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The mixing console has always been the heart of the recording studio. It can be the most important piece of audio recording equipment you own. No matter what your engineering style, your console has everything to do with the sound of your recordings. Sonic Circus has specified and installed analog and digital mixers in home, project, and pro audio studios around the world. We also have a complete selection of the finest mastering consoles and summing mixers. Let Sonic Circus help you find the heart of your studio.

MSRP: $4,637.00

Aviom Mix320-D Personal Mixing System The Mix320-D Personal Mixing System has been designed specifically for use with Dante enabled consoles and networks. It includes everything you need to create a personal mixing system for six performers. The A320 Personal Mixers get their digital data and power over the same cable, so all you need to […]

MSRP: $5,163.00

Aviom Mix320-Y Personal Mixing System The Mix320-Y Personal Mixing System is a complete personal mixing system for six performers, designed for users of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. The Y1 A-Net Card plugs into any open MY expansion slot on your Yamaha console. There’s nothing to configure—just assign sources from the Yamaha user interface to the […]

MSRP: $5,556.00

Aviom Mix320-A Personal Mixing System The Mix320-A Personal Mixing System includes everything you need to create a 16-input personal mixing system for six performers. It’s perfect for stage or studio use. Connect its balanced analog inputs to a mixing console for live use or to the outputs of your DAW recording interface or console to […]

MSRP: $926.00

Aviom 16/o-Y1 A-Net Card The Aviom16/o-Y1 A-Net Card provides a direct digital interface between Yamaha digital mixer products and Aviom’s Pro16 Series, including the A360, A320, and legacy A-16II Personal Mixers*, A-Net distributors, and output modules. The Y1 card eliminates the need for an analog input module when creating a monitor mixing or audio distribution […]

MSRP: $899.00

Aviom A360 Personal Mixer The A360 Personal Mixer delivers an unparalleled level of control, performance, and fidelity to personal mixing. With more mix channels, powerful features, and the streamlined user interface Aviom Personal Mixers are known for, the A360 helps musicians hear better than ever before. It’s compatible with all existing Aviom systems and can […]

MSRP: $499.00

Aviom A320 Personal Mixer The A320 Personal Mixer gives performing and recording musicians simple, intuitive control over their monitor mixes. With many of the features of the award-winning A360 Personal Mixer, the A320 gives musicians the ability to get clear, musical monitor mixes every time they play. Ideal for use with in-ear monitors and headphones, […]

MSRP: $3,700.00

The TUBE-TECH SSA 2B Stereo Summing Amplifier features two very low noise/low distortion summing amplifiers with a very wide frequency response.

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API Audio Legacy All Discrete Console.

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API Audio Legacy Plus All Discrete Console.

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API's VISION responds to the major advances in Digital Audio Storage such as DSD Recording, SACD and DVD Audio.

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6 Stereo Echo Returns with Automated Faders provides Extensive Routing features for Parallel Compression and Stem Mixing.


XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console.


XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console.


XL-Desk is a modern twist on the classic analogue studio console.


Summing Line Mixer with 16 Stereo Input Channels and 2 Stereo Outputs

MSRP: $1,309.85

16-Channel USB Analog Mixer


Small Format Modular Recording/Mixing Console


Motorized Fader Automation for the 5088 Console

MSRP: $3,250.00

Summing Mixer


Metering System


8 Channels/2 Buss Tube Hybrid Console


48 Balanced Inputs Summing Console

MSRP: $2,999.00

Small Format Rackmountable Mixer for Studio or Live Applications

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V-Series Console Power Supply - NOS

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16-Channel Expansion for The Ark Modular Console

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Producer Sidecar for Ark Console with Patchbay


16/8/2 Console w/40 Empty Slots for 500 Series Modules

MSRP: $9,999.00

Summing and Monitoring Console

MSRP: $1,135.00

Passive Level Control

MSRP: $9,100.00

Summing Mixer