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EV Sentry 8″ 100A Speaker


CTS 12″ Speaker (Vintage) 1960’s Alnico used in Fender’s Amp etc…

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Altec 604-8G Speaker (Vintage) Tested and fully functional

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Altec 604-8G For Parts Horn works, Low Freq driver doesn’t pass audio


JBL K130 15″ Speaker #2 (Vintage)


JBL K130 15″ Speaker (Vintage)


Audio Accessories 96 Point Euphonix Elco TT Patchbay


Digidesign Pro Control now fully upgradable to Pro Tools 12 with Thanks to Neyrinck and its V-Control Pro 2.3 software, not only are these compatible with the latest versions of Pro Tools again (11,12, 2018 and 2019) but, for the first time, they also work with the Logic Pro X, Cubase and Nuendo DAWs.


3M 2″ 24 Track Head Assembly #2 (Vintage) For 3M M79 2″ Recorder


3M 2″ 24 Track Butterfly Headstack (Vintage) For 3M M79 2″ Machine


TAD 18″ Subwoofer Pair


Mac Pro Towers (Lot of 4) and one G5


Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro Tested and working

Out of stock

Revox A77 Lot of 2 for Parts or Repair Sold “as is”


Roberts 330 1/4″ 2 Track Analog Recorder for Parts No Tubes installed. Sold “as is”


Akai Roberts 2 Track For Parts.  Transport only, no electronics.  Sold “as is”