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Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor Matched Pair The Germanium series continues with the GERMANIUM Compressor. The Germ Comp starts with the same all class A amp found in the Germ Pre and Tone Control and is transformer balanced in and out. The compression circuit uses an FET gain reduction element but with the tricks and flexibility [...]

MSRP: $1,265.00

Single Channel Vintage Style Mic Preamp and Instrument DI with Germanium Transistors, Unique Feedback Circuit, and Pad and Thick Switches

MSRP: $1,765.00
This product has been discontinued.

Single Channel Vintage Style EQ with Germanium Transistors and Feedback Control

MSRP: $1,765.00

Single Channel Vintage Style FET Compressor with Germanium Amp, Wet/Dry Mix Control, Feedback Control, Comp Curve and Link, and Hardwire Bypass

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