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Features Three PCIe 3.0 Slots, 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Interface, Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports including Thunderbolt 3 Cable & ThunderLok 3L with built-in Universal Power Supply.


Features PCIe Card Expansion for Thunderbolt 3 Interface which provides space for installing additional devices with three PCIe slots.


Offers PCIe Card Expansion for Thunderbolt 2 Interface which provides space for installing additional devices with three PCIe slots.


A rackmount solution for Mac mini featuring Front-to-Back Airflow, Front Panel Operation and Power Status at a Glance with Open Cable Access.


Offers LM2n Loudness Radar Meter and LC2n native plug-in with Innovative Radar Display and Off-Line Measuring.  


A versatile and professional tool that works on all major DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase


Transatlantic Plate Reverb - Rare Signals presents a new standard in Plate Reverb plug-ins modeled from the finest analog plates of Europe and The U.S. Try it FREE for 7 days!


Latest Mac Pro, a tightly integrated 16" deep rackmount enclosure, incorporates PCIe Card Expansion, 3 PCIe Slots, Thunderbolt 2 Interface, Space for Additional Devices, Front Panel Operation, Rear Panel Connectivity.

MSRP: $1,629.00

Analog reactive load box and guitar recording system for tube guitar amps, featuring Dynamic Speaker Modeling, World-class Universal Audio EQ, compression, delay, and reverb effects built-in, Selectable 4, 8, and 16-ohm operation.


Drawmer Dynamics Plug-in Bundle for Digidesign VENUE Systems - Mac/PC VENUE


TDM Plug-in Bundle Based on Drawmer DS201 Noise Gate and DL241 Compressor/Limiter


Multiband Compressor Plug-in with EQ and Mid-side Processing


Vinyl Emulation Plug-in with 5 Operation Modes and Controls for Adjusting Harmonic Distortion - Mac/PC AAX Native, AAX DSP.


Analog-style Tape-machine-emulation Plug-in for Avid Pro Tools (Version 10 and Later), with 5 Emulation Modes and 3 Brightness Settings - Mac/PC AAX Native DSP.

MSRP: $549.00

Compression/Distortion Plug-in with Even and Odd Distortion Generation, Drive Control, and Level Trim - Mac AAX Native, AAX DSP, TDM


Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface, 30-in/34-out with 24-bit/192kHz Resolution and 32-bit Playback, 8 Mic Preamps, Soft Limit, OLED Display, 2 Headphone Outputs, and Talkback Mic. For Mac


Thunderbolt Audio Interface with 8 Analog Inputs, 8 Mic Preamps, 2 Balanced XLR Outputs, 8 x 8 ADAT Optical I/O, 2 Stereo Headphone Outputs, and Word Clock I/O. For Mac

MSRP: $995.00

USB 2.0 Audio Interface with 1 JFET DI, 1 Class A Mic Preamp, and 2 Headphone Outputs

MSRP: $399.00

10 In - 4 Out USB Audio Interface with 2 Class A Mic Preamps, 8 Channel ADAT Input, JFET DI, and Burr-Brown Converters

MSRP: $299.00

USB 2.0 Audio Interface with1 JFET DI, 1 Class A Mic Preamp, and 2 Headphone Outputs


Thunderbolt Audio Interface with 2 Mic/Line/Instrument Inputs, 2 Balanced XLR Outputs, 8 x 8 ADAT Optical I/O, 1 Stereo Headphone Output, and Word Clock I/O. For Mac


2-in/4-out USB Audio Interface with 24-bit/192kHz Resolution, 2 Microphone Preamplifiers, Full-color OLED Display, Configurable Touchpads - Mac/PC/iOS


Multi-channel Audio Interface for Pro Tools HD on Mac or PC

Out of stock

Multi-Channel Thunderbolt Audio Interface for Mac

Call for Price

Equalizer and Bus Compressor Plugin

Call for Price

The real battle for getting a clear and vibrant mix is often fought in the midrange frequencies.

Call for Price

Loved and coveted by sound engineers all over the world for its super huge bass and its silky shiny treble, the PE 1C is Tube-Tech's modern day take on the famous Pultec tube-driven passive equalizer.


VST/AU/RTAS Compressor Plugin


SSL Network I/O is a range of I/O devices which bring SSL's renowned quality and innovation to Dante based IP Audio networks.


64 Channel Connection for Symphony I/O. Compatible with Symphony I/O and X-Symphony-equipped Rosetta 800, 200, AD16X and DA16X

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