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Rupert Neve 5088 Custom Harmonyville 16 - pre-owned

Custom Designed Analog Mixer Rupert Neve 5088 Harmonyville Custom Shop console.  Rare Opportunity to own a pre-owned custom Neve ready to rock.

Price: Call or Email


Neve VR36

Large Format Analog Recording Console Loaded 36 inline 72 faders on mixdown 
Plasma Meters 
Flying Fader moving fader automation 
Total Recall Power Supplies 

This is a small frame large format mixing console rarely available in a compact frame size.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 5315 Vintage 24 Channel Recording Console

Fully Class A/B Discrete Vintage Neve 5315 Circa 1978

24 33115 3 Band EQ/Pre with Lo Pass filter 
All discrete transistor amps BA440 and BA438
4 Bus 
4 Aux Sends selectable Pre- Post 
33415 Channel Amplifiers 
Fully recapped 2014 
Includes Bantam TT Patchbays

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve 8232

Classic Neve 8232 recording console in excellent condition.

All functions are assignable to either the channel or mix path. There are mutes and solos on both paths. Routing to 24 mix busses as well as the quad mix buss. All outputs from the console are fed by the big and heavy torroidal transformers. This was a very expensive option from Neve; absolutely critical in the comparable sonic footprint (big-ass bottom) of previous generations of Neve desks. 

Panning includes left/right and front/back on 2 pots. 

The mix buss can be used as front and rear stereo or as 2 stereo sub- masters feeding a single stereo master. Every buss on the console has balanced inserts for external processing. The 24 buss routing is done via an illuminated matrix from either below each fader or from the center section. These assignments are stored as templates for recall. To avoid any problem with the matrix; just change the memory battery every 3 years. 

Additional modification allows for 32 extra line inputs to appear on the small (upper) faders during mixdown. This is not a stock option from Neve. Full tt patchbay on left hand side above the producer desk. 

Console is in fantastic working order and available for live demo in Florida. You can actually come hear what you're buying!  

Dimensions: 96" wide x 50" high x 48" deep

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SSL 9080J

SSL 9080J Loaded 80

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SSL 9080J - 1997

SSL 9080J Loaded 80 
Circa 1997 Inline large format mixing console

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Trident Series 80B with Uptown 990 Moving Fader Automation

Vintage Trident 80B Recording Console 
30 x 24 x 24 Channel Frame Fully Loaded 

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


API 1608 Console

16 Channel Discrete Analog Console API 1608 All-Discrete Sidecar! Like its vintage predecessor, the now rare API 1604 desk of the seventies, the new 1608 is packed full of API 2520 discrete circuits. Now API has advanced the 16-channel design, expanding the routing to eight buss, with eight additional line-ins/returns, and patching capabilities galore. The1604 features full metering and a comprehensive center-section, along with an expander option that will allow 32 channels mixing. 

Price: $52,400.00



Rupert Neve Designs 5088 16 Channel Loaded Console

Rupert Neve 5088 
16 Channel Loaded Console
  • 16 Channel Main Frame
  • 25 Position Penthouse
  • 8 x 5032 Single Channel 3 Band EQ Mic Pre
  • 8 x 5033 5-BAND MONO EQ
  • 2 x 5043 2 Channel Compressor 
  • 1 x 5042 2-Ch ''True Tape'' Emulation / Line Driver

Price: $79,382.00



Neumann SP 272 Mastering Console (Vintage)

Very Rare Georg Neumann Mastering/Transfer Console
  • Georg Neumann GMBH SP272 Mastering/Transfer Console
  • NTP Gain Reduction Meters
  • Neumann Q-1501 Phase Meter
  • RTW peak program meter
  • NTP Compressor Amplifies 179-120 x 2
  • Neumann RV72 Console Attenuators x 2
  •  for preview and modulation paths of lacquer cutting signal. Half dB steps from -10 to +10 dB. Continuously variable from -10 dB to - infinity. Mu metal enclosure
  • Neumann PEV-B Passive Equalizers x 2 
  • ATW Switching Throughout
  • Integral 52 Point 1/4” Patchbay x 2
  • Comprehensive XLR and DB25 rear patching system
  • 4 Way Monitor Selector
  • NS-66 Cards x 4
  • TN 15 Card
  • Onboard PSU
  • Neumann Factory Ashtray

Price: $18,500.00



Amek Media 51 48-Ch Recording Console (Used)

