) with a great sound that has been described as a unique cross between Neve and API without sounding like either of them. This module looks like it is in good shape but has not been tested and may or may not need work. Great for any line EQ this unit was owned and used at the famous Indigo Ranch Studios. These are getting increasingly hard to find and would make a great addition to any studio.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 1274 Mic Preamps Racked - 12 (Vintage)

Circa 1969 with Gardner Transformers These twelve Neve 1274s' have been modded to function as mic preamps with the addition of an internal balanced input transformer, a repurposed interstage trim used as an input fader, and a rotary switch to boost the gain to 60db. The starting gain with the fader fully CW and gain switch fully CCW is 40dB. Turn down the input fader for less gain. Turn up the gain switch for more gain.

Price: Call or Email for Info


Neumann M30 Microphone System (Vintage)

Neumann M30 Microphone System fully equipped with a M7 Lolipop head, and Jensen Power Supply.

Price: $6,500.00



RCA 88-A Ribbon Microphone (Vintage)

The RCA Type 88-A is a pressure-actuated microphone ideally for general remote pickup use. A unique pivoting stand design and built in XLR connection made these great microphones for easy set up and efficiency. Bob Hope was often seen in photographs using this microphone.  It is in decent condition but could use some work to restore it to its full glory. The front grill has a small dent in it about the size of a dime. and is slightly loose. The XLR cable also has some wire fraying about 2 inches from the connection point of the microphone and should probably be replaced. Owned and used by the famous Indigo Ranch Studios, Sonic Circus now has the privilege to sell this vintage treasure.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 33314A Compressor/Limiter Modules - Racked Pair (Used)

Desert Island Comp/Limiter Modules Custom Racked This is a Neve 33314A racked pair all original very nicely racked with separate power supply. Rack and PSU originally designed by SVT audio. The Neve 33314A is a broadcast size module (same size as the 33114 / 33115 Pre/EQ). The circuit is similar to the Neve 32264a and/or Neve 33609 and is considered one of the nicest solid state compressor/limiters ever built. The compressor section features a fast attack and also allows for an adjustable release. This module has a low-distortion limiter that sounds close to invisible. Sounds great on guitar, drum, and vocals but can be used on a wide variety of tracking applications.

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Studer A827 Gold Edition 2” 24 Track Analog Recorder (Vintage)

This is one of the final late 90’s last production run of 100 Studer A827’s. The Gold Editions commemorated founder Willi Studer.  His finely crafted Swiss multitrack machines changed the world of recording.  From the famous Tube 4 Track J37 used by the Beatles all the way up to the late 90’s, Studer never compromised quality and craftsmanship. The last run of A827’s were distinguishable by the signature nameplate, gold transport and black wooden trim.  The original list price was $58,000. All of the machines were hand made in Switzerland and this final run represented the end of the magnetic recording machine production era, and the inevitable take over of the digital recording boom.  Today young musicians and producers are learning.  The legacy of the most significant records that changed music history from the 50’s through the 90’s were all likely tracked and mixed with a console, tape recorder.

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