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Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom: 16-channel passive summing box (Used) Tired of the flat, narrow sound of your Digital Audio Workstation? Do individual tracks sound full and deep while whole mixes sound lifeless and thin? Can you go analog without sacrificing the recall ability of the DAW or parting with the space and money required [...]


API DSM Loaded with 12 x 7600 Channel Strip (Used) 12 x 7600s, 2 x 8200, 1 x 7800, 424, meter and PSUs all mounted with power distribution in a metal rack. API DSM Rack was created as a complete turnkey solution from API. DSM systems are complete mixing packages, for summing multi-track signals. This [...]


Dangerous Music 2-Bus 16 x 2 Summing Mixer (Used) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Digital Audio Workstations have taken over the world of recording and there is no going back. While we all embrace the wonderful benefits of the computer-based workflow, we also have to deal with the issues and limitations of digital recording and mixing. The Dangerous [...]

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Featuring New Class-A Topologies, Custom Transformers, Dual Stereo Outputs, Channel Level, Channel Pan, Master Output Level.

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