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Features of Design and explore design polyrhythmic patterns that evolve over time.


Features of Moog 16 Channel Vocoder offers 16 patchable bands ranging from 50 to 5,080 Hz for the optimal encoding of the fundamental spectral characteristics of the human voice.

Call for Price

Features of Moog modular systems are hand-built analog instruments brought to life utilizing original documentation.


Features of The Minitaur is the newest addition to the Taurus family of Analog Bass Synthesizers.


Features of The SUBSEQUENT 37 mixer section has double the headroom of that in the Sub 37 Tribute Edition.


Features of Craft new ideas and perform in two unique sequencer modes with up to 64 on-board sequences for live performance.


Features of DFAM is the first addition to the Mother-32 family of synthesizers and presents an expressive hands-on approach to percussive pattern creation.


Features of Grandmother is a semi-modular analog synthesizer with a built-in arpeggiator.


Features of 901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator and 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier.


Features of Moog One is an unprecedented conduit for the expression of your own creative voice.


Features of Matriarch is a patchable 4-note paraphonic analog synthesizer with a built-in Sequencer.


Features of Transformative and highly reactive drive system that sweeps sound from subtle to screaming snarl.

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