RCF MZ-8060 Audio Matrix

MSRP: $2,869.00


40-bit floating point processing DSP and 48 kHz 24-bit HI-Q Analogue/Digital Conversion, dynamic range > 112 dB. 8 universal inputs (48V), 6 outputs – 4 Euroblocks bal., 2 RCA plugs, 10 programmable logic inputs (GPI), 6 programmable logic outputs (GPO), 2 of which supported by relay. Configurable parametric EQs, gates, compressors, limiters, delays, priority levels, automatic gain control, levels, gains on in-out and cross points, auto-mixer operations, filters. Each unit can work as dual-room combiner with independent auto-mixer facility for each room. Configurable ALC (Automatic Level Control) facility by using Input 8 to connect a noise detection microphone. The control is then assignable to any output or group of outputs. USB connectivity for device configuration. RDNet Networked Control

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