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3-way active speaker, 700w RMS digital power amp, High-end 56-bit DSP on board, 96khz sampling rate, Network ready with an integrated rdnet port, Acoustically compatible with DVA t12, Mechanically compatible with DVA t12


Long-throw system, Fully powered 3-way unit, Freely scalable to setups of any size, High-end digital controller on board, Network ready with integrated rdnet port, Hardware compatible with DVA T8 and T4

MSRP: $2,100.00

2 way passive line array system, Integrated hardware with innovative fast lock mechanics, Lightweight and elegant premium design, Dual Phase plug design for an extremely precise dispersion, 150W/RMS, 16 OHMS, Neodymium Magnets

MSRP: $2,400.00

The system achieves 126 dB max SPL per unit, contains the 400-watt Digipro G3 amplifier that power both the M2M and M2S, DVA MINI features a new fast-lock mechanic design, each with two 6.5" neodymium woofers and two 1" high-frequency compression drivers

MSRP: $1,900.00

Advanced DSP with fir filters processing, Fully compatible with dVA flying and ground stacking accessories, New grille design, Onboard double rotary tuning system

MSRP: $4,299.00

1500 Watt Peak, 750 Watt Rms Digital Amplifier, 12" Woofer, High Power Neodymium 3.5" Voice Coil, 3 X 1" Hf Driver, Titanium Dome, Neodymium 1.75" Voice Coil, 133 Db Max Spl.

MSRP: $2,199.00

1400 W, two-way amplification, 131 dB max SPL, 1.7" voice coil neodymium compression driver, 2 x high power neodymium 6.0"woofers, 48 kHz, 32 bit floating point DSP processing, Symmetrical design, Extremely low weight, FiRPHASE processing

MSRP: $2,499.00

1400 Watt Peak power - 700 Watt RMS, 133 dB max SPL, 65 Hz 20 kHz frequency response, 2 x 8" Woofers, 1 x 2" Compression Driver, DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets, Tour grade safe and solid variable mechanics, Composite PP enclosure structurally wooden reinforced

MSRP: $9,999.00

4400 Watt, 3 way amplification, 140 dB max SPL, 8 x high power neodymium transducers, 48 kHz, 32 bit DSP processing, RDNet on board, Remote monitoring and control, Symmetrical design, Extremely low weight

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2200W Two Way Amplifier, 137 dB Max SPL, 48 kHz, 32 bit DSP processing, 1.4" Titanium Compression Driver, 4.0" voice coil, 2 x 10" Neodymium Woofers, 2.5" voice coil, Exclusive FiRPHASE technology on-board, RDNet Control and Management, 680 Hz Crossover Point

MSRP: $4,499.00

1400 Watt Peak power - 700 Watt RMS, 135 dB max SPL, 55 Hz 20 kHz frequency response, 2 x 10" Woofers, 1 x 3" Compression Driver, DSP controlled Input section with selectable presets. Tour grade safe and solid variable mechanics, Composite PP enclosure structurally wooden reinforced

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The LEOPARD compact linear line array loudspeaker reproduces audio faithfully with tremendous power, superior intelligibility, and extremely low distortion.

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As with its larger sibling LEO, LYON faithfully reproduces the source material with uncolored and consistent results regardless of level, allowing accurate translation from a studio or rehearsal space to a live concert.

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Easily the smallest and lightest in the series, LINA and its companion control element 750-LFC bring the inherent linearity, low distortion, and exceptional power-to-size ratio of LEO Family technology to a wider range of applications and venues.

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A sophisticated acoustical panel, Libra  combines effective sound absorption with impeccable aesthetic appeal.

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Meyer Sound LEO Dual 15" Powered with Triamped MOSFET output stages

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