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Take the risk out of buying used gear. All of our used gear comes fully serviced with a 90 day warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, thus giving you peace of mind!

Shop our large inventory of vintage & used pro audio studio recording equipment! Microphones, interfaces, consoles, tape machines, mixers, outboard gear, musical instruments, live sound, modules, amplifiers, recorders, EQs, and much more!


Neve 1073 DPA (Used) The Neve 1073 DPA is a premium 2-channel Class A microphone preamplifier in a single rackspace. The Neve 1073 is widely considered the premier mic preamp choice for numerous leading producers and artists, delivering the unique Neve sound featured on some of the most pivotal recordings of the past 40 years. [...]


The Maag Audio EQ4M is a 6-band dual channel mastering EQ with AIR BAND® (shelf boost from 2.5 to 40kHz), a true in/out bypass, a transparent INPUT ATTN (attenuator), and stepped (detent) controls. In 1993, Cliff Maag first introduced the AIR BAND® to the audio world in the NTI EQ3. The EQ3 was a dual [...]


2 Channel Class-A Discrete 24-Bit 192 kHz A/D Converter


Weiss DS1-MK3 Upgraded from Sterling (Used) Weiss DS1-MK3, the reference when it comes to digital mastering Compressors and De-Essers. An extremely versatile single band limiter/compressor with M/S mode and Parallel Compression facilities. The Weiss 102 Series split band De-Esser was one of the mastering industry’s most highly praised digital product. With the DS1-MK3 the Weiss [...]


Cedar DHX Dehisser (Used) The DHX is a further development of the award-winning CEDAR DH-1 De-hisser. Designed to make broadband noise reduction as quick and simple as possible, its powerful algorithm removes hiss without using signal destructive filters, without spectral fingerprints, and without encoding or decoding. Yet, despite its simplicity, it does this without introducing [...]

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Avid MTRX 8 x 16 Analog Interface with DANTE (Used) Includes original packaging in pristine condition Avid MTRX provides the superior sound quality of DAD’s legendary AD and DA converters—plus incredibly flexible monitoring, I/O, and routing capabilities for Pro Tools The Avid Pro Tools MTRX audio interface and monitors controller is designed for Pro Tools [...]


MYTEK 8X96 DAC (USED) Currently used at 240V but will convert to 120V for new owner They provide very high performance 24 bit 96 kHz conversion comparable to the most expensive mastering converters ( DR=120 dB, audiophile signal path). These units can be used as stand-alone devices for variety of studio applications such as 5.1 [...]


API 525 Racked Pair in 500 HPR Rack (Used) “I was working with an artist, tracking vocals when all of a sudden the vocal started sounding fantastic. I looked over and saw the engineer turning a knob and I said ‘WHAT IS THAT?!’ – it was an API 525. It was bringing this vocal right [...]


Avid Pro Tools C|24 Control Surface (Used) Clean condition Speed up your Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD recording, editing, and mixing tasks. With the sleek and stylish 24-channel C|24 control surface, you get direct hands-on control over almost every software function. Extend your studio with an array of high-quality analog inputs and a [...]


SPL Tube Vitalizer (Used) Program Equalizer. Patented. Legendary. A completely different type of EQ, with which almost virtuoso interventions in the sound image become possible. When mixing, mastering and restoring, the Tube Vitalizer goes beyond traditional equalization. The Vitalizer is based on findings of psychoacoustics and audiometry. Its filter network is one of the few [...]


Dangerous Music 2-Bus 16 x 2 Summing Mixer (Used) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Digital Audio Workstations have taken over the world of recording and there is no going back. While we all embrace the wonderful benefits of the computer-based workflow, we also have to deal with the issues and limitations of digital recording and mixing. The Dangerous [...]

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Chandler LTD2 Mastering Pair (Used) from Sterling Matched pair of compressor/limiters based on Neve 2254 with even faster release times, 1dB stepped gain makeup PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Chandler Limited LTD-2 is based on the 2254 compressor which is the class A predecessor to the 2264 and 33609.  Construction is similar to the LTD-1.  The same [...]


ZSYS z-Q6 6 channel digital parametric equalizer (Used) From Sterling Product Description The z-Q6 was designed from the ground up specifically for the surround-sound mastering suite for the ultimate in surround mastering. The z-Q6 six-channel digital mastering equalizer incorporates Z-Systems’s proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, intuitive user interfaces, and the highest-quality parts. Featuring six channels [...]


Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer (Used) from Sterling Mastering The Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer is a mastering grade EQ for recording, mixing, mastering, and an expansion on their popular EQ232P MkII.  Like all Bettermaker products, the Mastering EQ features a 100% analog signal path with comprehensive digital control, recall, and automation.  All parameters can be controlled via the [...]

