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500 Series Mic Pre/DI, with 80dB of Gain, Pad, Hi Pass Filter Pad, and 80Hz Low-cut Filter, Mic/Line, Phase, 48V and Impedance


E-Series 500 Format EQ Module


E-Series 500 Format Dynamics Module

MSRP: $1,995.00

500 Series Discrete Class-A Mono Mic Tube Pre & DI with 3-band EQ, Jensen Input Transformer

MSRP: $1,295.00

Features Four bands, Reciprocal and repeatable filtering, 12 dB of boost/cut per band, EQ band 1 and 4 offer shelf/peak switching, fully discrete circuit design, High headroom +30 dB clip level.

MSRP: $1,195.00

3 bands of classic API equalization, Reciprocal & repeatable filtering, Maximum 12 dB of boost/cut per band, shelf/peak switching, fully discrete circuit design, High headroom +30 dB clip level.

MSRP: $945.00

Features, Mic Preamp, Front and Back Panel Mic Input Access, Line/Instrument Preamp, Front Panel Line/Instrument Input, LED VU meter, 20 dB pad switch, Phantom switchable power, fully discrete circuit design.

MSRP: $595.00

Features, Front Panel Hi Z Input, Front Panel Thru routing, TONE Control, BRIGHT Switch, 10 segment LED VU meter, Peak Output LED Indicator, 20 dB pad switch.

MSRP: $895.00

500 Series 3-Band EQ

MSRP: $995.00

It offers 10-slot Rack For 500 Series-formatted Modules with Included Tri-Polar L200-PSU (Power Supply), & 500VPR can hold up to ten API modules.

MSRP: $499.00

It offers 8 Slots, Full compatibility with API 500 Series and VPR approved modules, DB25 connectivity, Phantom Power, Optional Rack Ears, Toggle switches, Rubber feet & carrying handle, Rugged steel chassis.

MSRP: $699.00

Includes: 6 Slots, DB 25 connectors, XLRs, Power rail LED indication, Internal power supply, Rubber feet & carrying handle for portability, Rugged steel chassis.

MSRP: $1,010.00

Four Band Mono EQ, for the 500 Series Rack


Discrete 500 Series Mic Pre DI Module


11 Space 500 Series Rack with 48v Phantom Power and PSU

MSRP: $595.00

Features, Sweepable low pass and high pass filter, Variable notch filter, Individual bypass switches for each filter section, Transformer Balanced Output, Traditional API fully discrete circuit design.

MSRP: $945.00

Features, 10 bands of API proprietary equalization, Familiar graphics operation on one octave centers, 12 dB of boost/cut per band, "Proportional Q" narrows filter Q at extremes, Center detent for reliable reset, Silent bypass button.

MSRP: $1,095.00

Features, A fully controllable compressor-limiter with feed-forward / feedback modes, Peak / RMS detection and a built in side chain high pass filter.


Offers Tape In, Trim, Saturation, 15/30 IPS, Blend, Soft Clip, Silk / Texture, Level / Drive Meters.

MSRP: $1,095.00

Discrete Mono Compressor with Thrust Circuit and 10 Segment LED Meter - for the 500 Series Rack.

MSRP: $950.00

Offers world-class transformer-coupled micpreamp, compressor and DI circuitry with Vari-phase, "Silk" and DI/mic blending capabilities – all in a single 500 series module.


Features, A 12-way precision rotary switch, phantom power, High Pass Filter, Silk / Texture, Level Meter, Push button inverts the polarity of the signal path.


The Electrodyne 501 is a two stage discrete transistor, transformer coupled preamp with active DI, using classic early '70s design technology.


500 Series FET Compressor


2 slot Rack for 500 series modules with 1x 312A Mic Pre Modules


Rack filler blank - for the 500 Series Format racks


Inductor EQ


A ten-band inductor-based graphic EQ – Designed to work in standard 500 series racks.

MSRP: $1,295.00

Features, "Ceiling" control combines key functions, Analog VU meter for monitoring gain reduction, 4 Switchable release modes, De-Ess function, Traditional API fully discrete circuit design, Active Balanced Input/Output, Hardwire bypass.