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Call for Price

Classic early 80’s mono studio delay. Capable of some lush sounds and unique textures. Mono in Delay A and B out. VCO, LFO, 800HZ-20K Filter.  The Prime Time features a modulation section with a sine and square wave LFO or external envelope following. This allows for extensive flange, chorus and detuning effects. The modulation is [...]

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Reverb and Multi Effects Processor


Digital Reverb & Effects ProcessorReverbs, Spatial effects,  Multi Effects, Modulation and Delays, a true classic. 

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Classic Optical Limiting Amplifiers


Compressor, Limiter, Expander


Analog Rackmount De-essers


Stereo Power Amplifier


Noise/Gate Expander


Noise/Gate Expander

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Discrete Stereo Compressor “Thrust” highpass filter before RMS detector, Feedback/Feed Forward, Dual Mono Linkable, 2520 Op Amp Design.


Features, Ratio Range from 1:1 to LIMIT, Threshold, Attack Time, Release / Recovery Time, Stereo Operation, Composite Operation, Ducking, Meters.


Series II 80w Guitar Amp Head


Dynamic Handheld Cardioid Microphone with Interchangeable Gold, Silver Matte and Black headgrilles included.


Get going with Pro Tools HD!

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Vintage Gibson Combo Amp


Stereo Broadcast Delay


Real Time Phase Monitoring



4channel Headphone Amp with EQ, PaMix, Aux Input, and Level Meter on Each Channel

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with 8-Analog I/O + 8-AES/Optical I/O + 2-Ch S/PDIF


Pressure Gradient Ribbon Microphone with Active Electronics, Figure-8 Polar Pattern and 20 Hz to 25 kHz Frequency Response

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4 Channel Mic pre DI

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