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Recording Consoles and Mixers

Choose from our extensive selection of new, used, and vintage recording consoles, mastering consoles, live audio mixing consoles, and summing mixers . Rupert Neve Designs, Helios, Solid State Logic (SSL), Amek, API Audio, DiGiCo, Midas, and more.

Sonic Circus has specified and installed analog and digital mixers in home, project, and pro audio studios around the world.

Let Sonic Circus help you find the heart of your studio.


SSL MATRIX BOARD (Original Matrix, Not Matrix 2) With power supply and complete set of Snakes) 1x – SSL X-RACK w/ Total Recall Including the following: 2x – SSL XR618 Compressors 2x – SSL XR625 EQ Modules 2x – SSL XR627 VHD MIC AMPS 1x – SSL XR626 Compressor


SuperAnalogue audio performance with Two SSL console, 12 line level inputs with channel and Master Bus inserts and stunning record path


SSL AWS 900+SE (Used) Analog console with DAW Automation 24-channe/8-bus Analog Mixing Console and Control Surface with 24 Motorized Faders, Onboard Signal Processing, and SuperAnalogue Technology SSL AWS is the ideal console for a small format fully automated and recallable work flow.  Its the same topology as their flagship Duality console with a nice small [...]

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Vintage Original Neve 8048 Console                                                                                     Neve 8048 with 32 1095 4 band Mic [...]

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API Legacy AXS Discrete Console with DAW Center section and Final Touch Moving Fader Automation 32         Channel wired mainframe, with VU meter bridge, I/O to Elco, Power Supplies, Bolster, and American Cherry wood top and side trim 32         968 Discrete Dual Input Module 32         624 Bus Assign Module 28         550A Discrete Equalizer Module 4         560 [...]


SSL 4048G+SE (Special Edition) – The last of the great 4K’s One of the only 12 SSL Special Editions ever produced.  Sonic Circus restored this console in 2014 including  fader, multiplexer and switch refurbishment, component level troubleshooting and repaired all faults at that time.  Added a new leather bolster as well as new fader overlays. [...]


SSL Matrix 1 with Argosy Console (Used) Powerful SSL Analog Punch, 16 DAW Moving Faders, DAW Transport, Total Recall Features: 40 input SuperAnalogue summing console: 16 analogue line channels with two inputs per channel 32 x 16 x 16 ‘Insert Router’ for up to 16 external hardware processing devices Hardware processors can be inserted via [...]

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Neotek Series 1 Console (Vintage) 36 fame loaded 29 I/O Channels with 29 EQ and Mic Pre, 6 Stereo Line Modules, and 8 Subgroup with 2 Stereo Aux Masters Left Hand TT Patchbay 8 Bus assignments and 2 Mix Mic & line level inputs 3-Band EQ (switchable in or out of circuit) with +/- 12dB [...]

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SSL Duality 48 Console . Acquired new in 2010 commissioned in 2013. Used mainly for tracking. Single owner console with very light use always maintained by SSL.   Serviced regularly once a year aprox. SSL Automation and A- Fada system. Fully upgradable to Delta standard for $1750. Excellent working order. Very reliable. Low power consumtion.

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Earlier (Pre SN#100) pre owned Rupert Neve 5088. While RND is moving exclusively towards the new inductor based Shelford series this console offers an alternative to purchasing new.  The metal skins (and fans) have been replaced so the console can now be retrofitted with Swift-Mix DAW/Moving Fader automation. Sonic Circus’s offers full service, and support [...]

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Original SSL 4064G+. Last of the classic SSL 4000’s series produced before the introduction of the 9000J series. Sonic Circus’s offers full service, commissioning and logistics as well as restoration services on vintage and large format consoles with 25 years of experience. We have a massive spares inventory as well as a full time qualified [...]

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Order this Spec Console 2448 loaded 24 x 550A 8 x 560 + and Final Touch Automation today, and get a 529 Bus Compressor with Stand on us! This is API’s foray, taking the best elements of the vintage 2488 and combining that with true inline architecture and their new touchscreen controlled DAW/Moving fader automation [...]