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Prism Sound Maselec MLA-2 Precision Stereo Compressor (Used) The MLA-2 Precision Stereo Compressor is designed for recording, mixing and mastering applications where ultimate sonic performance is required. The MLA-2 employs state-of-the art analogue circuits to provide a perfect solution for   recording and mastering, especially used in conjunction with Prism Sound A/D and D/A converters. [...]


Focusrite Blue 315 MKII Mastering Equalizer (Vintage) The Blue 315 MK2 is a 4-band parametric equilizer, with an option for shelving in the 1st and 4th bands. Each band has an option to choose between hi & lo frequency as well as having an octave control or Q knob. The gain structure is set at .3 db per click on each [...]


Manley Custom Mastering Console (Vintage) Manley has built quite a few custom mastering consoles to date and we are well versed in the specialized needs of mastering. Each console has been different and we have worked closely with the mastering engineer to accommodate their individual requests. They use techniques that combine enough audiophilia with pro performance and acknowledge that the [...]

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Rupert Neve 5043 dual-channel compressor / limiter (Used) The Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043 is a dual-channel compressor / limiter for standalone use (horizontal half-rack format) or in the 5088 console (vertical format). In addition to standard compressor controls (ratio, threshold, attack, release, makeup gain), the 5043 features switchable feed-forward and feed-back compression types as [...]


Calrec PQ1161-02 Racked Pair EQ/Pre’s (Vintage) 1970’s designed for the BBC, Beautiful sounding preamp with an amazing 3 band inductor EQ plus a selectable high bass and low pass filter. Comparable in quality to the Neve 33114’s and actually preferred by many. These ones have the discrete amplifier cards B202/205/210.  Racked in a new old [...]

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The LA-610 MkII combines a hand-built in the USA, all-tube, vintage mic preamp design — heard on classic albums by Coldplay, The Beach Boys, and Van Halen — with authentic Teletronix T4 opto-compression circuitry.

MSRP: $3,399.00

Vintage Style Channel Strip With 610 Tube Mic Pre and 1176 FET Comp

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Neve 8014 Circa 1970 (Vintage) Recording Console Rare opportunity! Includes 16 original Neve 1073’s 1 x 2254E Compressor expanded to 16 monitors on large faders that sum to the mix bus, and modified for selectable phantom power on individual inputs.  Serious inquiries only please. 16/4/16 SPLIT MONITOR inputs 16 x 1073 Vintage all original channel [...]


Turn-Key Audio Post Equipment Package For Sale! Rare opportunity to purchase a full 2 room audio post equipment package.  Features include a pristine Meyer Acheron surround system, Avid Console, Mac/HDX2 System, Furniture, Acoustical Panels, Screen, ADR set up.  Everything you need to set up 2 post rooms quickly.  All equipment was purchased between 2013 and [...]

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SSL 4064 G+ Ultimation analog console Total Recall Left Hand Patchbay, VU Meters (LED) Loaded with 56 Ultimation channels (28 242 EQ’s and 28 292 EQ’s (16 modded to 242 EQ’s) 8 E series Channels (6 Black and 2 Brown EQ) Including Atomic power supply S2  

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Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre 8-Channel Mic Pre Expansion with 8 ADAT Inputs/8 Analog Outputs (Demo) Eight natural-sounding 2nd generation Scarlett mic preamps and eight balanced line inputs and dual front-panel instrument inputs Focusrite precision A-D conversion up to sample rates of 192 kHz Pad on every channel for extra headroom – ideal for loud sources such [...]

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Neve 3104 Modules 3 Band EQ/Pre (Vintage) Class A/B Features: Gain: -90db range: +10dB to -80dB in 5dB steps HF: 15, 10, 6.8, 4.7, 3.3 kHz MF: 8k2, 3k9, 1k8, 1k2, 820, 560, 390, 270 Hz LF: 330, 180, 100, 56, 33 Hz HPF: 270, 150, 82, 47, 27 Hz HPF: 3.9, 5.6, 8.2, 12, [...]

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Telefunken V72 Racked Pair (Vintage)


Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition Excellent condition! 24 channel analog inline console with Dual Layer Control module and patch bay. HE-24-DLC-PB with keyboard bump, extended monitor shelf, and VESA ext (Used) Price new $51,400 With the ASP8024 in production nearly 20 years, and thousands of consoles in use around the world based on his legendary circuit blocks, [...]

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For over 50 years the Teletronix LA-2A has been revered for its smooth, natural, musical compression. WIth its unique tube-driven electro-optical attenuator system that allows instantaneous gain reduction with no increase in harmonic distortion, the LA-2A massages signals like no other compressor ever made. NOW YOU CAN: Dial-in legendary optical tube compression textures for vocals, bass, drums, [...]

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Lexicon 960L Digital Effects System with LARC 2 (Used) BASED ON DECADES OF INNOVATION For nearly thirty years, the world’s most accomplished engineers and producers have relied upon Lexicon for their most critical music and sound productions. To satisfy these discriminating media professionals and to meet the new demands of today’s increasingly complex sound content, [...]

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