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Shop our featured selection of new, used, and vintage recording consoles and audio mixers. Rupert Neve Designs, Helios, Solid State Logic (SSL), EAB, Amek, API Audio, DiGiCo, and more. Sonic Circus has specified and installed analog and digital mixers in home, project, and pro audio studios around the world. We also have a complete selection of the finest mastering consoles and summing mixers.
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Built For Swedish Radio Circa 1965


RND 5088 Shelford 16 Channel Analog Recording Console


Beautiful rare and vintage Neve console ,Custom built for the BBC.  EDACS to original BBC GPO patch bay. 24 channels of 33122/a mic-pre/eq modules with Belclair transformers 4 x am6/17 compressors. The console is up and running and fully working. It sounds absolutely amazing, with a warm, rich and deep soundstage. Well it should, because it’s the real deal, with [...]

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From ECM Records - Talent Studios


Circa 1960's Manufactured In Germany


Right Hand Patch, VU, Total Recall, VCA Automation, G Plus Computer Running 3.5" Drives


41 position penthouse and Meter Bridge Loaded 32 541 Input Modules, 8 5033 5 Band EQ's, 4 5015 Mic Pre Compressors and 1 5043 Stereo Compressors

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6 Stereo Echo Returns with Automated Faders provides Extensive Routing features for Parallel Compression and Stem Mixing.


XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console.

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Flagship Rupert Neve Large Format Analog Mixing Console


Small Format Modular Recording/Mixing Console

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32 Channel Analog Recording Console


16 Channel Discrete Analog Console.

MSRP: $22,670.00

SD9 Control Surface with 24 Faders with up to 96 input channels with 155 Dynamic EQ's and Multiband Compressors, 12 x 8 Matrix, LR/LCR Master Busses, up to 48 aux/sub group 12 digital FX

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