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Neve BCM10 Frame (Vintage) If you are looking for a BCM10 frame for your 1073 collection this console doesn’t need much to be completed.  You will need 5 more 1272 channel amplifiers but it is a nice example of a classic.  Give us a call if you would like further information at 888 SC4 GEAR


Digidesign Pro Control 32 Fader control surface. (Used) Make us a reasonable offer.  Available for pick up in FL Welcome to ProControl, Digidesign’s dedicated mixing and editing controller for TDM-equipped Pro Tools systems.Its dedicated controls allow easy navigation through Pro Tools functions, including recording, mixing, editing, grouping, Plug-In control, and automation. Through the use of [...]

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A Meticulously maintained Trident TSM console in full working order Those who’ve worked on this board have referred to it as the best TSM console they’ve ever seen inside and out, both technically and cosmetically. History: This TSM left the factory in 1980 It was sold to a famous producer musician for use at his [...]


API 1608 Analog Console (Used) If you don’t own a API 1608 yet isn’t it time?  This console is in excellent condition and will be given a full health check and servicing here at Sonic Circus prior to delivery.  The base price is $28,500 unloaded (although it does have 16 internal mic pres). In addition [...]

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Neve 5315 Series Discrete Vintage 24 Frame Console Loaded 20 Includes 14 x 33115, 6 x 33114 Remote Patchbay Owned and well cared for by private producer


Pre-owned SSL XL9048 with Total Recall and Ultimation Moving Fader Automation and more.

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The API 2448 is available in 24, 32 and 40 channel frame and offers 24 fully featured channels for multitrack recording, 56 channels for mixing, a powerful feature set including dual inputs on each channel, four stereo returns.


Built to the same standard of excellence as the Vision, Legacy AXS, 2448, and The BOX consoles, the API 1608-II adds new and powerful features to the already hugely successful 1608 console.

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API 1608 16-Channel Discrete Analog Console


MCI JH636 Analog Recording Console This console will be here on a trade in. A classic MCI form 1984 with a great service history, the console is well maintained in good working condition.  We will include a good amount of interconnect cabling as well a the extenders for the board.  It also includes 2 spare [...]


Inline, 24 Bus, 14 Aux's, 4 Band EQ

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SSL C200 SSL C200 48 fader + 8 Master surface + tape transport section 48 Frame Fully Loaded Year of Manufacture 2006 16 Meter Control Cables SSL C200 Centuri Core Including: 6 x 24ch. Line I/O cards, 2 x 24ch. AES I/O cards, 1 x GPIO card, 1 x Routing card SPG Standard 525/60Hx The world’s leading live-to-air and [...]


Live Digital Control Surface, Neutron Audio System Engine and 4 free DL231


Live Digital Console Control Centre, Touring Grade Road Case, Neutron Audio System Engine and 4 free DL231


Inline Analog Recording Console, 4 Band EQ with Selectable high bands at 8k and 12k, low bands at 60Hz and 120Hz, 2 sweeping mid bands, Channel Insert, 50Hz High Pass Filter, 8 Subgroups, Subgroup Monitor Returns & Subgroup Stereo FX Returns, 2 Mono and 1 Stereo AUX, 1/8″ Selectable Output Transformer Option, 60dB gain discrete preamp, Balanced inserts with full bypass.


Inline Analog Console Includes, Dual Input to the Channels – line and monitor, Comprehensive Four band, sweepable channel EQ with Hi/Low Shelf, Switchable Tilt EQ. 8 Subgroups, 2 Band EQ on Monitor, FX Returns with high and low EQ•

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Rupert Neve 5088 Shelford 32 Channel Discrete Analog Console Order Cancellation! Your chance to own a modern classic analog console by Rupert Neve. Deal on a 5088 Shelford Console fully loaded.  We had an order cancellation and we are offering this console fully loaded as follows and priced aggressively to sell this month. 20 x 5052 [...]

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