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Lexicon 960L Digital Effects System with LARC 2 (Used) BASED ON DECADES OF INNOVATION For nearly thirty years, the world’s most accomplished engineers and producers have relied upon Lexicon for their most critical music and sound productions. To satisfy these discriminating media professionals and to meet the new demands of today’s increasingly complex sound content, [...]


TC Electronic Reverb 6000 MKI Mainframe w/ Digital I/O + TC ICON (Used) Includes System 6000 MKI Mainframe . TC Icon remote controller . Reverb 6000 processing software . 3 x AES/EBU I/O cards   Multi-channel reverb processor TC Electronic’s Reverb 6000 uses the dedicated DSP processing power of TC Electronic’s flagship System 6000 MKI [...]

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Demeter RV-1 Real Spring Reverb (Used) This is our dealer demo and has never left the showroom.  Excellent studio quality spring reverb. Winner of the Pro Audio Review Excellence Award. For the first time in over ten years, a high quality real spring reverb is available for professional sound recording. The RV-1 Real Reverb employs [...]

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The Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Effects Processor gives you access to the same astonishing digital effects used by the world’s top artists and studios – all in a compact single-space rack mount unit. The Lexicon PCM 70 offers more than 40 digital effects and reverb programs, including chorus and echo, resonant chords, multiband delays, rich chamber, rich plate, and concert hall. Add [...]

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The Yamaha Rev7 Professional Digital Reverberator, is a state-of-the-art sound processing device that is both extremely versatile and easy to operate. This refined stereo reverberator uses highly complex digital technology to create astonishingly authentic, warm, natural reverberation. A host of superb features makes this unit a unique example of modern, sophisticated sound processing – from [...]

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1980s era blue face MXR Pitch Transposer in great working condition.  Capable of radical pitch shifting effects with thick and unique tone. The MXR M-129 Pitch Transposer is a classic early vintage rack mount effect unit that produced the unmistakable, signature solo sound of Yes and Trevor Rabin’s Owner of a Lonely Heart.


Multi Channel and Surround Digital Effects Processor


Digital Stereo to Surround Processor

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Classic early 80’s mono studio delay. Capable of some lush sounds and unique textures. Mono in Delay A and B out. VCO, LFO, 800HZ-20K Filter.  The Prime Time features a modulation section with a sine and square wave LFO or external envelope following. This allows for extensive flange, chorus and detuning effects. The modulation is [...]

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Reverb and Multi Effects Processor

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Digital Reverb & Effects ProcessorReverbs, Spatial effects,  Multi Effects, Modulation and Delays, a true classic. 


Stereo Broadcast Delay