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The G14-S is a passive stereo equalizer, equipped with two different topologies for makeup gain and interfacing.

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Neve 3104 Modules 3 Band EQ/Pre (Vintage) Class A/B Features: Gain: -90db range: +10dB to -80dB in 5dB steps HF: 15, 10, 6.8, 4.7, 3.3 kHz MF: 8k2, 3k9, 1k8, 1k2, 820, 560, 390, 270 Hz LF: 330, 180, 100, 56, 33 Hz HPF: 270, 150, 82, 47, 27 Hz HPF: 3.9, 5.6, 8.2, 12, [...]


Rupert Neve Designs Rupert Neve Designs 5059 Satellite 16×2+2 (New old stock) NOS Comes with full warranty, white faceplate model Built around many of the topologies and custom transformers made famous with the 5088 mixer and Portico II Series, the 5059 is designed to deliver the ultimate “out of the box” sonics and ergonomics in [...]

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Helios 0011 Type 69 Vintage Originals 3 Band Mic Pre/EQ rack of 8. Olympic Type 69 Series EQ as used by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Bowie. The EQ imparts colorful tonality, and is anything but neutral. Yet it can be pushed to its most extreme boost settings while retaining openness [...]

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Chandler Limited TG1 Limiter Dual Mono / Stereo Compressor / Limiter with Transformer Balanced I/O’s – an Authentic Recreation of the Late ’60s Classic EMI TG12413 Limiter! The Chandler Limited TG1 is a recreation of the classic EMI TG12413 Limiter used in custom EMI and Abbey Road recording and mastering consoles from the late ’60s. [...]

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Neve 8014 Circa 1970 (Vintage) Recording Console Rare opportunity! Includes 16 original Neve 1073’s 1 x 2254E Compressor expanded to 16 monitors on large faders and modified for selectable phantom power on individual inputs.  Serious inquiries only please. 16/4/16 SPLIT MONITOR inputs 16 x 1073 Vintage all original channel amp 1 x 2254/A comp/lim 16 [...]


Turn-Key Audio Post Equipment Package For Sale! Rare opportunity to purchase a full 2 room audio post equipment package.  Features include a pristine Meyer Acheron surround system, Avid Console, Mac/HDX2 System, Furniture, Acoustical Panels, Screen, ADR set up.  Everything you need to set up 2 post rooms quickly.  All equipment was purchased between 2013 and [...]

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SSL 4064 G+ Ultimation analog console Total Recall Left Hand Patchbay, VU Meters (LED) Loaded with 56 Ultimation channels (28 242 EQ’s and 28 292 EQ’s (16 modded to 242 EQ’s) 8 E series Channels (6 Black and 2 Brown EQ) Including Atomic power supply S2  


 Rupert Neve 5088 16 (Used) Class A Analog High Voltage console with 25 way penthouse and Meterbridge Just in on a trade in. This console is loaded with the classic Portico Series modules that include the following: 8 x 5032 Mic Pre/EQ, 8 x 5015 Mic Pre Compressor, 1 x 5043 Stereo Compressors giving you a [...]

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Custom Vintage Neve BCM-20 Full frame off restoration expanded and modified vintage Neve BCM10 • 20 Mic Inputs • 26 Line Returns • 2 Bus • 2 Aux Sends (ch 1-10) • 1 Aux Send (ch 11-20) • Channel Inserts (ch 11-20) • Transformer Direct Outputs on all channels Components 18) Neve 1073 CV Modules [...]


24 channels, 32 monitors, 6 bus analog console with DAW Center Section, Powerbar PSU and Exquisite Trim. 8 additional monitors (Assignable to mix bus) Control Room Monitor for monitoring six stereo sources. VU Metering.

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Features of 128 Input Channels and 64 Aux / Sub-Group Busses with LR/LCR/LCRS/5.1 Master Buss.

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API Legacy AXS Discrete Console with DAW Center section and Final Touch Moving Fader Automation 32         Channel wired mainframe, with VU meter bridge, I/O to Elco, Power Supplies, Bolster, and American Cherry wood top and side trim 32         968 Discrete Dual Input Module 32         624 Bus Assign Module 28         550A Discrete Equalizer Module 4         560 [...]

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Powerful 2-channel compressor/limiter/stereo field manipulator and side-chain inputs with high-pass filters for both compressors.


Burl Audio B80 Mothership Digilink 24 x 24 Demo Today! Ever wondered if spending $15K on a 24 channel converter was worth it?  Well it is.  In our studio at Sonic Circus we have the privilege of recording on the best consoles on the planet.  Helios, Neve, Rupert Neve, API.  When we added the Burl [...]


The 5254 Dual Diode Bridge Compressor to capture the soul of these coveted compressors while providing modern updates, including advanced timing control, significantly lower noise, fully stepped controls throughout, higher voltage power rails, and internal parallel processing capabilities.


Hiwatt’s ‘Next Generation’ amplifier with 2 X EL34 Output Valves and 4 X ECC83 Preamp Valves (4 gain stages)


Pro Tools | Carbon is a new breed of audio interface-a hybrid audio production system built to capture brilliance.


Stereo analog meters to show input level /output level and gain reduction.


Complete Pro Tools System with Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual License, HDX Core PCIe Card, MTRX Studio Audio Interface, Thunderbolt 3 Desktop Chassis, and Thunderbolt 3 Cable


Undertone Audio Unfairchild 670M II 2-Channel Tube Compressor / Limiter.


The Upton 251 microphone is a condenser microphone based on the classic Telefunken Ela M 251 which was produced by AKG from around 1960 to 1965.

MSRP: $1,499.99

Since delivery in September 2018, Starbirds have found homes worldwide in motion picture and recording studios, sound stages, and location sites

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