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Get pristine control monitoring your DAW with these high quality, full featured controllers.


Enhance and warm up your DAW or solid-state analog console excellent for mastering.


Offers analog sound with digital control, 4 Audiophile-grade headphone amps and talkback, remote control and a user-friendly desktop app for Windows & OS X.


A Monitor Controller with Rackmount Engine Remote Controller & Test Microphone.

MSRP: $529.99

Stereo Headphone And Line Output, PoE Supplied for any Dante audio-over-IP network.

MSRP: $650.00

Monitor Controller with 4 Inputs, Ouputs for 3 Sets of Speakers, Sub Out, Talkback Mic, 2 Headphone Outs, and Individual Level Controls

MSRP: $1,750.00

Active 7.1/5.1/Stereo Monitor Controller with 20 Input Sources and 3 Sets of Speaker Outputs

MSRP: $1,099.00

Active Monitor Controller with 5 Selectable Inputs, 3 Selectable Outputs, and Subwoofer Output

MSRP: $335.00

Monitor Controller with 2 Stereo Outputs, 3 Stereo Inputs, Subwoofer Out, and Headphone Amplifier


7.1 Surround Level Control


Control Room Monitor/Communications Module/Cue Mixer


Four Input Switcher with Monitor Controller


Subwoofer and Monitor Controller


Stereo Monitor Controller with Digital and Analog Controllers, Three Speaker outputs, Headphone output, and now with Remote II Controller.

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