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Gibson SG Standard 1973 Cherry Finish, Bigsby, Mahogany Body, Ebony Fingerboard, Gibson Tuners, Made in USA, Serial #138609

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Gibson ES330TD 1966 (Vintage) Kalamazoo MI,  P90 Pick Ups, Sunburst, Original Hardshell Case, One-piece mahogany set neck with a bound Brazillian rosewood fingerboard, small block pearloid inlays, truss adjustment at the headstock, Kluson Tuners have been replaced with Grovers.  Nice playable C shaped neck, Laminated maple top, back, and sides

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AMS Neve Genesys G96 (96 input, 48 fader) Used Each analogue channel strip features digitally-controlled 1073®preamps with exclusive Marinair® transformers. 16 x 88R/1084 selectable EQ VCA Compressor/Gate/Expander on each channel Includes 64 channels of optional MADI AD/DA converter cards for the Genesys have been pitted against the best names in the business and stood out [...]


SSL AWS 948 Analog Console with Automation and Recall (Used) Used mint condition less than 100 hours of use Total DAW Control for Analog Souls SSL AWS 948 – Solid State Logic (SSL) reinvented the premium, professional production, in-line, analog console by combining classic SSL SuperAnalogue™ console technology with amazing DAW control hardware in a [...]


Audient ASP 4816 Inline Analog Recording Console (Used) One owner clean condition Audient at a great price The ASP4816-SE is an in-line, full analogue recording and mixing console providing everything you’d expect from a large format recording console but in a space-friendly footprint. Designed from the ground up by David Dearden and featuring his legendary [...]

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Westlake BBSM-15 monitor pair Never used in studio or residential environment  Amps: Bryston 4B SST  Bryston 14B SST  With included transport rack  2- Steel stands w/heavy large casters- 900lb rating  With 1 inch industrial rubber sheet  Two 10-foot speaker cables from Westlake matched. 

MSRP: $4,900.00

Super Lead Overdrive Head

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API Legacy AXS 32 Channel loaded 24 x  550A 8 x 560 Graphic 16 x 212L Mic Preamps additional modules available a la – carte Left hand patchbay DAW Center Section Inline Dual Input (100mm Main Fader, 45mm Upper Fader) Final Touch Motorized Fader and Mute Automation Buses and Routing 24 Main Bus 12 Aux [...]


Midas Pro 9 with DL371 (Used) Live Digital Console Control Centre and Audio System Engine with 88 Input Channels, 35 Mix Buses and 96 kHz Sample Rate Product Features Live performance digital console control centre with up to 88 simultaneous input channels Includes DL371PRO9 Audio System Engine with 28.8 Gigaflops digital signal processing performance Fitted [...]

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Rupert Neve 5088 24 Ch Shelford (Custom White) Purchased new in 2018 Includes 8 Channel Mainframe with 16 Channel Expander Meterbridge

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Midas Pro X with 2 x DL231 Stage Box’s Neutron engine With Flightcase   Key Features Control Surface with 2 x 15″ Displays 99 Time-Aligned Bus Masters Color Coded LCD Channel Displays Integrated 3-Way KVM Switch Redundant Power Supplies 168 Channel Inputs at 96 kHz 29 x 100mm Midas Pro Faders Compatible with NEUTRON Audio Systems [...]

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Clean system purchased new 2018 and never used.  System includes 8 x JBL VTX V25II 2 x JBL VTX G28 4 x JBL VTX S25’s 2 x JBL VTX V25 AF Array frames still in boxes 2 x VTX V25-AF-EB VTX V25 ARRAY FRAME EXTENTION BAR’s 2 x Crown I-Tech VRack 4x3500HD: 3 Amps, 12-Channels, Rolling [...]


iZ Radar Studio with Session Controller (Used) purchased new July 2020. RADAR studio is the culmination of 25 years of audio engineering excellence. In addition to its best-in-class sonics, unparalleled build quality, and brilliant simplicity, RADAR studio renders audio PCs and audio interfaces obsolete. Why? Well, because RADAR studio now runs your favorite DAW, natively. [...]


Selectable analog drive paths and active compound release analog limiting.


1970’s designed for the BBC, Beautiful sounding preamp with an amazing 3 band inductor EQ plus a selectable high bass and low pass filter. Comparable in quality to the Neve 33114’s and actually preferred by many. These ones have the discrete amplifier cards B202/205/210. Sowter transformer balanced mic & line level preamplifiers 3-Band inductor based [...]


