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Pultec EQP-1A Passive Tube EQ (Vintage) The EQP-1A EQ section is followed with a gain makeup stage using a push-pull design with 12AU7, 12AX7 and 6X4 vacuum tubes. Designed for broad equalization of program material, the EQP-1A has four low boost/cut frequencies, three high-cut frequencies and a choice of seven HF boost points, along with [...]


Urei LA3A Consecutive Pair Compressors (Vintage) Racked pair of vintage Urei LA-3 Leveling Amplifier’s. Solid state version of the classic LA-2A T4 tube optical limiter. Fully discrete.  This stereo consecutive pair (#398 & 399) has been modded with a stereo link switch on the right hand unit (see photo).  Rich tone, big and full. Always [...]


Urei 1176LN Rev F Compressor (Vintage) From the beginning the 1176 had used the class-A 1108 preamp for output gain. Rev F replaced this with a push-pull amplifier based on the 1109 preamp. This gives the rev F more output gain and a slightly different sonic character than previous revisions. In spite of this, this revision [...]


GML 8200 Dual Channel 5-Band Parametric Equalizer (Used) Brought to you by the man who invented the term “Parametric Equalization”, the GML 8200 has been an industry standard for over 20 years, and can be found on virtually every major recording studio’s stereo bus. Each of the five broadly-overlapping bands offers 15dB of Boost or [...]


SSL FX G384 Stereo Compressor (Vintage) Original SSL FX-G384 Grey Face Stereo Compressor with DBX 2151 VCA’s and 5532/4 opamps is the original rackmount version of the classic SSL 4000 Consoles quad center section compressor. Selectable fixed attack, release and ratio values, but variable threshold and gain make up. Auto Fade

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Neve 1274 Vintage Mic Pres 12 Rack Class A Discrete.  Late 1960’s.  Gardner Mic Input transformers.  Marinair Output transformers.  Includes Elco to XLR Snake.


Studer A827 2″ 24 Track Analog Recorder   The Studer A827 is a 2 inch, 24-track analog tape machine introduced in 1989 The A827 has similar styling to the A820 although uses VU meters rather than bargraphs. Heads are the same (318 heads – the successor to the 317 hard head) and the machine features a modern transport with shuttle [...]


Lexicon 480L (Vintage) Processor with LARC and Classic Cart The Lexicon 480L Digital Effects System has been the standard by which all other signal processors are measured. The 480L remains a clear product of choice among top producers for the most discerning clients. The most realistic reverb available and stunning effects that maintain the harmonic [...]


Lexicon 224XL (Vintage) Processor with LARC circa 1985 THE LEXICON 224X DIGITAL REVERBERATOR PROVIDES HIGH-QUALITY SIMULATION OF THE ACOUSTICS OF A VARIETY OF ARCHITECTURAL SPACES AND A WIDE VARIETY OF SPECIAL EFFECTS. The Lexicon 224X is an advanced two-in, four-out, all-electronic digital reverberation system. Its clean, natural-sounding reverberation is the result of blending digital audio hardware and software disciplines. Lexicon supports ongoing software development, [...]


The AMS Neve 33609JD Stereo Compressor offers comprehensive limiting and compression facilities for music recording, mastering, post production and broadcast applications The combination of hand-wired transformers and gain reduction circuitry produces a sound quality which is often duplicated, yet seldom achieved by any other compressor / limiter. Coupled with the unit’s unparalleled ease of use, [...]


Neve 1081 Classic Reissues Rack of 8 Classic Hand-Built Preamp and EQ Designed in 1972, the 1081 was originally conceived as a combined mic/line preamp and equalizer section for the Neve modular consoles. A glance through the credits on today’s platinum-selling albums reveals that these vintage consoles are still widely used to great effect, confirming [...]


Daking FET II – Class A FET Compressor/Limiter with Discrete Circuitry, Seven Release Time Constant Settings, 3-Function VU Meter, and Two Inputs   Daking FET II Limited Edition – Compressor Single-channel compressor Backlit VU meter with discrete Class A circuitry Stainless steel construction Transformer-balanced inputs and output Class A amplifiers Threshold adjustable from -10 to [...]


Dynaudio AIR12 5.1 Active Speaker System (Used) Includes 1x AIR remote, 1 x AIR Base12, 5 x AIR12   Dynaudio AIR12 Powerful two-way nearfield monitor, 8″ woofer and 1.1″ soft dome tweeter AIR12 suits all sizes of control rooms and OB vans and its high precision amp/driver system (+/- 0.2 dB accuracy) ensures complete consistency [...]

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Neve BCM 10 4 x 1073, 2 x 1066, 2 x 1084, 2 x 2065 flight case


Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel This one just got back from a customer demo so we can’t sell it as new.  Full warranty.  Save some bucks Over fifty years in the making, the Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel is the definitive evolution of the original technologies in Rupert’s classic console modules like the 1073, 1064, [...]

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