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The S360A's fusion of main monitor performance and compact size makes it perfect for demanding film, post and music production, and in combination with a subwoofer, the S360A satisfies the demands of EDM playback or Dolby film mixing even in rooms where the listening distance exceeds 10 metres (33 feet).

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Built to exceed expectations at the highest levels, the 1234A smart active studio monitor is the trusted choice of professionals, with a feature set to match.

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The 1234AC is a smart main studio monitor for use in demanding film and post production work, where perf screen or hi-res LED displays are employed.

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The 1235A brings the sound and heritage of the iconic 1035 into the modern recording age. High SPL capability and precise imaging come together in a main monitor that adapts to your room.


The Spectra 1964 model V610 is a required addition to any mastering suite. In many mastering signal chain configurations, the V610 is used as the first device, as a peak limiter. The result is dramatic and measurable.


50 years ago WIlliam G. Dilley introduced the world to his revolutionary new dynamics processor, the Model 610 Complimiter. A truly unique device, the Model 610 was not only the fastest, cleanest and quietest of it's type, but was also capable of providing completely separate peak-limiting and compression functions.


The STX 100 represents an affordable alternative for employing the same Spectra Sonics technology of our famous recording desks made over 40 years ago. The unique circuit topology of the STX 100 utilizes a 100 series discrete preamplifier design that was at the heart of every console built by the company. The result is unequaled performance in terms of expanded dynamic range (headroom), low noise and distortion, as well as extended harmonic content of the amplified signal.


The design of the STX 600 uses the same input section as the C610 and V610 Complimiters. The input section, (top knob), allows for quick setup for use as a limiter, limiter/compressor, or mild to moderate compression, (10:1). The output section, (bottom knob), allows for gain control for both compression compensation, and or microphone level adjustment.


The STX 100D is the latest product to be available from Spectra 1964. Based on the Spectra Sonics console design and development from 1964 through 1971, the 100D features an all-discrete topology using two 101 amplifier modules and US-made input and output transformers, packaged in a single space 500 series lunch box format. Without compromising performance, the 101's were reduced in physical size by over 75% to fit the 500 series lunchbox.


For years, customers have sought the perfect DI to accompany the renowned 610 series Complimiters. While our options were limited, we understood the challenges posed by reactive impedance variations caused by transformers. Depending on frequencies and source impedance, these variations can alter the instrument's sound for better or worse. This often leads to dissatisfaction and the need for extensive plug-ins to achieve the desired outcome.


The BB-DI 2CH is designed to provide accurate reproduction of keyboard and guitar source signals. The unique combination of a high-quality transformer/discrete components adds minimal "color," extremely low distortion, and extended bandwidth, 20hz to 20kHz


HUM Audio Devices RS-2 is extraordinary, complete recording system with sound and features never before found in any of the top class ribbon mics.

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N-Trophy is a fully discrete, modular analog in-line console designed to become the heart of a modern analog or hybrid studio, where sound quality and fast, creative work is a key. Where you don't want to be overwhelmed by increasingly complex technology, but focus on the art itself.


Classic Tube EQ with enhanced mastering controls


Classic Tube EQ -2U version of the 3U EQP-1A - Save some rack space keep the Mojo!


Classic Tube EQ - 2 RU version of the 3 RU EQP-1A


Classic Tube Program Equalizer


3 RU Tube EQ with Modified modified low-frequency boost/atten response curves


Classic Pultec single-channel two-band passive program equalizer in a 3U rack-mount chassis

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While simultaneously offering state-of-the-art components and showcasing the possibilities of modern technology, each and every Amethyst is carefully hand-made by our senior craftsmen and thoroughly tested until there are absolutely no doubts about the end result!

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Capture every detail of your sound with the new JZ BT202 microphone. Whether you're recording acoustic instruments, drums or piano, this small diaphragm condenser microphone delivers exceptional clarity and accuracy.