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Review Magnatone Varsity Reverb 1×12″ 15-Watt Tube Combo Amp

Sonic Circus recently signed on as Magnatone dealers .  We wanted to demo the reissues as we have an entire collection of vintage Magnatones that are a staple here in the studio so we got in this Varsity first to take it for a spin.  First thing we noticed was the attention to the build quality.  Its excellent.  The amp comes with a beautiful handmade cover and the hang tag shows you the frequency response of the Eq’s.  Nice touch.  There is a speaker out and a 6db boost that can be operated with the 2 way foot switch (along with the reverb).  All the detailing, tolex paint and screening is beautiful.  There is a small ding in this B Stock on the top front (see photo) but it won’t be the last ding this amp will see LOL.  Plugged it in and WOW.  The amp is voiced beautifully!  With a 59 Strat the amp is rounder sounding than my 65 Princeton.  It doesn’t get piercing and seems to roll off the highs right where it should.  Out of curiosity I put it on a 4 x 12 Marshall cab and used the extension speaker out for a rehearsal with a pretty loud drum/B3 organ trio rehearsal and the amp cut up an over the drums well.  The +6dB boost was really helpful when things got rowdy. Still trying to figure out how a 15 Watt amp with EL84’s can cut like that.  But because the way the amp is voicedI wasn’t fumbling around with tone settings.  The low end never got flubby, It just sat nice in the natural mix in the room.  Don’t be fooled this is not exclusively a Billy Gibbons style raucous guitar tone. (Although it does that too!) We will be reviewing the Twilighter 2 x 12″ next when that arrives.  Looking forward to it.  Keep up the great work Magnatone….

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Our little 15 Watt Varsity 

Here is a crazy color custom Super 59 MKII Head and Cab.  Unleash the beast 



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