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Provides routing, processing and a mix control that allows your performance area to expand across your installation.


MIDAS PRO9 Audio System Engine with 31.6 Gigaflops Performance and HyperMAC Router

MSRP: $11,430.99

MIDAS PRO6 Audio System Engine with 26.4 Gigaflops Performance and HyperMAC Router


MIDAS PRO3 Audio System Engine with 21.1 Gigaflops Performance and HyperMAC Router


The powerhouse at the centre of the PRO X system, the new NEUTRON High Performance Audio System Engine is the result of a three year research and development program that pushed the MIDAS engineering team well beyond their already considerable expertise and knowledge.


Dual Network Bridge Expansion Module with 10 Port AES50 Interface for NEUTRON Audio System Engine.

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