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Experience mixing, mastering, and home listening with unparalleled accuracy and realism in a sound field.

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In it's 12th year of production, the L2M is an optical limiter based on classic designs of the early 1960s and is the beneficiary of many significant improvements, representing what a truly refined optical limiter can be.

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The OS1 was developed around the 6SN7 vacuum tube. The 6SN7 was developed in 1939 and, over the years, has become my personal favorite and often considered king of the general-purpose audio triodes.

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The Requisite SR71 is a no compromise studio loudspeaker designed for recording professionals requiring highest-quality audio reproduction in a small format nearfied reference monitor.


The Requisite L7 is a 9-pattern, directly coupled condenser microphone capable of 32dB you balanced output.