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Little Labs

Since 1988 Little Labs has created audio tools for use in the pro audio industry, to aid the audio engineer in their quest for sonic pleasure for themselves and their clients.

Little Labs products specialize in addressing previously un-addressed audio applications, empowering the audio engineer with new tools, allowing new techniques to explore deeper into the control of sound.


The Pepper, Pedal / Pro / Instrument Blender Direct Box / Re-Amp

MSRP: $400.00

Balanced Attenuator Pack W/ 8 rotary balanced faders, db25 standard analog I/O, Stereo or mono selectable, Passive 5k ohm impedance, Post mic pre attenuation, Stepped volume controls.


Analog Bass Resonance Tool


Direct Box/Re-amp Box


One-in Three-out 4 to -10 Line Splitter, D.I. and Distribution Box with Three 4 dB Balanced Rear Inputs - REV 3.0


Analog Phase Alignment Tool

MSRP: $630.00

Analog Phase Alignment Tool