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LaChapell 992EG 2 Channel Tube Mic Pre The 992EG is two channel fully balanced tube mic preamp and instrument input amplifier. Meticulously hand assembled, every aspect of the 992 speaks to our dedication to quality of sound and solid, robust construction. From the Cinemag and Jensen transformers to the knobs and switches, the 992EG is [...]


Two Channel Vacuum Tube Dual Channel Mic Pre


The 1073 DPX has two channels of Neve 1073 Class A design microphone preamplifiers, each with 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and high pass filter 2 independent, genuine 1073® transformer-coupled microphone preamplifier / EQ circuits, in a single 2U 19″ rack mount enclosure Exclusive Neve®  Marinair™ transformers used on each [...]

MSRP: $2,799.00

1-channel tube DI/mic preamp and mic pre with fixed-gain pentode; acme audio/triad input transformer and hand-selected tubes and cinemag output transformer.

Call for Price

The Daisy-chain cable enables you to use multiple wunder audio 19" rack units from the same PSU.

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Wunder Audio 19" rack unit PEQ1R, PEQ2R, PAFOUR, PAFOUR Plus.


The API 862 is a limited run microphone preamp/EQ celebrating API's 50th anniversary.


19" rack mount/ four-channel microphone preamplifier version of the PEQ2. “NICO” transformers (Nickle/Iron/Cobalt) with HP Filters


19" rack-mount version of the PEQ2 mic-pre/equalizer "NICO" transformers (Nickle/Iron/Cobalt). Selectable Active/Classic 1/4" DI


Features, Class-A 8-channel Mic Preamps, Custom Rupert Neve Transformers, 24-bit/192kHz converters, Full Dante Integration, and Redundant Power Supplies, zero latency.


can house and power up to six of our CA series modules.


Vintage Style Tube Mic Pre-amp module with NOS octal tubes, and your choice of Nicke/Iron or Mu Metal Mic Transformer.  Requires PS6 Power Supply & 6 Channel Rack


A standalone single channel 2U version of our larger CA-286 PS6 preamp module.


Vintage Style 2 Stage Tube Mic Pre-amp module with NOS EF86 tubes, and your choice of Nicke/Iron or Mu Metal Mic Transformer.  Requires PS6 Power Supply & 6 Channel Rack


A standalone single channel 2U version of our larger CA-70 PS6 preamp module.

MSRP: $95.00

Mount a 983M in a standard 19” rack and dual position also mounts two 983M units in a single rack space

MSRP: $1,500.00

Single channel tube mic preamp with TRUE48


A cost alternative to VT-15 and utilizes the same preamp and power supply design as the VT family of preamps.

MSRP: $3,379.99

Includes 8 mic preamps, array of 6-segment LED meters, inline processors, 2U enclosure, and High-pass filters.

MSRP: $2,099.99

Includes 4 mic preamps placed in 2U enclosure, six-segment LED peak-level meters per-channel and Lundahl LL1538.

MSRP: $1,124.99

Featuring the Lundahl LL1538, TRS line input, and Switchable input impedance including classic ISA 110 setting.

MSRP: $799.99

Featuring Lundahl LL1538 input transformer, classic ISA 110 setting, and Optional stereo 192kHz A-D conversion card.

MSRP: $3,999.99

A remote-controlled mic preamp & A-D interface for Dante w/ Dual PSUs.

MSRP: $2,999.99

Includes A-D conversion. Mic/Line/Instrument selection, gain, phantom power, HPF and metering on front panel.


AEA TRP2 optimized for ribbon mics, condensers, and dynamics with 1U half-rack with optional hardware, two channels with 85dB, switching power supply.


Features Mic Gain, Trim, Silk button / Texture control, Level Meter, Polarity, High Pass Filter, Phantom Power, -6dB Output.


Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator adds 12 to 24dB of gain to your signal, control over the input impedance (to get the best out of any microphone), while the premium circuitry passes your audio uncolored. It is particularly useful for low-output ribbon and dynamic mics in your studio, and it's perfect for driving long cable runs from the stage to the board in live sound settings.


Dual-4-band equalizers with classic mic pre. 48V Phantom, 19" Rackmount with Selectable pre-/post-EQ insert point, original discrete, transistor-balanced circuitry based on the late 1970's Trident 80B Analog console.


Dual Channel rack-mountable version of the legendary Trident 'A' Range console channel strip . Discrete Mic/Line Preamp and 4 Band Fully Selectable EQ, Original Small Fader Frequncy Attenuator design


Dual mono Tube Pre Amp EQ, mic line switching, distortion controls, and DI with balanced output

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