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Weiss DS1-MK3 Upgraded from Sterling (Used) Weiss DS1-MK3, the reference when it comes to digital mastering Compressors and De-Essers. An extremely versatile single band limiter/compressor with M/S mode and Parallel Compression facilities. The Weiss 102 Series split band De-Esser was one of the mastering industry’s most highly praised digital product. With the DS1-MK3 the Weiss [...]

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ProControl will alter your concept of what to expect when working with a professional digital audio workstation. While it looks and feels like a true world- class console, it offers far more extensive control than traditional consoles. Featuring high-quality, hands-on control of your Pro Tools TDM-based mixing, editing, and DSP processing environment, plus a comprehen- [...]


IZ Radar V Nyquist with 16 channels of Nyquist I/O cards, TDIF card, standard AES I/O, 2 hard drives, DVD drive, meter bridge and controller. Will ship in dedicated shock mount case in picture and also include 16 channel I/O of planet waves DB25 snakes, and a old VGA monitor. Used this for only a [...]


High Performance Converter


With Discrete D/A converters


Pro Tools HD Audio Interface


Digital Detangler


8 x 8 Analog with 1 Digital I/O card


8 x 8 Analog with 1 Digital I/O card


8 Analog Out 2 Digital I/O Cards


8 x 8 Analog with 1 Digital I/O Card

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