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The Genelec 9101A Wireless Volume Controller provides stylish and compact volume control for all SAM studio monitors and subwoofers connected to the GLM Network Adapter.

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The flagship of our range. The intelligence of the 1236A is seamlessly integrated into the finest example of acoustic engineering yet produced in more than 40 years of Genelec history.


The super-compact dimensions of the 1238DF allow it to partner with an accompanying subwoofer to deliver main monitor performance in rooms where space is at a real premium.


The S360A's fusion of main monitor performance and compact size makes it perfect for demanding film, post and music production, and in combination with a subwoofer, the S360A satisfies the demands of EDM playback or Dolby film mixing even in rooms where the listening distance exceeds 10 metres (33 feet).

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Built to exceed expectations at the highest levels, the 1234A smart active studio monitor is the trusted choice of professionals, with a feature set to match.

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The 1234AC is a smart main studio monitor for use in demanding film and post production work, where perf screen or hi-res LED displays are employed.

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The 1235A brings the sound and heritage of the iconic 1035 into the modern recording age. High SPL capability and precise imaging come together in a main monitor that adapts to your room.


Our largest three-way midfield design, the 1238A adapts to your acoustic space to deliver high-SPL reference precision.


Shaped by the experience of more than 40 years, yet loaded with the most advanced monitoring technology available, the 1237A follows the heritage of its classic 1037 predecessor, and can be found flush-mounted into the walls of countless studios and facilities


The 8050B Active Two-Way 8" Studio Monitor from Genelec provides an accurate reproduction of the source material in a compact form-factor with high output. Its die-cast aluminum enclosure features a rounded shape, which minimizes distortions caused by edge diffraction.


Styled in a white finish, Genelec 8320A is a single SAM-Series, 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide accurate mix referencing with software control capabilities for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in project studios, small control rooms, edit suites, or mobile setups.


The Genelec 8030C LSE TRIPLE PLAY is a complete 2.1 active nearfield monitoring system ideal for use in project or professional studios for music or post-production. It includes two 8030C nearfield monitors and a 7050C subwoofer for a full frequency range of accurate audio reproduction. Each unit has a durable housing and offers balanced XLR connectors.


Looking for a volume controller for your GLM V2.0 speaker system management system? Check out the black Genelec 9310B Wired Volume Control, which connects to the GLM Network Adapter and controls all SAM studio monitors and subwoofers.


The Genelec 9401A System Management Device for Audio-over-IP Networking works by converting AoIP streams (ST2110, AES67, and Ravenna) into AES/EBU outputs, providing 16 channels of digital audio over the unit's DB-25 connector.


The Genelec 7382AP is a professional, active subwoofer designed to extend the bass reproduction of active loudspeakers.

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Audio professionals looking for a free-standing mains monitoring system will be impressed with the single Genelec 8381A, an adaptive point source main monitor system with smart active technology that empowers engineers and creators to perceive every sonic detail, offering true-to-life sound level and dynamics with the full flexibility of free-standing monitor placement and advanced room adaption.


When space is tight, the white Genelec Smart IP Installation Speaker delivers the single-cable networked convenience of Smart IP in a powerful, super-compact format.


Provided here in a dark gray producer finish, the Genelec 7040A Studio Subwoofer is a studio subwoofer designed to provide accurate low-frequency reproduction in limited production spaces. Its small footprint suits project studios, mobile vans, and portable recording systems.


Building upon the success of the 7050A and 7050B models, the Genelec 7050C Studio Subwoofer is an 8", 130W active subwoofer, well suited for discerning professionals in music, post, film, and broadcast.


Styled in a white finish, the Genelec 4420A is a single, bi-amplified Smart IP installation speaker designed to produce precise, intelligible sound quality in even the most challenging acoustic spaces. This compact speaker delivers clarity, reliability, and adaptability and only requires a single CAT cable, making installation and setup easy.


Styled in a white finish, the Genelec 4430A is a single, bi-amplified Smart IP installation speaker designed to produce precise, intelligible sound quality in even the most challenging acoustic spaces.


The black Genelec Smart IP 4436A Hanging Pendant Loudspeaker is specially designed for AV installations in open high-ceiling spaces. It promotes targeted sound distribution while combining subtle aesthetics with the highest quality sound reproduction.


The Genelec Short Ceiling Mount with Ball Joint measures 6.24"" in height. Its ball joint allows it to rotate a full 360° for maximum positioning versatility to suit your requirements.


The Genelec Soft Carry Bag for 2 8030/8310 Speakers (Black) is made to carry and protect 2 Genelec 8030 or 8310 series speakers. It is made from durable nylon material with internal padding and a removable center divider to separate the speakers. It has a front zippered pocket for holding cables and accessories.


The Genelec 8030-408 is a metal stand mounting plate with 3/8" threading, sized specifically to fit the Genelec 8030A Iso-Pod vibration isolator accessory.


The black Wall Mount with T-Plate from Genelec is designed for use with the 8010, 8020, and 8030 Bi-Amplified Loudspeaker Systems.


The Short Ceiling Mount from Genelec can be used to ceiling-mount the 8000 series monitors.


The Genelec Short Adjustable Ceiling Mount is suitable for all 8000 series models.


Carry your select Genelec stereo loudspeakers in style with the 8010-424 Soft Carrying Bag.


Delivering a level of performance often associated with much larger enclosures, the flagship Genelec 7380A SAM (Smart Active Monitoring) Subwoofer is a 15", 800W active subwoofer, well suited for discerning professionals in music, post, film, and broadcast. The 7380A combines the Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology with AutoCal and GLM control network technologies.