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KLANG:technologies offers a new and unique concert experience to musicians all over the world. They believe that musicians who feel comfortable on stage with their monitoring sound are able to perform better and connect with the band and audience more easily and freely.

In-ear monitoring, a phenomenon which spread widely over the past decades, is a huge step in this direction. Musicians still hesitate to make the switch from wedges to in-ears – they are troubled with an unnatural sound, missing transparency, auditory fatigue and disorientation.

With their Immersive In-Ear Mixing technology, they are striving to overcome those last obstacles on the way to a perfect monitoring sound. They want to bring back the naturalness in hearing for the musician on stage – the feeling, as if you are not wearing any in-ears at all.


3D Binaural In-ear Monitor Mix Solution with 16 Analog Outputs, 64 x 64 Dante Interface, 32 x 32 ADAT Interface, and Control App


3D Binaural In-ear Monitor Mix Processor with 64 x 64 Dante Interface, 64 x 64 MADI Interface, and Control App


KLANG:vier supports individual immersive in-ear mixes for 5 musicians. Plug your headphones or in-ears directly into the four high-end stereo headphone amps during rehearsal or use the DB-25 break-out interface to connect your wireless transmitters on stage.

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KLANG:fabrik is the core of our monitoring solution. It combines the latest and finest HD audio algorithms with a multitude of flexible audio interfaces (MADI, Dante, compatible to ADAT) in order to work with professional mixing desks and stage boxes of any kind. Up to 16 musicians receive their individual 3D mixes with one KLANG:fabrik. If your band needs more mixes, simply daisy-chain multiple devices.

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Features 2-in-1, 4 headphone outputs, Dante with 8 channel input, Volume regulation and Compact Case.

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Features Digital I/O with powerful routing options: Dante | AES67 | MADI | ADAT comp, Up to 16 musicians per Klang Fabrik and 56 input channels.

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Features Up to 5 musicians per Klang Vier, Digital inputs, Digital outputs and Optical inputs to Dante | AES67 converter.

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Features 8 channel XLR Dante Breakout Box, 4 stereo headphone monitor outputs, Volume control and 1 rack unit.