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Get pristine control monitoring your DAW with these high quality, full featured controllers.

MSRP: $4,205.00

The m905 represents a new benchmark for audio playback quality. DAC performance is on par with the finest esoteric mastering equipment available. Our redesigned s-Lock™ PLL ensures ultra-low jitter clock regeneration.

MSRP: $8,995.00

The m908 system consists of a mainframe audio control unit, remote control unit, and a power supply with dual-redundant universal input power modules.

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Our Optimizer technology is arguably the most efficient supercharger for your mixes. With its softer price tag, NOVA makes this essential technology more accessible to music makers.

MSRP: $1,443.00

The classic SPL MTC has been updated with new features adapting it to the demands of modern music production environments.

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La Remote lets you take control of all their parameters instantly, every single function of your Trinnov machine is available for you to control.


The Trinnov Optimizer technology is at its core, including semi-automatic active-crossover calibration and bass management capabilities to meet the requirements of any loudspeaker systems.


The MC16 is designed to monitor surround and immersive audio projects (Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, etc...) in the analog domain, offering the same unrivalled quality as 120V stereo monitoring.


  • 3 stereo balanced line level analog audio inputs
  • Digital audio input, selectable between AES3 or USB
  • 3.5 mm input on front and rear panel
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • All 5 inputs are buffered with the API 2510 Op Amp


Enhance and warm up your DAW or solid-state analog console excellent for mastering.


Offers analog sound with digital control, 4 Audiophile-grade headphone amps and talkback, remote control and a user-friendly desktop app for Windows & OS X.


A Monitor Controller with Rackmount Engine Remote Controller & Test Microphone.


Stereo Headphone And Line Output, PoE Supplied for any Dante audio-over-IP network.

MSRP: $650.00

Monitor Controller with 4 Inputs, Ouputs for 3 Sets of Speakers, Sub Out, Talkback Mic, 2 Headphone Outs, and Individual Level Controls

MSRP: $1,750.00

Active 7.1/5.1/Stereo Monitor Controller with 20 Input Sources and 3 Sets of Speaker Outputs

MSRP: $1,099.00

Active Monitor Controller with 5 Selectable Inputs, 3 Selectable Outputs, and Subwoofer Output

MSRP: $335.00

Monitor Controller with 2 Stereo Outputs, 3 Stereo Inputs, Subwoofer Out, and Headphone Amplifier


Stereo Monitor Controller with Digital and Analog Controllers, Three Speaker outputs, Headphone output, and now with Remote II Controller.