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Used / Vintage Pro Audio Recording and Studio Equipment

Shop our inventory of vintage & used pro audio studio recording equipment at Sonic Circus! Microphones, interfaces, consoles, tape machines, mixers, outboard gear, musical instruments, live sound, and much more!


Pristine, mastering grade, independently coupled 2in, 6out, AD/DA conversion with digital expansion up to 32×32. Unique touchscreen interface. Forever upgradable, free firmware updates through Future-proof LSlot design with swappable USB, Thunderbolt, and DANTE cards. Real-time meters and analysis tools, hyper-flexible routing and monitor control. Lynx’s class-leading transparent audio quality. One of the best-sounding converters […]

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Serial Number 1, originally installed at Amazon Studios in England. 36 channels. loaded with 32 large faders. 4 band EQ with sweepable Freq. and Q on all 4 bands. Console has been fully rewired, all signal and power has been replaced. Patch-bay has been rebuilt as well. Console is at about 90% restored and only […]

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Modular Synth in Custom Case

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This high-quality limiter was spec’d at 30-15,000 Hz, +/- 1.0 dB. Overall gain was 53 dB max. It’s compression ratio was 20/1 in dB above verge of compression. Operating time was adjustable from .1, .3, 1.0, 3.0 or 10.0 millilseconds. Release time for 90% gain recovery was also adjustable at 1.0, 2.5, or 5.0 seconds. […]


Circa 1950's

MSRP: $13,180.00

32 Channel Discrete summing monster Modified to switch between Jensen or Chandler output transformers

MSRP: $5,040.00

Unleash the beast!


Tubes used in both input channels: Input stage - 6072A, Output stage - 12BH7A

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MSRP: $3,499.00

Mono Tube Opto Compressor

MSRP: $10,995.00

Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone


16-Channel Mastering AD/DA Converter with LT-HD Pro Tools HD Card

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TC Electronic System 6000 Mainframe + TC ICON remote control and cable. 4 stereo machines in one, AES EBU Digital ins-outs (4 stereo pairs). All reverbs licenses, no mastering (which can be added). Active Reverbs : Reverb A (Music), Reverb B (Music), Reverb (Music Sur.), Halls of Fame, Reverb A (Film), Reverb B (Film), Reverb […]


Dual Channel Class-A Tube Compressor with All triode vacuum tube audio path and Stereo Link


Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone PreAmp with Custom-design Jensen Input & Output Transformers


Neve 33115 3 Band Class A/B Discrete Mic Pre/EQ modules.  Excellent with rare Rasta Knobs.

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Rare Neumann F.E.T 70 series mics introduced around 1967 - 1968

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Built For Swedish Radio Circa 1965


B&K 4007 high SPL omni-directional reference mic

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1 year old 16-channel API 1608 Recording Console with Discrete, All-analog Signal Path, with P-Mix Moving Fader/DAW Automation. Still under Warranty! Wont Last.


Used LAVRY Gold DA924 digital-to-analog converter. It is a demonstration unit, in perfect cosmetic condition, which has never left its private “non-smoking” auditorium, and was used only fifty hours … it’s as NEW ! The LavryGold DA924 is a high-end stereo DA converter intended primarily for Mixing and Mastering applications; with balanced professional level XLR […]


Consecutive Serial Numbers.Large diaphragm tube microphone - includes PSU, spider, wind screen, voxlinktube-cable, case


Trident Series 75 fully working and in great condition. 28 in and master section recapped in august 2017 and 24 out (tape return), onboard Patchabys, original manual and schematics. Brand new power supply. 8 Aux Sends/Returns. 48 volt phantom. Phase correlation meter.

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From John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) - 1971 Allotrope Console

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The Studer A80 is the master recorder that is most present in the history of recording: produced from 1970 until 1988 starting with the 1/4 inch mono version, up to the 2 inches 24 tracks. It has inherited the “Legend” of the Studer brand that begun with the C37 with tubes and remained the main […]


8 Channel A to D converter with PEP (Power Equalization Processing) and Cinemag input transformers


Class A discrete JFET 2 Channel Mic Preamp


70dB microphone Preamplifier


48 mono/4 stereo, 8 group busses and 12 aux busses, 8 VCA groups and 8 Mute groups with snapshot automation and MIDI control


Large Diaphragm Multi-pattern Condenser Tube Mic with Shockmount, Power Supply, and Wooden Case