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MXR Omni Guitar FX Processor with Footswitch 1980’s Multi Effects processor.  Stomp to your hearts delight.  Tested, working great.  Includes our 3 month warranty. This rack 2 units fully analog incorporates several effects: a compressor optical detection style MXR DynaComp, distortion style MXR Distortion +, an equalizer with three frequencies assignable before or after the [...]


Electrix Mo Fx 16-bit digital, stereo multi-effects unit Grainy and disturbing sounding effects unit but what the hell, you may be able to get some interesting production sounds out of this thing.  The price is right so what do you have to loose?  Everything works. Product Details: Mo-FX makes it easy to synchronize time-based effects. Synchronizing [...]


Tuner/Metronome Pedal

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Phase Shifting Effect Pedal


Octave Pedal


Guitar Digital Delay Effects


Guitar Chorus Effect Pedal


Two-box Transmit & Receive System DI/Splitter with Balanced Line Driver, Speaker Level D.i Input, & 4 unity gain Di Box/Splitters

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