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Modular Outboard Gear: 200 Series, 500 Series, Modular Rack Chassis / Blanks / PSUs, Rupert Neve Portico, SSL X-Rack, Vintage Neve Series, Tube-Tech, Trident, Empirical Labs, API, BAE and more


Vintage Style Tube Mic Pre-amp module with NOS octal tubes, and your choice of Nicke/Iron or Mu Metal Mic Transformer.  Requires PS6 Power Supply & 6 Channel Rack


Vintage Style 2 Stage Tube Mic Pre-amp module with NOS EF86 tubes, and your choice of Nicke/Iron or Mu Metal Mic Transformer.  Requires PS6 Power Supply & 6 Channel Rack


A standalone single channel 2U version of our larger CA-70 PS6 preamp module.

From: $3,400.00

8 Module Rack Mount Mixer for Vintage Neve 10 Series Modules - Unloaded.


A mono device for vocal or instrumental applications, compatible with any 500-Series rack, easy to use, features Engage- illuminated push-button, LED-indicates when the 545 is actively affecting signal, DEPTH knob, FAST control-an illuminated push-button, Peak- a push button to select between RMS and Peak detection modes.


It is a new 10 space 500 Series rack mount chassis with Stereo Linking & features 10 Spaces of 500 Slots, Stereo Link funtion in pairs, Input to Output Feed Switch in pairs, Connections via XLR, 1/4", and D-Sub, External Power Supply.


8 Slot Vertical Rack for 80 Series Modules, 8 Independent Phantom 48V switches and Output Faders, 2 Built-in Compression Link Busses, External 24V PSU. XLR I/O, 19" 5RU Chassi

MSRP: $999.00

500 Series Instrument Channel Strip Module with Preamp, 4-band EQ, Tape Emulation Circuit, and Mix Knob

MSRP: $25.00

It is a single slot Blank Panel used in the L200R Rack, Vision Console and Legacy Plus Console.

MSRP: $675.00

Holds 12 API Vision or Legacy Plus L200 series modules, Powered by API external L200PS Tri polar, 100 to 250 volts 50/60 Hz AC, front panel LED, 19" rack mount, 2U tall, vented steel chassis.

MSRP: $499.00

Features, Tri polar, 16v / 16v / 48V external power supply, Switchable to either 120 or 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz A/C, External replaceable primary fuse.

MSRP: $695.00

Features, Threshold control, Variable Fine Adjustable Depth, Adjustable Release/Hold Time, 2:1 Expander or Noise Gate Selection, Release or Hold Switch, Always at Unity Gain, LED Gain Reduction Meter, Transformer Output.

MSRP: $650.00

Features, Balanced input stage, Passive filter design, Unity gain throughout, Hard Wire BYPASS switch, Transformer Coupled Output to 28 dBu, All Discrete Design.

MSRP: $695.00

Features Threshold control, Variable compression ratio, Release time constants, Attack time constants, LED Gain Reduction meter, API 2510 and API 2520 op amps, Transformer output.

MSRP: $695.00

Features, 20 dB Pad, 48v Phantom Power Switch, RE 115 K Mic input Transformer, LED VU Meter, Uses API 2520 Op Amp, All Discrete Circuit, Transformer Coupled Inputs & Outputs to 28 dBu.

MSRP: $650.00

Features, BRIGHT Switch, 20 dB PAD, 100 K LOAD switch, 5 Segment LED Meter, Transformer Coupled Output, All Discrete Design.


19" Rack Mount Mic Pre EQ with PSU


This unit is popular among guitarists for having a unique mid-range.


The BAE 1004 is a 10 series mic pre with filter.


8 Channel Rack for Vintage Neve 10 Series Modules - Unloaded.


Using identical circuit design and manufacturing to our Duality and AWS consoles, X-Rack is a modular rack system with Total Recall that delivers the classic SSL sound in a uniquely versatile form.


Convertible to 230, 240, 100 and 220VAC.

MSRP: $825.00

Single Channel Tube Direct Box


2 slot Rack for 500 series modules.

MSRP: $849.00

19-Inch 500 Series Compatible Rack

MSRP: $975.00

Remote Controllable 500 Series Mic Pre


8 Module Rack Mount Mixer for Vintage Neve 10 Series Modules - Unloaded.


Eight Module Self Powered Mountable Rack for Vintage Neve Series - Unloaded


Blanks for BAE 8CM Mixer.


The perfect level control tool kit for recording, the Dynamics Module is densely packed with control features yet simple to use.

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