Mastering Lab Custom Tube Line Amp Pair (Used) Custom tube line amp pair from Sterling Sound NYC.  Price for pair

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Maag Audio EQ4M is a dual-channel 6-band mastering EQ with legendary Air Band in a 19″ rack format. The Maag Audio EQ4M offers more power than its 500-series single-channel variant thanks to its extremely clean +/-18V power rails By running with more power the EQ4M has an extra 2v compared to the EQ4 and therefore [...]


Lucas CS-1 Large Diaphragm Multipattern Tube Condenser (Used) The Lucas CS-1 is a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone that was designed as a modern classic, with the intention of answering the question “Why can’t great microphones be made today?” It is the result of a collaboration between Terry Manning (of Compass Point Studios) and Oliver Archut [...]

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Earthworks PM40 Piano Mic (Used) From the studio to your living room, change the way you mic your piano. The PM40 PianoMic System is a dream come true for live sound and recording applications. It’s infinitely flexible with incredible gain before feedback and virtually no bleed.  If you’ve ever struggled miking a piano, this turn-key [...]

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Neve 88R 36 Frame Loaded 24 with Encore Automation Rare Small frame Neve 88R 5.1 mixing and monitoring Encore Moving Fader Automation (Upper and Lower Faders) Right Hand Patchbay LED Bargraph Metering Al Schmitt with the Neve 88R console at Capitol Studios 48 multitrack outs and six main outputs. Eight auxes are mono/stereo configurable in [...]

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API 3208 with Automation (Used) turn key package API 3208 Recording Console* Purchased new 2015 with factory installed automation on 32 channels Loaded 16 550B 4 Band Graphic EQ 8 550A 3 Band EQ 4 560 Graphic EQ Harmonyville Concepts API 3208 Console Furniture Patchbay 1 Right Hand Left Hand Producers Desk Speaker Bridge Leather Bolster [...]


White 4400 Pair 1/3 Octave 28 Band EQ’s (Used)  L-C Active * Boost/CutOne-Third Octave – 28 BandHigh and Low-Pass Band LimitingUltimate in Performance and Reliability Model 4400 L-C Active One-Third Octave Graphic Equalizers The Studio Standard : The Model 4400 is perhaps the highest performance and most reliable one-third octave graphic equalizers on the market [...]

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SSL Duality 48 SE with Delta Upgrade Winged (Used) Delivered new in 2012, Includes Remote Patchbay and cabling package The SSL Duality Delta 48 marks the introduction of Delta-Control, a completely new analogue console automation platform for SSL studio technology that unites the very best of automation in the analogue console domain with DAW based [...]

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Grace M101 Single Channel Mic Pre (Used) Maintaining Grace Design pedigree throughout, the m101 employs our balanced, transformerless, transimpedance circuit topology. With incredible bandwidth and headroom, the m101 is natural, musical and detailed, allowing engineers and musicians to consistently record vibrant, amazing tracks. The m101 is equipped with our new universal switching power supply, which [...]


RCA BK-5B MI-11010 (Vintage) Ribbon Microphone Current favorite electric guitar and snare mic.  Takes high SPL with a nice pointed bandwidth.  Pronounced mids with fast dark transients. Uniaxial Microphone is a dependable, high- quality ribbon instrument possessing an improved unidirectional characteristic, A unique feature of the BK-5A is a blast filter consisting of two separate [...]

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Neumann TLM 103 Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic – Nickel (Used) A MODERN CLASSIC The TLM 103 has quickly become one of the biggest successes in Neumann’s history. Its pristine, clear sound is a modern update on the classic U87. The TLM 103 is a transformerless cardioid condenser microphone with a gentle presence boost for a [...]

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Neumann TLM 170R Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone (Used) THE MODERN REFERENCE The TLM 170 R is a truly universal microphone for even the most demanding recording situations. It combines technical excellence with the smoothness and flexibility of a large diaphragm capsule. The TLM 170 R offers an exceptionally even response in five directional patterns. The latter [...]

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Sanken COS-11D Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Kit (Used) #1 The Sanken Audio COS-11D lavalier overcomes digital transmitter RFI (radio frequency interference). In today’s wireless transmission systems the microphone must remain unaffected by new forms of digital transmitter signals. While the benefits of these new systems are obvious, they present new challenges in the area of emission [...]

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Sanken COS-11D Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Kit (Used) #2 The Sanken Audio COS-11D lavalier overcomes digital transmitter RFI (radio frequency interference). In today’s wireless transmission systems the microphone must remain unaffected by new forms of digital transmitter signals. While the benefits of these new systems are obvious, they present new challenges in the area of emission [...]

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Shotgun Microphone - Film & Reporting