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Beautiful rare and vintage Neve console, custom built for the BBC.  EDACS to original BBC GPO patch bay. 24 channels of 33122/a mic-pre/eq modules with Belclair transformers 4 x am6/17 compressors. The console is up and running and fully working. It sounds absolutely amazing, with a warm, rich and deep soundstage. Well it should, because it’s the real deal, with […]

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State of the Art Large Format Analog Console with DAW Control Automation and Total Recall

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From ECM Records - Talent Studios


16 x 2 Summing Mixer


Control Surface and Mixing Console for Pro Tools


Blue 24 Fader D Command Pro Tools Controller


Circa 1960's Manufactured In Germany


Right Hand Patch, VU, Total Recall, VCA Automation, G Plus Computer Running 3.5" Drives


Pro Tools Control Surface


41 position penthouse and Meter Bridge Loaded 32 541 Input Modules, 8 5033 5 Band EQ's, 4 5015 Mic Pre Compressors and 1 5043 Stereo Compressors


Digital Stereo to Surround Processor


Flagship Rupert Neve Large Format Analog Mixing Console


Discrete Multi Channel Mixing Powerhouse

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Extremely clean Vintage Trident 80B Recording Console 30 x 24 x 24 Channel Frame Fully Loaded 

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56-Channel Mixing Console


Fully Loaded 16 Channel Discrete Analog Console - Extended Warranty


2" Analog, Compressors, Monitors, Pres' and More!


48 Channel Analog Console / DAW Controller - Fully analog large-format console with digital audio workstation integration and control


Pre Owned Large Format Mixing Console


Very Rare Georg Neumann Mastering/Transfer Console


Chicago's Finest


Digitally Controlled Analog Recording Console1996: Digital Mix Controller Audio Tower & Rack Patchbay (bantam jacks) Support Computer 


8 x 2 Channel Line Mixer


16x2 2 Summing Mixer

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Live Performance Mixing Console with PSU's and Case