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MSRP: $89.99

LED Lamp with 18'' Gooseneck Shaft and Rotatable Right-Angled 4 Pin XLR Connector


Dual Port AES50 Repeater with up to 100 meter range

MSRP: $1,049.99

Dual 30 Band, 1/3 Octave Analogue Graphic Equalizer with Enhanced Proportional-Q Response and Four-Band Filtering, 3U Rack Space


12 Input, 48 Output Active Microphone Splitter with Fully Transformer Balanced Outputs and Dual Redundant Power Supplies


Dual Network Bridge Format Converter with up to 64 Bidirectional Channels and Asynchronous Sample Rate Conversion


Audinate Dante Network Module with up to 64 Bidirectional Channels

MSRP: $449.99

Classic Tube Equalizer with Switchable Frequency Selection, Variable Bandwidth and Custom-Built MIDAS Transformers

MSRP: $599.99

Classic FET-Style Compressor with Class-A Line Level Amplifier and MIDAS Transformers


Audinate Dante Expansion Module with up to 32 Bidirectional Channels


Dual port AES50 network module with up to 48 bidirectional channels @ 48 kHz and 96 kHz


DSP Processor for Install with Configurable DSP, Audio Networking and Acoustic Echo Cancellation


ADAT Expansion Module with up to 32 Record/Playback Channels

MSRP: $224.99

Active Stereo DI Box with Extended Dynamic Range and Sum/Split Options


8 Port AES50 Extender and Multiplexer with up to 1000 Metre Range. (Price is for one unit. Two units required for operation.)


Includes 2M CAT5e cable x 1 and 2M USB cable x 1 with BNC/EtherCON connectors and compatible with all consoles.


Includes: 2M CAT5e cable x 1 and 2M USB cable x 1 with BNC/EtherCON connectors and compatible with all consoles.

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The X-800 houses two Meyer Sound longexcursion 18-inch drivers in a tuned, vented cabinet.

Call for Price

Want blazing definition accuracy in a freestanding self powered main studio monitor system?  You won't believe these!  What, for under $20K?

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The self-powered Acheron LF with dual 15-inch drivers boosts the headroom on the LCR channels be converting each Acheron loudspeaker to a system with three low-frequency drivers in an aligned column.

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At the heart of Meyer Sound's EXP line of cinema products are the Acheron high-performance screen channel loudspeakers.


Surface with 36 Faders with up to 132 input channels with 218 EQ's and Multiband Compressors, 24 x 24 Matrix, LR/LCR/LCRS/5.1 Master Busses, 56 aux/sub group 24 digital FX

MSRP: $22,670.00

SD9 Control Surface with 24 Faders with up to 96 input channels with 155 Dynamic EQ's and Multiband Compressors, 12 x 8 Matrix, LR/LCR Master Busses, up to 48 aux/sub group 12 digital FX


Features 120 Input Channels, 48 Aux / Sub-Group Busses, LR/LCR/LCRS Master Buss, 16 x 16 Full Processing Matrix, 190 Dynamic Equalizers with 48/96kHz Sample Rate


Surface with 38 Faders with up to 253 input channels with 256 Dynamic EQ's and Multiband Compressors, 48 x 48 Matrix, LR/LCR/5.1 Master Busses, 128 aux/sub group 48 digital FX. 48/96/192 kHz


Features 253 Input Channels, 128 Aux / Sub-Group Busses, LR/LCR/5.1 Master Buss, 24 x 24 Full Processing Matrix, and 253 Dynamic Equalizers.


SuperCardioid Hand-Held Condenser Mic, Nickel Finish.

MSRP: $309.95

Handheld Condenser Microphone with Supercardioid Pattern.

MSRP: $129.00 - $319.00

Dynamic Cardioid Handheld Vocal Mic

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