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Ampex MM1200 2″ Analog Recorder new pinch roller, recapped, 2” MRL.  Extra cards 16 track and 24 track head stacks.  Dolby A rack (Neves in photo not included). Transport remote cable.  

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Studer A820 1/2″ 2 Track Analog Recorder Introduced in 1986 as the successor to the universally successful A800, the A820 is a completely redesigned and retyled machine, boasting the following features: bar graph/LED metering provision for internal Dolby (either Dolby A or CAT 22 cards, or Dolby SR on CAT 280 cards) three tape type [...]


Studer A827 2″ 24 Track Analog Recorder   The Studer A827 is a 2 inch, 24-track analog tape machine introduced in 1989 The A827 has similar styling to the A820 although uses VU meters rather than bargraphs. Heads are the same (318 heads – the successor to the 317 hard head) and the machine features a modern transport with shuttle [...]

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Studer A827 2″ 24 Track Gold Edition This was from the last run last Analog Machines produced by Studer.  Purchased new in 2004.  It was delivered from the factory with Gold transport parts and Willi Studer signature nameplate designating it as a limited Gold Edition model.  The machine is in “as new” condition with only [...]


Sony APR 24 track . With remote, take up reel, manual, MRL aligmment tape, demager, tape edit caddy. Used once…LOW miles


Teac 80-8 1/2″ 8 Track Analog Recorder Excellent economical 8 Track Analog Recorder.  VU Meters, 7.5 & 15 IPS, Accepts 10.5″ NAB Hubs.  The machine will be checked and serviced prior to shipping.

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