A rare bird the Aengus Type 73 Recording Console

“You can weld with this console” according to the late Rich Kaplan. originally modified “Made better” by Deane Jensen. He designed an op-amp specifically for the console, the JE-918.  The console was all Jensen transformers, from the mic pre, to the output transformer in the EQ, to the transformers in the fader amps. The consoles came stock with either Aengus 404 thumbwheel EQ’s or API 550’s. Indigo Ranch was founded by Richard Kaplan and Mike Pinder the keyboard player for the Moody Blues and over the years acquired a gear collection beyond belief.  The names Indigo Ranch and the Moody Blues were inspired by the Duke Ellington tune “Mood Indigo”. When Richard was forced into retirement in 2007 Sonic Circus acquired the collection.  For more information about the Aengus Type 73 Recording console contact us at info@soniccircus.com


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