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MSRP: $2,464.00

Speaker Cabinet - Red Walnut

Out of stock
MSRP: $2,450.00

50-Watt Single SLO Overdrive Channel Guitar Head with Effects Loop

MSRP: $2,540.00

100W, 2 Channel, Tube Guitar Amp Head with 3 Modes, Reverb, Effects Loops, MIDI Switching, Line Out, and Programmable Footswitch

MSRP: $2,399.00

Inverter Guitar Amps and Speaker Cabinets

MSRP: $2,774.00

The Shiva is a masterful study of refined elegance, providing the synergy of one's heart and hands.

MSRP: $2,399.00

A power amp dampening control was added located on the back panel. This control labeled Excursion is great to dial in a full sound at low volumes or adjust the right balanced bass to a cabinet. Be careful as this can add massive bottom to your sound which might overpower other frequencies and cover up an overall balanced sound. Best to keep low at higher volumes.

MSRP: $2,385.00

Chandler Limited's GAV19T is an all-tube, 19-watt guitar amp in the vein of such vintage English classics as Selmer, Watkins, Marshall and Vox.

MSRP: $2,519.99

Padded Input, ¼" and Neutrik Speakon Outputs, Complete Tube Protection, User Bias Adjustment.

MSRP: $2,299.00

Tube Bass Amp

MSRP: $2,179.00

Bass Equipment

MSRP: $1,995.00

Speaker Cabinet - Black

MSRP: $2,169.99

1/4" and Neutrik Speakon Outputs, Input Peak LED, Defeatable Optocoupler Limiters, Variable Internal 24 dB/Octave Crossover, Variable 0 - 7:1 Compressor.

MSRP: $1,999.00

Demeter Tube Bass Preamp/Power Amp

MSRP: $1,994.00

Speaker Cabinet - Oak

MSRP: $1,900.00

Power Amp/ Preamp for Bass

MSRP: $1,820.00

Custom Series Tube Amp Combo: 30 watt, 2x12" Combo Amp with Celestian "Blue" Alnico Speakers

MSRP: $1,795.00

The Leslie Studio 12. It is the same size and weight as the popular G37 Guitar Leslie with which it shares a common cabinet. Keyboard players have asked for an ultra-portable Leslie that had a true Leslie Horn and Rotor, and Hammond has delivered their wish.

MSRP: $1,800.00

100W 4x12" Slant Speaker Cabinet Loaded with Celestion Greenback G12M-25 Speakers

MSRP: $1,800.00

100W, 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Loaded with Celestion G12M Greenbacks

MSRP: $1,800.00

100W, 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Loaded with Celestion G12M Greenbacks

MSRP: $1,749.99

Heavy-duty Poplar ply enclosure, Infinite Baffle design adds punch, 1/4" and Neutrik® Speakon jacks, Rugged recessed wheels and skid rails, Ampeg AV fit and finish.

MSRP: $1,579.00

37-Note Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer - Limited Edition Robert Moog Tribute

MSRP: $1,540.00

Custom Series Combo Tube Amp: 15 watt, 2x12" Combo

MSRP: $1,495.00

Speaker Cabinet - Black

MSRP: $1,539.99

Tube Drive Control, 1/4" and Neutrik Speakon® Outputs, Input Peak LED, Input Pad and Bright Switch, Mute Switch and Tuner Out.

MSRP: $1,399.99

Tilt Back Handle Bar, 1/4” and Neutrik Speakon® Jacks, Variable HF “L-Pad”, Poplar Ply, 3” Dolly-Style Casters, Skid rails.

MSRP: $1,300.00

300W, 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Loaded with Celestion G12T-75 Speakers

MSRP: $1,300.00

300W, 4x12 Angled Guitar Speaker Cabinet, Loaded with Celestion G12T-75 Speakers

MSRP: $1,195.00

All-Tube Bass Preamp

MSRP: $1,119.99

Boasts a premium JJ 12AX7 that feeds the weight-defying Class-D power section.

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