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A Digico D-series AVIOM card D-16c A-Net (16 Ch. Mono/8 St)-CAT5e Note:

  • Occupies two output slots. Replaces D-rack 8ch line outputs.
  • Includes D-RACK-DAC metal plate to mount in second D Rack
  • **This card runs@ 48kHz. Session needs to run at 48kHz.


A Digico D series 4 AES/EBU (8 Channel Outputs)


A Digico D series 8 Channel Analog Output Card


A Digico D series 8 Channel AES Input Card

From: $6,773.79

Stage Rack, 32 inputs, 8 line output and 8 outputs that can be selected as either analogue or AES (expandable to 16 Outputs)