Supertrue Automation including Virtual Dynamics, Recall, Visual FX
  • Mic Pre by Mr. Rupert Neve, 0 TO +66 dBu gain
  • 4 band Equaliser, fully parametric mids, swept HF & LF with peak shelf switching by Mr. Rupert Neve
  • Swept high and low pass filters by Mr. Rupert Neve
  • 8 aux send busses
  • Stereo solo system
  • Soft mutes on both signal paths
  • Multiformat mixing up to 5.1
  • Monitoring up to 7.1
  • Monitoring for up to 4 external stem mixes (individually or additive)
  • 10 speaker outputs
  • Encoder/decoder inserts
  • Supertrue™ automation 
  • Virtual Dynamics switchable between paths
  • Recall
  • Extensive machine control 
  • Visual FX
  • Optional stereo input modules with full EQ
  • Optional Joystick Panel
  • 31 segment led bargraphs and 6 master VU meters

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Neve VR60 Recording Console (Used)

Large Format Recording Console with Flying Faders Automation The VRs were the studio workhorses of the 90s, and they still sound great. The VR modules feature warm and deep EQs, outstanding compression and gating, and an extensive routing matrix to get your signals to your tape machine or DAW.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SSL AWS 948 Recording Console (Used)

Analog Console/DAW Controller Here’s a chance to get real SSL sound and style into your control room . With the AWS 948 you can shape your sounds with the E or G style SSL EQ, and control your DAW tracks  - all on the same surface. Automate your mix with the onboard automation, or use your DAW automation to control the analog faders. If you have SSL experience or if you always wanted to work on one - this AWS 948 is for you. 

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


SSL Duality 48 Channel Console (Used)

48 Channel Analog Console / DAW Controller - Fully analog large-format console with digital audio workstation integration and control This 48 channel SSL Duality comes from a well maintained studio where it has served as the main mixing console. With 48 channels of long fader DAW control, combined with SSL EQ and dynamics, this console is ready to be the centerpiece of a spectacular mix room.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Midas M32 Digital Live/Recording Console - Pre-Order

40 Input Channels, 32 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers and 25 Mix Buses Midas’ goal for M32 was to combine the best of classic British console designs with advanced modern technology to completely redefine what a medium-format live console can offer. Midas began the industrial design process by drawing inspiration from a somewhat unexpected source - the luxury and high-performance car industry. 

Pre-Orders for this console are now being accepted and will be shipping once the item is available from Midas. 

Price: $4,999.00



API The Box Recording Console

Small Format Modular Recording/Mixing Console Building on API's rich heritage of extremely high-quality recording consoles, THE BOX is a small-format recording/mixing console designed for professional project studios, home studios, and production facilities of all kinds. Optimized for the digital era, API THE BOX handles all the functions needed for production not provided by most DAWs, including mic preamps, input signal processing, high-quality mix bus, cue sends with talkback, monitor control, and more, without the redundant capacities of larger consoles. Most importantly, THE BOX provides the legendary "all discrete" API sound in an efficient, cost-effective package.

Price: $14,995.00



Tree Audio Roots Console - 16-Channel

16 Channels/2 Buss Tube Hybrid Console Tree Audio has just released its 16-Channel Tube Hybrid Recording Console. Each channel features all tube EQ and Limiter, as well as Mic Pre, Filter, and Metering. Direct inputs in the rear of the console make signal flow a breeze. True tube analog sound.

Price: $45,000.00



Ocean Audio The Ark Fully Modular 500 Series Console

16/8/2 Console w/40 Empty Slots for 500 Series Modules Ocean Audio The Ark is the first analogue recording console that has been designed completely with 500-series modules in mind. The standard 16 input frame accommodates and supports up to 40 (!!) 500-series modules. This means you can have a complete mix (pun intended) of your favorite 500-series modules in any combination you like.

Price: $19,800.00



Langevin Tube Recording Console (Vintage)

Extremely Rare Tube Recording Console This is an extremely rare Langevin Tube Recording Console. Langevin Manufacturing Corporation was founded by Carl Langevin shortly after the disbanding, of the sound division, of Western Electric into Altec. Carl Langevin departed from Western Electric at roughly the same time as James Lansing. 
The name, Langevin, is held today by Manley Laboratories - a producer of some of the finest recording equipment.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info


Electrodyne 1970's 2000 Recording Console (Vintage)

Rare Vintage Recording Console Early 70's Electrodyne 2000 Recording Console Loaded with...10 black 710's, 6 black 711's, 5 - white 711's, 3 - 712's. If you have ever listened to Beach Boys, Motown, Sly And The Family Stone, ZZ Top, or David Bowie, then you know the sound of Electrodyne. The console has been well-maintained and a lot of work has been done to keep it in good working condition and make it “musician-friendly”. Some choice mods have been done to improve on original functionality and ease of installation. Included in the sale is a custom patchbay that features a 24 input XLR microphone panel that directly feeds the mic preamps, and an ELCO panel for easy switching between DAW and Analog recorders. The Mic Pre's have their own distinct sound compared to Neve and API. What really kills everyone when it comes to Edyne are the EQ's which are super Pultec.

Price: Call or Email for Price and Info