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Apogee Ensemble Firewire (Used) Great little interface at a great price. OVERVIEW 8 channels of top-of-the-line recording. The Ensemble Multichannel Audio Interface from Apogee delivers high performance converters, pristine preamps, and tight integration with Core Audio. You can use the Ensemble easily with Logic, MOTU Digital Performer, Steinberg Cubase, Bias Peak, Propellerhead Reason, Ableton Live, [...]


Lynx Aurora(n) 16 I/O D/A and A/D Converter (Used) The Lynx Aurora 16 I/O D/A and A/D Converter is a full featured, 16 channel AD/DA device, packed into a compact single rack space. It supports up to 192k, and has word clock I/O stabilized with Lynx SynchroLock technology. The converters sound especially good, and the [...]


Pristine, mastering grade, independently coupled 2in, 6out, AD/DA conversion with digital expansion up to 32×32. Unique touchscreen interface. Forever upgradable, free firmware updates through LynxStudio.com. Future-proof LSlot design with swappable USB, Thunderbolt, and DANTE cards. Real-time meters and analysis tools, hyper-flexible routing and monitor control. Lynx’s class-leading transparent audio quality. One of the best-sounding converters [...]

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16-Channel Mastering AD/DA Converter with LT-HD Pro Tools HD Card

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Used LAVRY Gold DA924 digital-to-analog converter. It is a demonstration unit, in perfect cosmetic condition, which has never left its private “non-smoking” auditorium, and was used only fifty hours … it’s as NEW ! The LavryGold DA924 is a high-end stereo DA converter intended primarily for Mixing and Mastering applications; with balanced professional level XLR [...]


24/96K Digital Optimizer

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with 8 Analog A/D 8 Analog D/A, 4+4 AES3 Digital I/O and DSD


with 8 Analog A/D and 4+4 AES3 Digital I/O

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Mastering Quality Stereo AD Converter


with 8-Analog I/O + 8-AES/Optical I/O + 2-Ch S/PDIF

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