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Vintage / Used Pro Audio Recording and Studio Equipment

Shop our inventory of vintage & used pro audio studio recording equipment at Sonic Circus! Microphones, interfaces, consoles, tape machines, mixers, outboard gear, musical instruments, live sound, modules, amplifiers, recorders, EQs, and much more!

Sonic Circus is looking for consoles, microphones, 500 series, Studer decks, and more! List your equipment with Sonic Circus

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Custom made STUDER 904 series analog mixing desk in good condition and configuration. 36 channels, 8 groups, 1 stereo channel. 4 auxes.

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Neve 5315 Series Discrete Vintage 24 Frame Console Loaded 20 Includes 14 x 33115, 6 x 33114 Remote Patchbay Owned and well cared for by private producer


Pre-owned SSL XL9048 Total Recall and Ultimation Moving Fader Automation K Series processor 5.1 mix bus, master fader and mix compressor Raven Sparkle Finish Remote Patchbay OFC (oxygen-free copper) internal wiring Fully Balanced Mix Busses UltiPan™ screen-based panning, which enables various styles of automated panning across two, three, four or five outputs. LCR panning is [...]

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IZ Radar V Nyquist with 16 channels of Nyquist I/O cards, TDIF card, standard AES I/O, 2 hard drives, DVD drive, meter bridge and controller. Will ship in dedicated shock mount case in picture and also include 16 channel I/O of planet waves DB25 snakes, and a old VGA monitor. Used this for only a [...]

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API 1608 16-Channel Discrete Analog Console

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Up for sale is a beautiful 56 channel SSL 4000G+ console. Year of manufacture: 2000 I/O Module: SL611G TR (56) EQ Type: 242 (12), 292 (44) VU Automation: VCA Total Recall RHS Patch PSU: 2 x SL661J (Japanese Version!) Also for Sale: Analogue Cabling (20+ DL multi core cables (24/32, 30-40ft)) 5 x SL611S TR [...]

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While at Right Track/MSR in NYC the console was responsible for countless hit sessions in Studio A - Artists including Madonna, Elton John, Biggie Smalls, Mary J Blige, Booker T, John Zorn, Pat Metheny, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Yo Yo Ma, Chick Corea, Christian McBride as well as countless broadway scores.


MCI JH636 Analog Recording Console Circa 1984 Right Hand TT Patchbay 36 Input Inline 6 Aux Sends 24 Bus Variable Q 3 Band EQ’s 2 John Hardy Jensen 990 mic pre’s on channels 1 and 2. Phase Meter Tuchel Connectors Original Manuals    

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Telefefunken Elam 251 Vintage Pair Consecutive Serial #s All original, PSU’s, Capsules, Cables, Jewel Boxes (cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional) AC701 Triode Tubes CK12 Capsules Haufe made T14:1 ratio output transformer Includes Flight Cases


Inline, 24 Bus, 14 Aux's, 4 Band EQ

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SSL C200 SSL C200 48 fader + 8 Master surface + tape transport section 48 Frame Fully Loaded Year of Manufacture 2006 16 Meter Control Cables SSL C200 Centuri Core Including: 6 x 24ch. Line I/O cards, 2 x 24ch. AES I/O cards, 1 x GPIO card, 1 x Routing card SPG Standard 525/60Hx The world’s leading live-to-air and [...]


Modified to 1" by EAR designer Tim de Paravicini.  Custom transport and restored electronics. 15/30 IPS with Custom Flight Case

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Beautiful Vintage Neumann/Schoeps Mic Collection available 1 x Neumann U47 Serial number 5508 from 1962 1 x Neumann U47 Serial number 4790 from 1960 1 x Neumann U67 Serial number 2649 from 1964 1 x Neumann U67 Serial number 898 from 1962 1 x Neumann KM56 Serial number 1574 from 1960 1 x Neumann KM56 Serial [...]

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Rupert Neve 5088 Shelford 32 Channel Discrete Analog Console   To learn more about Rupert Neve Designs, Click Here View more products from Rupert Neve Designs

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32 550L 4 Band EQ 24 212L Mic Pres 24 Main Busses 12 Auxes (3 stereo) 3 Stereo Busses Dual Input (inline) Stock P&G Faders non automated.

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Neve 8058 Vintage 28 31102 3 Band EQ. Custom flight case. 24 32430 Aux Modules 16 Bus 8 Aux Original P&G Faders

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48 input inline Analog Console (96 on mix) Right Hand Bantam patchbay.  Year of manufacture 1996. Plasma Meters. 4 band EQ with 2 band EQ on Monitor


SD8-24 Control Surface MADI with Digi Rack (Used) 56 ins, 32 outs


Digico SD8-24 (MADI) with DigiRack (Used) 32 ins, 24 outs, and 4 aes ins and outs DiGiCo SD8 Control Surface A breakthrough in Price Performance Ratio Powered by Stealth Digital Processing DiGiCo SD8: “Into overdrive and beyond…” The SD8 is a particularly versatile console with the same Stealth Digital Processing and floating point Super FPGA technology [...]


24 Frame 12 Mono 12 Stereo with 36 mic pres. Transformer option and 4 compressors

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Vintage Large Diaphragm Tube Condensor Mic

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SSL AWS 948 – 24-channel/48-input/8-bus Analog Mixing Console and Control Surface with 24 Motorized Faders, Onboard Signal Processing, and SuperAnalogue Technology

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Fully analog large-format console with digital audio workstation integration and control


Stereo Linkable or Dual Mono. All-tube circuitry using one each 5670, 5751, 7044, & 12AL5 per channel


with offset ribbon transducer technology


Classic BBC Designed Ribbon Mics

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28 Mono channels 26 Multitrack Bus 4 Band Parametric EQ with Hi Pass filter Inline Monitoring 6 Aux’s assignable to upper or lower channel path Right Hand Patchbay

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