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Sony/MCI JH24 2″ 24 Track Recorder w/ ALIII The JH-24 is probably one of the most popular multi-track tape recorders of the analog era. The machine is widely praised for its clean and punchy sonic character. The JH-24 transport features all DC motors for superior speed and tension control. There is a touch activated shuttle [...]


3M 2″ 24 Track Head Assembly #2 (Vintage) For 3M M79 2″ Recorder


3M 2″ 24 Track Butterfly Headstack (Vintage) For 3M M79 2″ Machine

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Ampex ATR 102 1/2″ 2 Track (Vintage) Includes Flight Case

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MCI/Mara JH24 2″ 24 Track This is the machine that sent other tape machine manufacturers packing. It’s the workhorse 2″ 24-Track with all the “modern” features. Great sounding and a track count that will allow you to stay on tape for the entire project. This is the same machine we use at Welcome to 1979 day in [...]


MCI Mara JH110 1/2″ 2 Track Features: Totally restored Relapped Heads Comes aligned for ATR Tape at 15 & 30 IPS Repainted deck Wide-track format XLR I/O Operates at 7.5, 15, and 30 ips Dimensions: Low Profile: 25″ wide, 24″ deep, 36″ high. 180 Lbs

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