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MSRP: $850.00

The instrument input has a 3 position impedance switch to ensure your pickup system sounds its very best. The isolated DI output with our custom wound transformer delivers stunning clarity and bass response with incredibly low noise.


With over 25,000 channels shipped since its launch in 2015, the RNDI is firmly established as the direct interface of choice for many of the world's most discerning musicians and engineers.


This, combined with our painstaking effort to match the commonly used impedances on popular guitars, basses, and amps, makes the GB Tracker sonically transparent. Your guitar or bass going through the GB Tracker will sound exactly the same as plugging directly into your amp.


An expansion to the GB Tracker allowing you chain multiple amps or place amps in a separate room.

MSRP: $549.00

Recreated by acme audio, the new Motown d.i. WB-3 brings the exact character as the original di box.


The Pepper, Pedal / Pro / Instrument Blender Direct Box / Re-Amp

MSRP: $400.00

Balanced Attenuator Pack W/ 8 rotary balanced faders, db25 standard analog I/O, Stereo or mono selectable, Passive 5k ohm impedance, Post mic pre attenuation, Stepped volume controls.


Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator adds 12 to 24dB of gain to your signal, control over the input impedance (to get the best out of any microphone), while the premium circuitry passes your audio uncolored. It is particularly useful for low-output ribbon and dynamic mics in your studio, and it's perfect for driving long cable runs from the stage to the board in live sound settings.


Features, Huge Headroom, Rugged Solid-Steel Frame, Drive Longer Lines, 1/4" THRU Output, Best in Class Phase Coherence, Ground Lift, Phantom Powered.

MSRP: $424.00

2 Channel Active DI Box with Ground Lift and 15dB Pad

MSRP: $309.00

The Telefunken TDA-1 (mono unit) and TDA-2 (dual unit) are new active FET direct box designs that utilize top quality components in a modern take on classic circuitry to give you a full, rich character that both complements and retains the natural tone and feel of your instrument.

MSRP: $252.00

The Telefunken TDI-1 (mono unit) and TDI-2 (dual unit) are new passive direct box designs that combine premium quality components with a rugged construction to create a reliable DI with rich, warm tone.

MSRP: $378.00

2 Channel Passive DI box with Ground Lift and 15dB Pad


Actice DI


Features, A rugged, portable chassis with world class Portico pre-amp, compressor and DI circuits as well as two channel operation, variphase, silk and DI/mic blending capabilities.

MSRP: $1,559.00

Stereo Tube Direct Box


Two-box Transmit & Receive System DI/Splitter with Balanced Line Driver, Speaker Level D.i Input, & 4 unity gain Di Box/Splitters

MSRP: $170.00

A/V Direct Box, Custom Transformer

MSRP: $270.00

A/V Direct Box, Jensen Transformer


Direct Box/Re-amp Box

MSRP: $220.00

Line Level Splitter, Passive W/ 8-Input To 8-Direct Out & 8-Isolated Out, Jensen Transformers

MSRP: $950.00

Guitar Amp/Speaker 4X6 Patchbay W/ Built In Jdx Reactor

MSRP: $1,200.00

Re-Amping Kit Contains J48 And X-Amp In Case. Psu Included

MSRP: $1,000.00

Remote Foot Controller For Jx44

MSRP: $220.00

Direct Box

MSRP: $450.00

Active Class-A Direct Box, 2-Ins, 4-Outs & Drag Control. Psu Included

MSRP: $220.00

Active Class-A Reactive Speaker Emulation Direct Box

MSRP: $220.00

Passive Single Channel Direct Box W/ Jensen Transformer

MSRP: $850.00

Passive 8 Channel Di, Radial Transformers, 19" Rack-Mount - 1 Ru

MSRP: $200.00

Passive Stereo Multimedia Di W/ Rca, 3.5Mm, Xlr, 1/4" Connectors