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New multiband Compressor / Expander developed from the popular MLA-3 with added expander functions for all frequencies.


The 5254 Dual Diode Bridge Compressor to capture the soul of these coveted compressors while providing modern updates, including advanced timing control, significantly lower noise, fully stepped controls throughout, higher voltage power rails, and internal parallel processing capabilities.


Powerful 2-channel compressor/limiter/stereo field manipulator and side-chain inputs with high-pass filters for both compressors.

MSRP: $3,495.00

The Q2 Audio F760X-RS "Compex Limiter" is a faithful recreation of the original but updated for modern manufacturing methods.

Call for Price

1-channel tube DI/mic preamp and mic pre with fixed-gain pentode; acme audio/triad input transformer and hand-selected tubes and cinemag output transformer.


Stereo analog meters to show input level /output level and gain reduction.


Features of 4 Touch-sensitive encoders per each channel allow recording automation in DAW and Mid-side mode.

MSRP: $1,899.00

Famous Gates Sta-level Vari-Mu compression and all tube balanced circuit with 6386 tube.

MSRP: $3,355.00

An all-tube, fully transformer-balanced vari-mu compressor with automatic leveling capability.

Out of stock

Tube-Tech CL-1B Optical Mono Compressor  The TUBE-TECH CL 1B is an all-tube optical mono compressor. It delivers a very musical and smooth compression, preserving the clarity of the source even at extreme settings, and this is where CL 1B really stands out compared to other compressors. Furthermore, the operation is very intuitive, enabling you to [...]


Fusion is an all-analogue 2U stereo outboard processor introduces five completely new analogue colouration tools: Vintage Drive, Violet EQ, HF Compressor, Stereo Image, Transformer.


A high frequency limiter, reduce unwanted high frequency levels (de-essing).


Classic tube compressor/leveling amplifier, Premium selection 12AX7, 12BH7 and EL84 tubes, optical attenuator, Custom-built MIDAS input and output transformers


NOS-tube driven, stereo preamp/distortion Super 15 with balanced outs option


20th Anniversary edition of the Culture Vulture, the highly-versatile and musical two-channel tube distortion unit, with a new color scheme

MSRP: $1,150.00

Stereo Tone-shaping FET Bus Compressor with Side-chain EQ, Selectable Character, and Variable Harmonic Distortion

MSRP: $649.00

2 Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate with Programme Adaptive Gate and Soft Knee Auto Compression

MSRP: $1,899.00

2-Bus FET Compressor with Big and Bigger Switch

MSRP: $875.00

Speaker Protector System with Limiting and SPL Control


2 Channel Speaker/Headphone Limiter

MSRP: $1,275.00

4 Channel Automatic Compressor with Full Metering

MSRP: $1,825.00

2 Channel, 3-Band FET Stereo Compressor

MSRP: $1,195.00

2 Channel Spectral Compressor with Auto and Manual Operation


De-Esser/High Frequency Limiter

MSRP: $1,890.00

Discrete, Class A Compressor/Limiter with Stepped Controls, Parallel Mix Function, and Dynamic Color Control


Output gain control, Transformerless signal path, 990 output stage (balanced or unbalanced), Dual true VU meters, Universal internal power supply, Hand crafted in the USA.

MSRP: $1,995.00

Features, Ratio Range from 1:1 to LIMIT, Threshold, Attack Time, Release / Recovery Time, Stereo Operation, Composite Operation, Ducking, Meters.

MSRP: $1,679.00

The karacter is a box full of vibrant colors. It covers a complete spectrum including mastering-grade saturation, tube-inspired distortion and glorious destruction.

MSRP: $5,250.00

Tube-Tech LCA-2B Dual Channel Tube VCA Compressor The LCA 2B is an all-tube VCA compressor/limiter with two independent, linkable channels. LCA2B is a true TUBE VCA compressor, using a tube as the VCA.( Voltage controlled amplifier.) This kind of compressor is also known as a Vari Mu compressor. TUBE-TECH LCA 2B is one of the [...]


Stereo Pair Compressor/Limiter with discrete Class A transformer-coupled circuitry, stepped switches, selectable low frequency inductor-based bypass filter. With 24V PSU and cable

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